'After The View': Feb.19, 2016

Killer Mike joins the ladies of The View for hot topics!
13:30 | 02/19/16

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Transcript for 'After The View': Feb.19, 2016
Closely attached to you killer might think. Hillary Ed Ed. The Twitter verse as they quote the Twitter verse about it. They became attached to also salute let you go so we said let's keep them here for little at this after the shall thank you so much so. Let's say eighteen for sticking around exactly so you wanna talk politics who want to XX could look legally the Wales yeah. That's. OK what about only talking about before how Chloe convent Sheehan says that to be quiet in bed. Is rude to you'll land I think she's finally shown itself to the duties of that plan I got. Like I got out. Like a loud. The army said should be about where animals were primal you know you're dogs and cats and stuff get wild and pearly when near down porn I hike up the absolutely you're getting while they didn't back. Castill be really sexually freaky animal they. Carol we'll be finding other things despite media lately it's obviously I think that you got to do what you like doing if if you've got like doing this yeah. I'm a mother and I'll live with a select a year and it was a quiet year. And that's what I don't like it's almost like going home burn somebody else's house yet to be quiet kind of hot let anybody else's house it's fun to be loud yes good to remind them they're six line. Oh. So my house and out loud fact that Felix security. About it is very hard to fake an orgasm when it quiet don't mean yeah it really got to say is that it collapsed don't write much I can't believe what I can fake orgasm is not possible I've never done it now. It's a funny thing about Chloe you know that she as a column called just the tip. That's it's called just been my advice column adds just the tip what does it might well. I don't diameter graphite is that he would sizes will be seen if with this when his reading instead of data. And I hit and actually clever. It would that I am actually said that before and that's just the tip both eyes light when these it's every man that's some time. You can get ladies and I pray about my trip whenever what everyone I think also let's talk politics a little naps Lucas I think we'll get in trouble we continue with this guy best yeah. Bob Tressel what are the things that happened was you know press Obama's not going to scalia's funeral her and is getting some flak for that haven't it and say about that. Well I'm my grandmother's from the deep south seas from Tuskegee and I believe that he respected Scalia when he was alive and he's going to go by they're just now for the funeral but all black people in the country have a safe. You know we don't like each other while we allowed don't come to my funeral and I won't come New York so what are you saying he didn't like it really. What of Sanders or policy didn't match it was extremely conservative he arm he was part of the lead on got in the civil rights that. Arm that that was passed I personally. Understand why the president might not go he pushes a more liberal camp right arm if I was president what I tell it that's their lives. But he did I really well I don't think he's this government now I just that any just you know it's like panels the panels resentful though don't you think because the bottom line is he is trying to nominate. A new justice he's trying to get it through a very partisan. You know senate ways and at my gap hopefully. Let rob right I think it's important for him to show respect to a Republican appointees. It was out of what I strong voices of. Our have a half this is a very economic rap rock world I know because I actually felt the same way and then I brought an opening meeting this morning I found out that Biden and Scully were very friendly so Obama wanted to bite into go to Carl that's. Thought oh right president and the president are not allowed to go to the same thing that's what I heard I can be wrong I'll let you know that actually isn't that in fact it got older I was really excited about it yeah. About it but it didn't sink into xanax muscle that I was told in the very clandestine ways with public it was like a secret to pitch at bat and there have very good answer did you do what. You're saying it's not about politics and it's not that they didn't like each other tick bite and he would Fran. Well good and a mouse yeah I can't see kids burger friends also thought and I wanna tell people that arm. Outs out of politics. Republicans and Democrats often friends conservatives liberals. And we should allow this to separate families and homes like strength you should not. Conservatives and we talked twice a week. I mean it's a local drinking have a great and funny and I do we stay out about the courtroom you know I I can be very passionate very vocal about my position all of you know that. From our morning meetings. But it's when you're in the courtroom you fight to the deafening you go off for drinks together in it's about policy and it's about argument but it's not personal I was never on shall be years have probably would have fights on the show you know political sites what have you been Elizabeth Hasselbeck would go out it. I don't like like issues let's get a drink seriously tackle it never really been. But dragged on might pass it that's late night. Public and that they'll like. In the public you'll have conservatives and liberals that'll stop talking in dealing with each other bars wanna say to the public like follow the examples of the people you look emit. Paid out at the words get dropped him in talk about it. Yeah he is a big night and doing well you're talking and then. I think that's I don't know about Bernie though a little bit yes because I like Bernie very much I find him extremely hot as a matter of fact I want. A gas line. He's got to cut his nose out what he's got a motor show not attracted so but but but. He is going to raise people's taxes and that's gonna make about a lot of people crazy I have friends and I had dinner with these friends to with a my conservative friends. And there liberal. Socially liberal but fiscally conservative as they say they don't want their taxes raised. Under any circumstances OK so they told me that they would vote for Hillary because they can't stand trop they think he is Mussolini they don't like him. But is Bernie Sanders is being. A nominee again struck now they will vote for truck doesn't bode with a pocket this was there but that would say that. I say that that's what lane has landed this country where we are an and that is why we have the wealth disparity we have. That is why we have people clinging on for life a different here particular special interest. I a rapper reached. Meaning I could probably. Beat an assault case couldn't beat a murder case an object but. I know that mark taxes will go up they will slight. But they won't go up in the name of free education. They will go up in the name of free health care they will go up in the name of social justice finally being a part of. Our costs and like a fourth round yes so and we can't find that these people and I'm talking about. They don't need health care they can pay for example they don't care that was everything is set schooling escalated its head they kicked out brackets only so they don't care utilization mu. But because the distance this I. Don't know that didn't also applicable to Barbados and and all the requirements there are I don't know if I think we should we might. We have some wondered gonna have to make a decision are we going to live up to the promises that we were trounced in the constitution as a nation together are we gonna say that this is exit work. If there's a proper urban activists as many hands make the light work. If we're all willing to give a little more will get a lot more for the whole if we all keep clutching to the lack we hail will leave a lot of people out in desperate and also the same people like I don't. What do you want this and so always say I'm sorry I'm not sure because that you know I think the theory of free education is incredible I think the theory of universal health care is incredible over the the Erie water doesn't exist because it does eggs aren't yet and it doesn't exist here cabinet. Let me get this area United States it you know are playing it doesn't exist here in the United States because I wonder how Bernie Sanders of if if President Obama had such difficulty getting through the Affordable Care Act how do you suspect that up Bernie Sanders and Democrats professed. Democratic socialist is really going to get any of this through the bipartisan. But he nonsense that's going on he isn't happy right he. Have to bottleneck outside all art Garcia we have to go back out to the polls if we don't bow to the polls these things will not happen. We have to support the president that we support digital out of both the senate also you've got to live yeah any the last that we lost and how good we didn't go back out of but we like Obama got Jesus is back. Which silver pocket that's my pets and. Not how hasn't I was happy got hit one what caveats what you because I liked what the people who loved her because I have a few questions what is another line. If Bernie is the nominee. Bloomberg is threatening to throw his hat in the ring Bloomberg will get democratic votes that will take votes away from the Democrats and trop. Will abate look at present at the elect I'm nightmare. Well he picked her eclectic. I don't I don't think Michael Bloomberg figure in the pro body heat right he's been the engine that much media. I'm the people that work for him don't want him to do with the people that work in his media outlets he'll seek out and you know what it Bloomberg was good you can finally see that we're in all of our. We have we have a political class in this country death above all everyone in this audience and I care nothing about I. A bill they don't want regardless under the heading into the heart it was. Isn't ready when it. How long it's stop and frisk. Black knitted Harlem being stopped that it is true it's not. To put debt that year was under David stress just. That is Mussolini in that is evil so look better New York for one remember it's not so too does this and let's not walk for. Everyone what I have dealt a. How often do you think I'd get a lot of am I'm boiling it was evident it so many on the Republican side which you bag and you answer I. I'm interest arm never knew. You have to switch our our parents not intelligent informed that armed political analyst and older it. I'd like to Rand Paul and I'm like in Carson. I liked ray and because he carries some of the bags of his father that I thought could help help alleviate our drug war. How war I had a I didn't hate in the military yet it but I like grant I'd love doctor didn't Carstens as an example for black excellent. As a doctor I do not believe anyone who believes grain and appear in the minds and appear much I went to the let me say they all want to overthrow Roe vs. Wade so I have a problem but that's absolutely okay that's ahead. A tough question I look at some Twitter questions for you Ocalan Mike listen. Link that with the why would like to now. Did cubic feet up and out for a bomb on his right to the White House three political when Obama's planning and wants outside us appealing to veterans are one funny money here we got them. Any plans for you Bernie Sanders mix tape I know golf I would like fat and yeah like that Aaron. Debt I have a foundational putting together for kids for arm education and trades and things of that nature but in the midst of putting that together. Myanmar crew had to decided that there should be a concert. And we're not want to plot to put together very cool concert. We let her New York. I'd like to do and in Atlanta okay. Actually get something about it and run with Bernie who would be easy pick as it has its running that you aren't. What mosque close obviously aren't definitely it very very similar absolutely. TC Jim Presley she told a story of of having two armed having to tell Hillary why upfield or credit call our lenders were pushing should she told Hillary Hillary. He went and talked to building captive feel crushed she became a senator and eventually assigned bill cup pop back up she voted for the bill to bill was been purple black. I appreciate what Elizabeth warrant and went running against Bernie would you vote for the uterus. You would last. He said I can't cupcakes at an air bag. You have your daughter right let but that's good but it's not because she's a woman ballots because you're like yeah I cannot I'll I ON carted of the derby beat. They'll welcome what about it daughters you've got one daughter that is is going to be able to vote yes I'm not used in this election. Asked Charles on almost two reported a per fighting in school so I have to say happen not if thank you for no longer fighting. Are excellent because it it it in our talks outdoors are told that there's a way to win a war with school administrators it has nothing do with the cavity so. She she saw a tweet from the school superintendent. App X and Y key its work Nam Matt graduating or to improve it is sheets we get back well I'm about to be suspended from school. Debt tweet got her meeting with the school superintendent and her and our hot spot she was afraid to tell me she told a step mom. And a step Marcy should tell you data probably proud browse proud she is an organizer. Yeah so let me later have nice things happen to them nicely from the good came at a quarter yeah. Was honored with moment but I don't lit joint same meeting you I've never met through your lovely very funny very Smart etc. tetris attack he's ready until March show I'm real time to time and I zionist Everett. Hannibal husbands or boyfriends and nephews and sons or you self. Me and my wife and I'll barber shop together called sweatshop alone but please come by to get it out at all I give indigent husband could have saved you he'll drive right. I don't think you might be displayed out of top politics if your jeweler shot at all are talking about is still an upset with it look like hearing the ring I like Clinton. But jobs out to look Islam political. Hockey I lucky army examiner. Good thanks very much you killer might also sent to all of you finish your round. The.

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