'After The View': Feb.8, 2016

When to call it quits; being an underachiever; casual sex and commitment, and more hot topics!
11:42 | 02/08/16

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Transcript for 'After The View': Feb.8, 2016
Everett still it was still talking leaned heavily. At aren't selling asleep around this table. You know during yet Michelle IE I promoted that would we're gonna talk about this particular topic which is that. This thing on match dot com this and it did a survey as saying that. You know do you have a one night stand or something was some casual sex it can lead to a long term religious I would like to pull the audience clap. If you've ever had casual sex. Yeah. And I think. Okay now half those same people clap it goes. And the led to it along to everything. There a connection blogger and confetti cannon I. I I would say that my religion with Steve's died accidentally town there's actual sad yes. How can you guys friends before I like we we're a lot of friends at all now. President of Hazmat app. This has lost I think that what isn't casual sex like that waiting until 85 is that like that formal data processor meaning had gotten a bar or a girl whenever. Going home and then that ultimately I can't say for one night stand and note that a little doubt it not for me casual sex would be I had one situation where had a friend I didn't I was dating anybody. And like Marie so we're. I'm Brian I can benefit from and they literally for years when we would lease a single we have sex together and innocent as we found buying like talk to you later in the when your background. I didn't had a buddy. That's. As well on the united I think that that we never got in relation this demonstrate how did you do them. Read I boring sex life right. The and now. But I let's that I never importantly it the most religious it would doing I was she doesn't help. Yeah it. I'm flying I'm converting I'm burning I'm starting to go to this hurts Obama that come I don't record I didn't casually but we weren't I truly intimate and tell. Actually intimate is that like lynch or is that just let them. Actually Internet like I'm and I and I by its have been so sexual and when nine months later something happens again. God what is that the definition of what intimate sex I think that's the definition of what Paul is what I'm I did not I don't I don't think what what how do you define and I don't. Don't think it's a people make oral sex is sex I think sex as a sexual intercourse like in volatile as they had to say Elian and the female genitalia are less content. Down. Outside fans are. Oral sex is sex and somebody it's finishing NBA. Sex but at their risks are different with oral sex and I think that when we speak. Sex like in that capital letter term it's where I think you know it's where it's the result of higher so. You know having it handed or getting an FTV and you ministries the oral that's sexes and Linehan and we're ladies. Grilli yet he can't why does this this we still on TV. Tried dollar back. Just I'm a need. I. Have the story that. They I have a list of the ten sayings that you should call it quits had a relationship the last. Unclei including jealousy is one of them you can imagine I don't arts you don't do jealous say that it deals first. And it so the guy is like she under all right your game if the girl was looking at another. Everything seemed different I don't hour. She's did not yet not at an assistant tested now I came out before it was a flip flopping and yet so you have to flip flopping out of give the teens and OK so I would say. But so let's say you're route one night without Melissa and I'm Melissa Manchester what's on and completely opposed the idea of losing that experience after its hot. Hey she sees how older let's Cassie OK keep selling those who lesbians. I think it. Allen and happy about it so you can't say she's got when I don't want eight pounds about you tell us so let's say Melissa as you know looking at it out as somebody other than that shout that doesn't bother me come not. August had unsecure and I don't have that many insecurities when I'm dating someone because I know that I'm a hold it down when local that. But the other thing is as if she's cute and she's cute if she's cute like okay it was even if she's attracted to a homely woman you're not a good not good like jell. I guess that's actually a backseat and I actually got an actually sent my back and insecurities conversation he had earlier I haven't Elliott because I'm going out the guy who is looking at a girl who I know I'm batter them right which doesn't happen that often but I'm Fred got it you don't need and you. I don't know how much will he be an idiot to go for the spurs and so good night god he's so Don yeah. Then I guess the Minnesota is not superficial that makes some still been no magic and not talking only look some talking even and everything and anything. Personality career looks at the back. I'm at. I'm if you're looking to someone that's like absolutely. Gorgeous and even while she's prettier more or less full the then they're loving at that moment in time if your if you're looking at someone that's equal to me or you know I feel like okay we can go hand to hand was going on they knew I feel like that's more of a relationship going it if it's. Tall model S and I'm like I'll never be six foot two parent you bet it less. After that all they yeah. Isn't like I'm my husband Ivan the other twenty years both of us again like he knows I love Hugh Jackman I know he loves Brooke Burke I think she's hot that does that necessarily mean anything's gonna happen. Unless you decided to come back on the show and that he may be a little concerned. Beautiful like hey guys yeah. I like those adorable little perks that you fell in love with you know it now so what annoying. Thank you just wanna kill on lead when he slipped as soup in the old days and now it's likes don't tell yeah. Yeah that's not the I think sue time is not. Jealousy I can't stand when their relationship stops making you feel good which I think I like it if that's a quantify or like. Relationships aren't always about making you. Feel good to your feelings are always going to change I mean there's been times and I had my marriage and we've been married fifty years where we want to throw in the towel. But we were committed to one another and we worked freeway we had go to counseling. I think if you just wait to if you're just basing it on whether or not feel that I think that's dangerous because commitment takes maturity. I also. You also have to look at those people who stay in a relationship and never feel good and then start hiding things from one another or store showed the reactions of they're not feeling good and it's trickling down to their kids are faster express ours I actually you have to take that into consideration but then again I'm not the person who's like he state Mary I mean I got a fun district divorce just in case I exit at. Something important don't. Of course and even your ideal had a divorce yet but now. Yeah I. Do you anger can be heard and not I wish I did and I welcome and I got divorced I was broke it's horrible to their I now have broken not divorce birth and I agree it. And then muttered the divorcing unmarried pregnant that cost more than actually getting married nowadays doors Ilyce islanders again how about this story yes. Is it somewhat some blogger at the hot posted else is hurt and his opinions says it's okay and better to be in on achieving that. And that over a cheap but what do you think about why is that I don't let it get Pinochet and I know it's a female she says that you know like if you put your kid to be in over achieving that we'll turn on you. If you leave them and to be a little bit under I don't really get this story because I was always in under achiever. And I always thought it was a hassle and a detriment to my idea progress. You know apartments for what you wanna since he radon enters herbs like I was not a great student and I was like that if things as possible that in school I was very involved and Yang and that's so I think it's. About following what insists CU but if your hair. A portion need to be over achiever at me now is that backs that show that we both love child geniuses lot of time they pushed their children to be over achievers and you conceals kids' faces. Raise it and it. Underneath the soles of their feet growing up I had the same data childhood it was like let's you don't have time anyway she got better got divorced find I was trying to beta three I haven't heard of our time together. You write and so. I just like you have to look like he said have to see what the child wants yet to see with a child wants in the and you know there's certain things yes you have to be prepared in and get them prepared for the world now but at same time let them live a little bit. I tell my kids CNN I would say that I'm hard on that night I definitely have boundaries I would say at work at disciplinary I want my kids to dream. And shoot for the stars but at the same time I want them to know that 88 mommy's not perfect and you're not perfect and it's okay to make mistakes. And I doesn't shooting for the stars like the kid wants to be you know Eric Clapton the great guitarist. But he doesn't have gotten an an ear for music is supposed to say dream no not that up and that's why they're an idol not an ideal way top. And you'll be able to play but that's not until it is different cover these and that's why about reality shows are good ones depending exists because you've people who believe that they can do something like saying it's okay outtakes app on an eye on that they'll but that's. When it comes to parents like it that's what you want you keep complaining about it you have to go to this clash yet to do this and you show the hard work that needs to happen and if the child slacking then you must not want that job because I had to go through. All kinds of help to get right hand today as a young kid because I could not act. I can't sleep we're talking also about when you're raising a child. How that tiger mom idea is not really the greatest for creativity in the trial if you view yeah it's well Suzanne because they become well so focused and they they never become innovators they're really not original thinkers those kids they're just very good at what they do they become you know what Thomas times in certain ways to that was an interesting study I object that lie ahead a -- I creeps up every day and I was that person that was always working to you don't ask hot as ever I as a different conversation ups aren't as likely hallmark and sit they have the grindstone and make sure you're not calling 18. Signs of creeping at about you'll like it like to your minds and we're doing with like that I have on the show like that spelling bees and I can't even soccer practice now on smiling and it's that we currently in the manner not here is why not it's just another never put an exercise class. President wanted to break my wrist within the human like. Thousands of dollars and that's added. And that's why and then talking cat I does little good that this against the tide. Yeah yeah I think to everybody has a strength and weakness my daughter it's no artistic and my son is like agents a sick natural athlete and he can't dryly he's like mommy look at my dry and it's like two eyes and three steps it up. And my daughter my when my daughter is like up close and sees incredible and I think he does have a conversation like you don't have to be greeted everything you can find doing its strengths and weaknesses you know look at our bodies how well what about how boring going to be if we had you only one heart you know you represent something special would anyone vote that rips. I'm outside you know what I'm glad I'm an only child and saying yeah well that's after the year. And we'll see you plant tomorrow don't get to hit us up on Twitter FaceBook.

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