'The View' Guesses Donald Trump's Vice Presidential Pick

The co-hosts ponder who the presumptive GOP nominee will choose for his running mate.
3:16 | 05/11/16

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Transcript for 'The View' Guesses Donald Trump's Vice Presidential Pick
Maybe I'm an accident that they let's get into hot topics Adonal Chong says he's considering a short list of possible vice presidential picks didn't act. Near libertarians saying maybe not I'm miles visibility. Is is well placed PG and BP but how. Help I mean I can I pose this questions that sweater before we cannot hear too conservative on whether I was surprised to see Condoleezza Rice as their number one choice and I think that would be I don't think she would do it in their LA I think Joseph great to have her elegant gray fabric and get Scott she's Smart. She knows what she's doing trop needs somebody in my mind I know really Smart and I just remember in the Condoleezza black. Won I. Won an elementary and I guess they really didn't ask well what have people that I think winter is coming off people's freaked out. Over eight years of having a black man is that they Juventus I don't think we can do is why Condoleezza Sarah pamphlet because all and any parent you're fired he doesn't have to say that crucial quit and hey you guys know I'm again people think I'm Ali standing up for him are really not but I'm just went so hope we're trying to yes sometimes I never heard that from you know integrate much out there. He's known to pit and hot air really intelligent women at his like back in the day and AT hell yeah things. Even though in how he didn't help and how the treatment was wasn't beer but he don't hire women. Well back you know let me let you know I would I would Condoleezza would at least. United we stand a chance of having conversations I am not let us I don't sue there's governor Susana Martinez in new Mexico City looking just somebody. And somebody who's been in government in some form and incompetent somebody got on her but reality he's a competition as the plane I'm not that everybody said that that's why they want him because he wasn't somebody who knew anything and I think my gosh the whole way wait a minute act on May. Immediately talk to other countries that children you know what if we have not already you have a charismatic personality front Sana where. Talk out ice. Yeah I cannot give up let's put somewhat aside and motorists pay and that in fact fit yeah it's on the city's. He's been effective in running a really tight television Shia where he has not been on the whole hour no cell. Really realistically. He says what he's done but we haven't seen really what these are not seeing his name is on a lot of buildings but you can least somebody's name and Jamie Natalie reunited it. Only time of his talk about running and what the polls are saying that it here really policy than it. Anderson and I just found out that he does not have to be a debate Hillary. It's his choice to debate he could say no. My dad and hello and that let me say how can that haven't seen how little he know yes but if he now he if he says I'm not gonna debate Hillary got an admission that he can't handle Hillary so we have to show up real. I don't think his constituency would hold that against I sir Alec. Well when you and not enough fun I don't offer many we got an exact vicious circle. And well right that would lock stock.

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"The co-hosts ponder who the presumptive GOP nominee will choose for his running mate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39041808","title":"'The View' Guesses Donald Trump's Vice Presidential Pick","url":"/Entertainment/video/view-guesses-donald-trumps-vice-presidential-pick-39041808"}