'The View' Co-Hosts Take on Second Amendment

The co-hosts discuss Americans' opinions about gun ownership and regulation.
7:23 | 06/15/16

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Transcript for 'The View' Co-Hosts Take on Second Amendment
George to K. I. This time about how the LG BT community can lead America to a Spain. Got house. And judge is amazing. You know because is the first time we're hearing anybody really sort of top practice and you know he says we should. But the Second Amendment may be before the first not enough people remember exactly when we first limit this is that's what George is suggesting but he's saying. Maybe this Second Amendment. Back to see them. Should not be. It it feels to him that the Second Amendment is more important and regard him at I'm right aren't I am track so. The First Amendment says congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting. The free exercise there or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press or all of the people peaceably to assemble and petition the government. For redress of grievance antiques and the Second Amendment says a well regulated militia. Being necessary to the security of a free state the right of the people to keep and bear. Arms shall not be and pray when they've looked at there was still about musket satellite they are financing Yankee ninety's life and I thought it was ratified less than first and Second Amendment and you know great things but they get they're both being abused in many ways. It's interesting Donald. Expresses tips self it well and yet he got wants to squelch the freedom of the press which has bought part of but the First Amendment. But ironically I'm doing something that he's breaking with the his own party with Republicans right now is about gun control it he said that he's meeting with the and rain just this morning there's a little bit of a firestorm going on between Donald and yeah our right. He said I'm going to be needing with the NRA who was endorsed me. About not allowing people on the terrorist watch list or the no fly list to buy God's they have responded sane. Restrictions like band on gun purchases by people I'd watch lists or ineffective unconstitutional. Our boats is the first time we can't bring in Santa Anna at response that they insanity of that responds what you want on a no fly list. Meaning you could be a terrorist you are allowed to walk into a gun shop. And why one of these rifles but it is that I mental illness are at stake Elian now that the guide that. Did this horrible thing wasn't on a watch list or not that's one incidence. 1 might wonder am I didn't want example there's multiple examples I'm these guns legally. They're not. A lot of these does. Saw on the watch list. So what about those people that she didn't claim mental health and yes that could be a factor and I hate when people say there's that your only focusing on one you have multiple topics in one conversation but those guns should be what backed by the country might buy them back. And we quiet that people give a mop and and then let the ban on all sales that's what they have to Jeff that you see begun an ancient. Yeah in this coming I understand. That people. That are that want to own guns and herb. Big believers in the Second Amendment and want to hold on to that right and understandable when I don't understand is. What YE certain regulations like. Why they're holding on to that but why don't they give art it are people fearful that they're gonna think. All they're right they are take all their rights they can't make a little bit of the compromise slope an error that eventually you'll take older guys take other got a. I think it would hold gun owners I think the majority of gun owners would watch some responsible unlock my dad who is a member at the NRA would like responsible got must be pretty good but there are basic. And and responsible people. And you know this idea that you. Are so afraid you know listen. Everybody doesn't get everything they were hot. You know I have to give up some of the stuff that I want out. You have to give up some new stuff and it's not always asked that they have the devastated today Tellabs. Can't say it like there is no excuse. For an assault weapon in the hands of regular people if you're not on the wall you're not act the war. There is no. One in defense of that specific what did they did use hunting I'm curious from someone hunts with one of those where the sport or game is in there is clearly does not against any saying. You win well thank hit label moderation I I don't I seriously curious if someone that hunts that we could Tony white that we means necessary because it's the only excuse they can use for why they need to have been got. But the bottom line is people who actually hunt don't hunt. With assault weapons they just don't. God I'm alive and nobody is against having a weapon in your house to protect yourself from this or that raises different ending knowing it's you know little about my love it gladly give up my gun if they would change over the las I would I took my on the table get it right back you know every until I did almost cut back at packing I don't. I don't know I don't know I guess south and that it happens and I'm. I know and I don't carry and I don't think guns are good in schools because no call girl who have guns now imagine so now. You haven't done may be your aunt schools. You have to know something's getting ready to happen. Abbott why somebody comes in and they want trying to remember haven't gone as. I let it and it's not a given that do you pocket since just like sent. Unless you know something is actually get read a happen. You have no idea how steady your hand is going to be when and where the real point when your whether you going to be able to do when you think why put it why put it. Why make it another issue and I so you're saying that a security guard at a school should not haven't gotten there should be no got eyes and I. What did you hear me say I guess you sedition begun declined to asking do you believe that security guards. Better as bush should have if they if someone hires a security. Agency hopefully they've done all the background checks 'cause you know this young man that was born here you guys security got. So what we need to do is make sure that if you're going to have someone with a gone. Somebody who knows what to do what we don't really outside Atlanta's the day outside the colts then where's all this happens the guy did take a shot at him. There was a security guard wit a security guard I think she just had. To ten feet yes she didn't have an assault weapons knowledge that comes in with what did this one person killed fifty people. And this person has one hand got. That's not Muslim not happen. You know I mean a lot I I have kids in school I'm sorry I want security guard where width but I die when security got what you hasn't background checked right you know that this is somebody who's not I had a background check well he had a I don't know into my tax hikes timely into the matter he would grant had a retirement that's what I at this point a lot of things get mess stop. Budget of the bottom line is you don't have the gun. Well a lot of things get as people make mistakes FBI makes mistake doesn't but the thing that's that's the bottom line is everybody has one of these rifles. And that's the thing that makes me scared people to be afraid to go to Ramallah now we're afraid to go to a concert this is America. You need to hold these politicians' feet to the fine you do know this is on not.

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