'The View' Co-Hosts Discuss Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders in Democratic Debate

The women of "The View" weigh in on the Democratic presidential candidates.
4:34 | 02/12/16

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Transcript for 'The View' Co-Hosts Discuss Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders in Democratic Debate
So how could anyone watch the debate last night yep. Explain that Hillary and Barack aid only that's the only two we've got the democratic side. And I Hillary Clinton went at it they went added of Wisconsin I thought last night they went out a little hard. Bernie yes she attacked apparently for his recent comments and criticisms of President Obama. And watch. Senator Sanders about our president I expect from Republicans I do not expect from someone. Running for the democratic nomination to succeed president I. Annan secretary that is a low blow. One of us ran against Morocco bubble I was not touching and. My arm yeah. A flood Manhattan bank and I I I bet jacket was very fabulous it's our outlook for blocking. Backpack again I would like. Yeah. Jacket or Korean chic look at a gym of fair about it like to straighten in the negotiations table I love. Nor did she and nastiness to it and jumped on him gone so well and isn't. Think she's making a mistake by aligning himself because I think she's just stay with Obama because 93% of Democrats. Approve of Obama picked I think it's Smart it's strategic and the Washington Post recently wrote that you can't win the democratic nomination. Without the African American about right now. And I think that's going to be a challenge for Bernie Sanders yes he just got pretty significant. I'm endorsement from reforma NAACP. Leader. But you know eve you look at his base right now in Vermont and he's never had to its 95%. White. So that's going to be you know trying to make out sleep at night how do you make heads not. Deadline Jerry you know. Earnings biggest mistake was if he wants the African American vote not going to be easy show yesterday OK Connie had a big show Madison Square Garden. Whoever everything here is actually show it was streamed onto IL. Whoever wants that black vote should have been there I'm to thank. Saw more I have sent out I am and I certainly feel that the strong points make or. I I think that it's very shrewd and very Smart for Hillary to sort of bear hug Obama because Sanders has kind of been running on this platform of blowing up the Obama legacy we're gonna start you know health care. From the beginning and an Hillary is saying no these are sort of pie in the sky ideas I'm the practice this is Hillary. And I'm going to continue. Obama's legacy and I think that is a very Smart move when you're going into South Carolina answer that African American voting bloc yeah that is who. Both of them have to grab but I think Hillary is doing the better job with her massive acts. I just want to know where they're gonna get all the money front because it kinda sounded like a face off last night about who's gonna spend more money and how much more they orient erase taxes. And you know. Really talked about to their time about free universal health care. And although Bernie didn't give the number was estimated by the Wall Street Journal that he would have to spend about one point seven trillion dollars. Wow Hillary's plan with about hundred billion dollar idea Diana I end here it's what we're calling trillions of dollars in. What they raise taxes like they have. Raise taxes a little but they haven't done it a long time the gonna have to just win the top half of them have to pay he's gotten pretty sick and up. The big problem you know millennial that this act I think are really happen. Into Bernie Sanders because he's talking about free college drink in college for people. Where does that money come on what we dissect I don't understand with a mites coming from I always say this I'll say it again. When I went to college Queens College started but at that MA and a BA free. When he Ford doesn't turn at Queens College what I was neck. I mean they can do it and the city has a lot more money now than they used to have and so does the state with little except the fact let the company. That's half point one Y 0001%. Ending getting a free pass it and make it all the mud I give it back now a little bit that's what happened to. Heck happened. Well Patton who was one of the most progressive lefty. Economist does not believe that Barron is realistic so I Hillary has got a very good shot she was so smartly decided so brought him. I love them both but let's keep watching they're.

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{"id":36895572,"title":"'The View' Co-Hosts Discuss Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders in Democratic Debate","duration":"4:34","description":"The women of \"The View\" weigh in on the Democratic presidential candidates.","url":"/Entertainment/video/view-hosts-discuss-hillary-clinton-bernie-sanders-democratic-36895572","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}