'The View' Co-Hosts Wonder If Social Media Impacts Childhood

Is social media ruining kids' lives? What's your parental policy when it comes to sharing online? The co-hosts discuss.
4:13 | 02/23/16

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Transcript for 'The View' Co-Hosts Wonder If Social Media Impacts Childhood
How about come back there's a new book called American girls social media and the secret lives of teenagers it has a lot of parents and the panic. It exposes how teenage girls in particular are exposed to cyber bullying. Sexual harassment and sex sting rings where nude photos they send out leaked out to others mound. You all haven't kids in this sort of age range went what goes through your mind when you hear that. I mean it's and different Danny Ainge raising kids today teenagers I have three Ambon and everything that she talks about it is not that I that I have read so far I. Understand all of it related to holiday. And it's its top especially. Not only the social media outlets that the kids chooses to be on but when they're being. This when pictures are being taken out of them and then they're pretty input on stakes high it's. RD's yet to act sites that aren't snapped chat that disappear and that other kids are putting act can. Really what do you do really Ted my kids. How. Well. I haven't ongoing dialogue and conversation with them. My daughter decided on her own ten go off social media for forty days. I was very proper for that decision I signed oh lead after our trip and over Christmas he decided to completely remove himself indefinitely from social media until the end of high school because he realized we took their front the week that will make case. And he realized how distracting it lends her hand it he just that I wanna concentrate on school and hot heat and get this gotten. But. It's it's difficult because it can be so damaging and meet personally experienced some of the damage through that you know. Look at social media like the wild lot rests right and also liked cars near invented in 19100 no body had an idea on how to really. Oh maybe the laws to deal with that you know people were just driving here and there there was no you know courses like in the whale daytime I Wear running back that's still it's brand new we need laws and boundaries for this now and it's growing so rapidly and help me it's out of control and I think eventually there's going to be. Block he needs for this so this does happen in the future it's just so new any cap and cover so cast we didn't have time to. Contain. Law takes forever to catch up we're so far behind in the law when it comes to social media but I agree we Candace against the parent of a thirteen year old. I am so troubled by the possibilities of what can happen on social media but I also want. To trust him and I also want him to feel the he has some privacy you know. Raven and I were talking about when I was thirteen my mother got ahold of my diary. And read it. And I everyone's had experience straight but many people and I was so upset about it it was it was really almost life changing for me I felt like my. Privacy happened taken away from me punishment for. You're like. I was on state eroded asked. About the boys that I lie I'm I didn't write about a party that I had when my parents were in whole. You know I I did all these things and I I I I struggle. Where it making sure that I don't. Constantly monitor my son on social media because I do want to each thrusts him. But then I don't think it's safe I want to protect him from. Himself shows like catfish and other shows that really show what can happen wind social media goes wrong you know and I think that's what we need to look at. What this society is dealing with on the bad incidents you know how to police yourself I police myself really quick because of the fact. My parents read my Darren is putting a punishment for ear I never wrote anything after that well you know part of that part of the issue is what parents until you know. Kids see what you do want your social media sites how much stuff you share how much stuff you put out so you have to be really diligent with yourself. And how do you put stuff out. And also Al you know you have to constantly talk to your kids about what balanced reasoning because it alleged hanging at listen you teach them what the boundaries are. They're not gonna have a nice stay as still a stable but way to say hey I'm I'm going past here this is not from.

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{"duration":"4:13","description":"Is social media ruining kids' lives? What's your parental policy when it comes to sharing online? The co-hosts discuss.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"37138847","title":"'The View' Co-Hosts Wonder If Social Media Impacts Childhood","url":"/Entertainment/video/view-hosts-social-media-impacts-childhood-37138847"}