'After The View': Oct. 23, 2015

The gender pay gap in Hollywood, Drake's new viral video, & more!
10:07 | 10/23/15

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Transcript for 'After The View': Oct. 23, 2015
Okay. Going on after the shout because we are it's live streaming yes indeed and that means. An out ladies I'm sure you interview one with two daughters which I was in the bathroom at the time it's always some who would that was abound. It was about this woman who. Was technically I guess a madam she also felt what she was a recruit for you will you of well you know there's fear and she. There return ups at the party which is a big party with with drinking and Super Bowls and I was kind of stuff and then eventually someone asked for side deal. And there whereas sex sold at the party. And prosecution such. Does she was selling renting are here I had snapshots they blame their basic delayed yet and I'd like I mention my husband. Played basketball and coach basket bought he said he knows that this goes on at universities all across the country pimping your notes like under underage drinking talked to your daughter's doing prosecutor says she didn't temper her daughters her daughter's voluntarily did that she didn't say coming your indebtedness and what about that over eighteen and is still is voluntary. Clap now okay now legally and juvenile leading. With the parents the daughters were sleeping with the players and it's so funny because the drink interview U it was a serious interview obviously. I'm say I have trouble getting angry at them because I don't know where they I don't know where they come from I don't know of their lives answer her to judge. Anybody who does something for money I mean it's illegal but it happens all over the country and I there's tons of pressure from boosters and fans to get the masri critics have all the anticipation in general cannot look at the only I mean I can't about a million dollar and a willingness -- they drop Tina but you know what else over eighteenth there are lots of them. Eight they're some women out there. There are some women out there who have sex on basketball players without much for play may have their money get person's opinion that the going to be married she got paid when I'm not condone owning it with you manager and I ME ST I think. The book then the Markota that a after the second I was thinking now. Financial whistle blow about it it's actually not really great and if that's your job along that's your job was then go and earn a profit from that and kind of during these guys under the bus. It's there actually the only disclaimer about so he had probably just claim are with the director of basketball operations who allegedly was the ringleader in the only one from the administration he was doling out the money. That he if he denies all that's needed I'll Rick Pitino knew anything about it this is very reminiscent of super head slash video vixen young members hour this is the same thing great book. Let's read. I'm just created by. At yeah. Back in the day yet we love so that you wanna know what people are doing people still don't see if notes the whole time she noted human going to write a book final a lot of young take notes about things that go on at their jobs and think that's not unheard tonight. We all prostitutes journal's link I'm with. Let's start publishing company holding journalists and I know it. I sent my daughter for pottery lessons OK now. I was reading that Jennifer warrants was complaining that women in Hollywood and not making as much money as men right. We don't know that's like an old story of ready justice read this and I mean a lot of these women complain about that in the correct. And it happens every and at Indiana street him but now acted Jeremy Renner. This taking hits as saying that it's not his job to close the gender gap hit pay gap at Hollywood. So I ask you girls is it. Is that his obligation is that the man no obligation to stick up for the now it's not my eight got obligations and that's the agent by the way he did issue a disclaimer he was insane if not my job using its not my place he clarified that. That's not my job is and I went and hired for him but he doesn't think it's his CI we've got out I don't a group in Amman according girls do I went in the economy was to try to he might not girls Wear neck okay. So. Here's what I want to say about that you know. The gentiles have to stick up for the Jews white people have to stick up for blacks because it's hard for the group that's. Under the Don that it's being discriminated against that is losing the that the battle did do it a lot and that's why I say yeah. That's half Jeremy Renner including and also one might say Bradley Cooper and did school finally kissed knock twice as scientists say in the day. Kimmel show. He said he would stick out at my. I here we are coming from right I don't think he's not sticking up for women what he's saying is that what can he do he's not the person negotiating. I got completely free trade instability at don't think he hacks chairman and we want the ballot in at the UK pound and what's this thing. Think that's a man has every spot. It's more responsibility he did happen to but if he's able to share. That the difference in pay gap IA EOs I get the money. What do you mean for I know in public Michelle said. Yeah and a lot of other another and different and thing to say about this. I thought my husband with a professional athlete anything athletes they their contracts are there public knowledge everybody knows. Who is making life and yet the entertainment industry it's so guarding and nobody knows and I think that while I don't necessarily want people knowing. And that the public knowing my salary. There is something anxious to interesting to see sad about. When asked me to perform this way if he'd gotten many goals that he did you know what that salaries spat upon so if you that's. After and year. Getting making this town in the box office your numbers your ratings are pulling in that. That shouldn't be shared with any industry. To a degree heat so that people are getting paid fairly nice young players met a lot last sweater set they said yeah attaining. Industry you get paid they stop your demand if you want more than negotiate equal pay should you require you can't leave that it's always demand with the women getting laughs I say something not an eyebrow I remember this article I've had a distinctly I walked away from a job because I was. Being offered like twenty to 30% last and what a guy before me was offered. But they say that the reason that men typically make more is they ask for it so Andy and we meet as women we need to ask for those raises many asks four times more than we deal. And when they do you go to the negotiating table they ask for more cash than they not get what is it what is the response when they asked him I did but I'm just an estimate and I'll have the bill you can walk away my question the only way to really get when I thought I am walking I'll let my question is to the woman who was working at McDonald's the woman was working as a manager at a big company or its Jennifer Lawrence. Win you asked for money you complain what was your answer back familiar one we should ask don't even I don't hang out hassle free complaint did they know how much. The male leads getting. Before they senate there's always find out sometime this iPad and and that pisses them off you know the problem is is that women are you know we're pits every percent of blacks were expected to look good 100% of the time. Men make a 100% of the money and economically garbage all types of that's my problem is. You are saying it may look like goth kids now and I'm saying that they add up right now we can and you know I love me some garbage I got now I'm let me think about it now but under the big. Demagogued the there's reasons obviously very different expectations for us winning more weighing in for God's sake we're way out tickets are now. Outside social media is having a field day with the way Drake dances in his new video what are they going crazy about what. Hey Dan. Yeah. We love like a good dancer is that I'm like I didn't aunt that I know why I like yeah right. We could appeal yes. You actually did dancer I mean they're even better on category. So many means about this video that I watched before we did this thing with my Franklin avenue lot means means it's what means ought not everybody knows that that is ever knows and you know if you economy not only how much I mean this. God yeah happened accidentally how many people do not know what I mean it's. Very even let me slate she would it mean is. A funny picture with a different caption. That somebody's doing there's means about me go look a Bolivia means to Larry but. Yeah is her only areas are personalizing it and that everyone's doing including campus and the strongest ex director and it shot out because you know you. You toward that video is amazing about because they did a great job and that video X some of the. You are hilarious my favorite one thing I'm assigned felt like Wikipedia page I love I'm help. There's when compared until late into the full blame her she I'm gonna do ranked only minutes. But we're sick and then selling late kick that Mike doesn't like damn. Yeah. And rain that's that integrate. I was looking at the tennis racket in his head he's playing a site where Linda clearing out that I'm. That's actually not a full mean we. Like again what kind of Internet yeah you listening on the nude movie pictures are gifts. Bob I can't be 98 G I ask apostate yes yeah app that's GI FS people say Jeff I think Iran Iran you know and then you have means waste a look at Bostick Olivea. You'll understand what they he educated some of the U what is they did. Yeah okay. I felt that I did Dolly you have DeLeon got on the plane went to sue you won't even be here next week quick enough and didn't know didn't find out yeah I do not act out so they cannot start coming out of study that other shout she's working on day and night I guess.

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