After 'The View': Sept. 24, 2015

The ladies chat turbo divorce, Chris Brown being banned from Australia, and should kids call adults by their first name?
11:28 | 09/24/15

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Transcript for After 'The View': Sept. 24, 2015
Did not seated but the hot topics will linger on after the view it as streaming live right now and the new most of pumped to storm power and king batch. Are those your real nice. The face stepped around the spot tell us if you punt if you've Huntsman obtained right now because I sold segment I don't like being pumped I'm scared of the whole thing. Totally showing itching that you. Did not and do not I want get this guy that has gone out. That question up something awfully guys you'll be scared for the rest tonight we won't argue that it feel if your bread and contractors get and they okay. I a sell out our viewers have been tweeting us throughout the show now what are they saying. I don't have a cat Aubrayo well I don't know hey let's let the literary. I am power it co executive producer Ivan and and I. And now I am until atop its main EST so eat. So there's a new website called separated us and we've via the divorce for just 99. Dallas is not gonna let yeah did do was answer some questions on line you don't even need a lawyer what do you think guys I. It's also mummies about it don't wanna see some mighty anymore so. Knowledge and out that you district divorcing you. According to present the easiest way to get rid of somebody you don't want to be married to any project in order right now I don't know I don't like eight. I don't need a restraining order unless they picked him. Are we don't yeah yeah be honest I wrote my divorce papers and house fifteen I knew in my head doesn't get divorced like five times like this and the all some I had everything written down still mentally that's never gonna work in court as a but I have waited eagerly crazy but I respect and yeah. Documents no idea what that meant for each person just insert it. This already. Currently we're dating thing none ever had a listing ordinary then the boards and had a horse is apparently why you love it doesn't have any way have you been married no. OUR decking door aren't granting raptors figure out ending. They thought I don't believe the idea real name is by the way yeah take advantage I don't buy it like that that your real man yeah that's mommy you might look at. Are you right. I think I'm Howard his name the other has K in his name yeah. Global yeah. I would isn't sad. If you read I anchor I don't know how to Wear insect last six months later yes it is a difficult expensive and drawn out process for those who have simple divorces without kids or property it is good science. I don't think it's a good thing and I think killing her feels like. When we have Kim Davis who refuses to sign his marriage licenses and were very upset about it because we know how meaningful that piece of paper as. Why would we make divorce so easy Iranian like done it should be taken like a serious thing. Yeah. For more than eighty should take the marriage things Adams a certain cities that lets you do it just on a whim conjure drunk. And that looks at that they've got the high. Of course they are now what they can present this is gonna and later. You know about my guy had a if you are married and you don't have any kids and you really just can't stand each other why do you have paid money to a lawyer really this stage a lot of money that I play. You don't have children Bryant and you get divorced on the Internet I would not have the worst at all so I love my wife and she's wonderful hot art. Yeah imagine restraining orders from the Australian government is not a fan of Chris Brown. They may even banned him from going on tour and are stranded because of his you know conviction for abusing Korea. What do you think demonstrated too strict should they let him in he has an artist it's definitely too strict but did he do as. This is little time that he went down in L because they got. I don't know the information on him and his service he didn't detail but I know that he has done some things and reprimand dean. Needs to happen some type of reprimand and where it gets in his head he's got so much stuff over his career and that's up to you you know I'm a south talk about talent you talk about me. But you know what's in the Obama and the the pop act I think it's great. I think considered like a fair relax country like we know them for light cargo on Monday it like what it in the current year balanced yet tell us they're kind of a lackluster. England Canada not relax let's face it my says look at black print black Nissan because it's so far away. To go to it takes 24 hours to get that they have to be relaxed and not without Australian. He's a changed person they don't camp. Yeah now that's not good at camp he only got a point he got innovation and community service for what he did not like the fact that they're doing in an Australian because they're showing look we're gonna have some morals the people that we bring in from out of the country Brennan start setting. This song that she does because I walk around the house Democrats on some times one about whips and chains I don't laugh so that president is not unique you dance that I I don't. Dance that I love you could easily I want wrap I have to account my pet my point I don't leave the house that was not absorbed quote pick and what we that was. I I I listened to wits and that's no do you. What I insanity plea to you all you have joy like yeah. It's an assault I really cared about and any guy why don't have a feeling that you're thinking of something to punk me about. I have an adult you just photo bombed a few like we have something Meyer and social media girl's life that we haven't. In the photo you know this is just live streaming there's liner hit the back while. Creek where. I guess but insidious what is in that there didn't get an out jobs to the Bob I haven't I don't I'm not telling us cannot tell your big break you know I'm not done doing away what connects they won't mark issuer does. Does one OK but so for Chris right. I think he's being humiliated enough enough that he's learned his lesson I mean. Of course like Joseph but why I hear it and rap record about SN Nam when she's a girl who was hit by the kind of get up let's let's make sure we know the full story of what happened I hate to be this person but there was things that happened that led up to the things that happened but so we don't want to know what. Me I'd have a tunnel. It's it's gonna happen then lit up and then. Around the turn around the food continuously. For do bad behavior. Right you continuously do it because you know that nothing is really gonna mess with no deposit and no good no real consequent rise no real what is career suffered at all. Astounding exactly what action I think he was telling the I think he was on the cowboys up. As it does little of course the Eli like Michael. Yeah. Let me have that cool president nor am proud of this what does till Tuesday. I think that he's still shoots the sky every TS so many songs on the radio he still has artists that sign up underneath him he's still doing. He dates and things of that nature. I don't know I don't. He'll also are not like very involved in rapper and music like someone like my mom even when they hear Chris Brown making good use are like that's the first where the comes to my sat cadets people who don't know his music I mean that's how they know him from the news you know and is now about about how that went up yet. Happens when he did things like that were there any means they have to kind of doing that did not do. Illegal want to twice. Madonna was once told not to commit to a certain country she's to do things irritated the Catholic Church in Altoona Pennsylvania they didn't want her in some countries either so I mean they have the right to do that they can do whatever and Latin. Yeah is that they banned one more story to me I'm available OK there was AM mommy blog app. I'm Yemen of those women who has a block OK that she's got my eye. She said that kids shouldn't be calling adults by the efforts and that's what she says this is hurting him that they wanted to say miss Jolie or mr. Jack mister Jay when you're a kid when your yeah we're not everything that our dad as opposed to artists they aren't mr. bat they aren't sounds a little bit too loud. To formal it. Nellie and I fronts like oh yes oh yes yeah actually I feel it's this is this a sign of respect that's I was raised. Three I had Sam my entire life. What it's about what is the adult was disrespectful to the kid do you still deserve respect you Colin branded. I didn't look at as a child you don't even know what district I mean yes you do you know what are being treated yet. That's a child and the child just like him life some time summoned back breaks in your lap respect book about what coming outside salt we're living in justify. To quote the great until it doesn't happen look younger and when you're younger it. Parents you know they have kids young you know they feel like they're closer to the age of the parents so you know they'd be called they have parents mother first all the. Calling your parents rare birth and yeah we're facing and that's actually mentally L yeah. I cracked. And clapped across the banks must tell I'm sorry that's. I would say I wish that I knew my mom's real name by the time I was twelve also cut -- other brands like Calder. You know what I told you mother's name Europe's. I'm not that they didn't tell me but I call her mommy didn't really he knows it anywhere else I didn't know her name why can't I knew her name and a battle is occurs when I don't know. Talk to each other at the time to look on the air are definite yes television. Austrian. Yeah up that was like the forbidden thing to say I always knew just collar mom if you say if you see Ingrid she don't come with their aunt and yet there's you would shot as. What I can hit I can't get it all how do start and King's College level I'd like to drop it. Magic okay. I don't know who is this panel. Shop that. It's or is that. I used to be exchanged high school it was to agents now but what of the claim if they are declining not months depending on how old they like and while older kids they would call me join with like welcome back Cotter he can teach him what BM and apple. Under the age of the of the adult and it depends on the age of the child I mean if you're younger. I don't have kids I'm toll speculating what I would do. Depend on it to the person about this a person like case. Here yet not let it definitely say mister mister I still I think he's started twenty to twenty your little kid I don't want anybody I don't mean this raven. I am too young for did you or your parents just friends but I caught my mom and dad's front Weatherford mamet never called them with that are now. I don't own the rights I don't write my side or his friends to call me miss stood still on. I'm as honest it just to the I accident let's. He's still lined up like Jesus yes like Jesus and I got a movement marlin Wayne's coming out January 29 called fifty shades of black. How much does have a music project and I'm selling has shown that hopefully will sell really saying Tate's BO I gotta put it out. You've got a haven't grace and great and I really miss it was content to meet you talk to him. And thanks hang out of those after the real all of you out there don't they get to hit us up on Twitter and FaceBook my.

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