'The View' Special Part 3: Political Guests Through the Years

"We had every type of politician on," said Bill Geddie, former longtime executive producer of "The View."
6:16 | 08/24/16

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Transcript for 'The View' Special Part 3: Political Guests Through the Years
If I had to pick one song to describe "The view," it's" let's give them something to talk about". I have wanted to make love to you for my whole life. Barbara said that word. Penis, penis. Shut up. As you have just seen, things at the hot topic table can get pretty heated. Can you just guess the most polarizing subject for the group. That's right, politics. Think about it. She worked to get children's health care. She worked for children's rights. That would get my vote. Who would think that a show with a bunch of women at a table would be a political discourse. There is trump and democrats and republicans. This is similar when they say the media is biassed. Yes, the media is largely biassed against republicans. Deal with it. People say what you don't talk about at dinner parties are religion and politics. Guess what, we had to talk about politics almost every day. What I don't understand, people who don't believe in god, why it's so offensive. Sometimes it's tough to be the loan conservative. They are for equal protection but not the marriage of a man and a man or a woman or a woman. Planned parenthood -- That's not the issue. I know that I represent a certain part of America. Please welcome bill O'Reilly. "The view" is an interest iing forum is for me. I don't care what anyone believes politically as long as it's inseer. When I'm in a situation that is contentio contentious, it's enjoyable -- Listen to me, because you'll learn. I come out here and whoopi and Behar are like, drak la just arrived. What is he doing in the daytime. Every time I come on here, she is like, how did this happen. He started talking about a sweeping generalizations about muslims. Because it's inappropriate. Muslims killed us on 9/11. No, oh, my god! I felt my behind propelled out of the seat like a poltergeist. You are outraged about muslims killing us on 9/11? We just walked off on him. And Barbara did not like that. You have just seen what should not happen. We should be able to have discussions without washing our hands and walking off stage. I love my colleagues. But should sflot happened. It's our show. Make him walk off. I have never said this on television. When whoopi and joy walked off the set, I said this is great. This is great. Maybe Elisabeth can interview me the whole liar. President bill Clinton. John McCain. Any candidate should not be afraid to come on this show. My very favorite moment was of course when Hillary Clinton came on "The view." Make up your mind. Let me know what is happening here. That doesn't put any pressure on me, does it? To go on thinking it's going to be very light hearted and almost almost almost irj rev rant. You get socked with questions. I pressed you on your gun position and I'm going to do it again. Sunny went right at him aggressively on the issue of gun control and his support for a bill that could have shielded gun manufactures from liability. What other industry allows that blanket immunity when people are hurt. You believe that people can be pro-life and a feminist? Yes. They are not -- No. We know the lies, but you after the the end of it approve the messages. Actually, they are not lies. Donald Trump is a billionaire, a real estate mogul and a television star. But does he really want to add president of the United States to his resume. The Donald Trump interview in 2011 was remarkable. First of all, he comes on and he's greeted like a friend. It's a very friendly interview and suddenly, it takes a turn when trump brings up the issue of president Obama's birth certificate. There's something on the birth certificate he doesn't like. That is a terrible thing to say. I love you. I'm telling you -- I think that is the biggest pile of dog mess I heard in ages. If you're running for president of the United States of mek, when you talk about Mexicans being rapists and murderers, if he had spoken to your wife the way he had some women, would you take that, sir? Let me tell you something. When you're very nice and respectful and you don't get in issues, where does it get you? It gets where you got me. Nowhere. You were on with us, president Obama, when you were running. Come on with us again. President Obama, if you are doing everyone, do us. We were the first daytime show to have a sitting president visit. Hi, Mr. President. Do you really think that being on the show with a bunch of women, five women, who never shut up is going to be calming? I was trying to find a show 245 Michelle actually watched. I think "The view" really opened politicians to thinking women's audience. "The view" is like a must stop for politicians. They have to. If you haven't done "The view," get out of politics. Next, "The view" gets, V X

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{"duration":"6:16","description":"\"We had every type of politician on,\" said Bill Geddie, former longtime executive producer of \"The View.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"41605335","title":"'The View' Special Part 3: Political Guests Through the Years","url":"/Entertainment/video/view-special-part-political-guests-years-41605335"}