'The View' Talks Dakota Pipeline Protests

The co-hosts discuss the connection between Donald Trump and the Dakota Pipeline.
3:59 | 11/22/16

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Transcript for 'The View' Talks Dakota Pipeline Protests
That's not being reported on nearly enough and it's how rough police are getting. With these protesters. My brain is and tonight and on the Jakarta pipeline it's just been using water cannons they're saying I'm not we using hoses it's the same thing. If you're shooting people would water. In a cold temperature. It's it's your shooting didn't want a lot of these folks are protesting is there right there right this is what we have in the United States to protest when something is wrong. People with water it didn't work in the fifties doesn't work in the sixties and doesn't want stop don't. Protesting the fact that there's going to be a pipeline through. Indian burial ground at grounds that are very important to our native American communities and they could it could. Make them sick because of that though the water infiltration I and I think what we also need to remember is that. The CEO of that pipeline company Kelly Warren says that he's 100% sure that the pipeline will be approved by the trump administration. And that is because in June he donated 100000 dollars to the trump victory fund. And a further 3000 dollars directly to the trump campaign and that trumps can't aid financial disclosure reveals that trump. His investment in that company are between 500001. Million dollar and souls barely out there it now I guess this makes me this. Breaks my heart because I think a lot of these people protesting are genuinely concerned about their health yeah psychiatry underwater and President Obama is present reality I saw Bernie Sanders calling upon him. He has a lot of power and he has a lot of respect on this issue because he cares very deeply about the environment about local communities. I think he needs to step up and do something to calm this situation to let. These protesters know if nothing else. They have a right to be hurt because let me tell you something if something was impacting my drinking water. I want every right to speak my mind was I when it went on day one. I called on president a bombing yesterday to stop the pipeline and it's time for President Obama to condemn these tactics since I find our culture our children and our homelands have repeatedly been stolen from a so less lesson make this very very clear. He can he can stop it. There's no guarantee is not going to be we started in January and has so I think because she spoke about it what last week cardiac op. And you know congress and the senate all these folks who in the Arab you know I'm sure he's saying yeah I'd love to do it but I don't want it I was so pit bull was not gonna happen and then. Come January artist you're back and I play I think it he Powell is if if there were some type of plan to wing route it. And he can if he can kind of beat in the leadership position to reroute it where. People who are pro energy infrastructure and all that could get behind it and you could bypass the situation would be people felt protected at the same time by the time somebody like a Donald talked at ten. This what the progress we'll have begun already and it did these people would have felt protected not enough time dolls there's not enough time and also rerouting of the data suggest that it's didn't. That's where it was rerouted to that while this isn't on our community that it was wanna go through before us we don't want exactly. And in this uncle what does put in Albania and the native Americans are saying okay enough. It's not not so with all right not seem that's what I'm trying to explain to you it ain't just your Kutcher. They were these the native Americans were here first this was their content so Obama. Senate congress house everybody and. Fix fix it you can. Wonderful early Christmas present. And for the folks who are. Who are I have protesting.

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{"duration":"3:59","description":"The co-hosts discuss the connection between Donald Trump and the Dakota Pipeline.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"43719898","title":"'The View' Talks Dakota Pipeline Protests ","url":"/Entertainment/video/view-talks-dakota-pipeline-protests-43719898"}