Violence Erupts in Charlotte, Tulsa After Police-Involved Shootings

"The View" co-hosts discuss the violent protests following the shootings.
9:09 | 09/21/16

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Transcript for Violence Erupts in Charlotte, Tulsa After Police-Involved Shootings
Yeah it was a rough night last night lot of angry protesters Charlotte, North Carolina following the shooting of the keys LaMont Scott. Is comes just days after another black man Terrance crunch. Was killed by police in Tulsa Oklahoma authorities say both men posed an imminent threat. And it until responding to officers but the families and amend. Word two more examples they feel a black labs not Matt. So you don't think I guess a question as we had a we what do we do we have this what do we do about this because it's X. It seems that he's open it feels sometimes like it's open season. So I just wonder do you last happening I didn't. You know it's funny my mom called me yesterday and obviously not why you know my experience has not been out of an African American in this country but she was so bothered. Having a child and imagining being. An African American woman having an African American son or daughter. That's twenty years older you don't out at night and beaten someone assuming that that person is doing something wrong just because of their color of their skin she actually sounded. I really for the first time really bothered by this trend that's happening among police in the country. And I think that's something that people are waking up too needy people who are hesitant to criticize law enforcement is there's this perception that. You can't criticize law enforcement at the same time stand up for for the good that the police force is doing well. You're standing up for the good in law enforcement wouldn't criticize these movements are cop out of line is getting up for what what it means to be an American what it needs to be unified. I love that moment that she and I shared last night because I think that's represented a lot of what's happening around the country people are coming together. They and they will come together warn future when. I think we need to consider each case and wait until things come back the other thing is it's easy Wendy's our. Piece fell into the news to jump to conclusions about the law enforcement agents the victims every one and start telling her own narrative. And I think it's really important because I dated a homicide detective for years and he tried to describe wants emotions involved when you're in these situations and how. They're just humans training or not anything I was asking him at one point you know a lot of people say why don't they tase why don't they killed shoot to harm and all these things he said Sarah. If if I'm scanning airing you've got a guy and I'm not bring in a teaser like you know there there are moments where you you're making a really quick decision I'm not saying in these instances. Again not got his hands up yet but I need to get what I'm saying is here. All these cases are unfolding in front of us but he was trying to get it understand that we make it sound so simple to just it just do this or just shoot you think they're so many emotions are so much going on those moments that. Wait because sometimes you know there it's a very tough situation I don't know. But this is feeling of intolerance got you know let the top right now. From one of our candidates you know he speaks of in an intolerant manner which which only trickles down. Two people in the country and who haven't in this and that. I've got hot asphalt it's not it's not his fault exactly but he's not helping but you can't know wage rallying around said if you're not other dissolution or what part of the problem. And I just I feel helpless against me incredibly emotional when I think about it and I and I. Think what can do what what can I do and where I realize. Where I can't started at home and that's what I try to do it. I was home this weekend with my point and they were talking in the or making jokes and it wasn't necessarily racial jokes but no matter what a joke whether it's. Boy girl fat ban black white whenever I'm listening and I want not. Stop until they weren't joke ever get there were kidding around I know. Not things are happening in our country we love one another we are let to love our neighbor as ourselves. And I will not tolerate. I I can do it we do my part by helping the next generation and at least teaching my kids what is appropriate and inappropriate. And I don't want it in my home. When out vikings. That's you know even speak next year's event that what you just said is is great because you know what let. A lot of this I feel and this is just me. When people who are not black. Can say we see it and we get why. You know that young captain sensible plan when it was announced that Allan Kaplan Kaplan that we understand what we get we understand it. You know it's how he feels about what he's seeing in his country. There is a problem if people could just start that conversation with there is a problem. If law enforcement. Can say to us as people all of us listen. Where often nervous out there and sometimes you know stuff happens at. If it does happen we've got guns we are scared because we don't know what's comedy that. If that can if it can be cop about how we help each other. That would really be helpful would doesn't help is pretending it's not happening or that it's. Or that. What blaming something you know it's hard to you know we as we said that cameras on the police officer. So we say using cameras. When people have to actually look and see what's happening it you see a man was walking. And his hands are up and he doesn't look like people don't come and get. What you're not if you look like slot and we should clash in Manhattan if he'd get shot and he's like just even if there is PCP on there. Many they want tell you that's not easy if you walked that's not how PCP looks what is log not that I know a whole lot about it. I can tell you that you know walking concentrated least rate buoyed that's not what you do when your hide like back. So you have to when we see these things we have to say you know. This doesn't bank sent. Acts it doesn't this doesn't make sense help us understand who you r.'s police officers so we can help you do your job and we don't feel like you content ups. But that's what it feels like sometimes and I'm I hate that. Colin Powell was shot at. You know. Think positive but it came in the swat was not positive. Not I'm not like bam like that. So do you think when you know when the black lives out of this thing goes out they are and what the people say white lives matter. That that shows an insensitivity to the what'd advocates are not and the. Intimate way way not. Here's what is chose to me a slight bit of ignorance because it's not about its. Now what we've seen it we see you know. White suspects went all conscious that we dons and do and we don't sit and got shot instantaneously but we don't see. We have seen a guy in that opened cat we stay. Saying simply love I have wine. Yes let's back so there is eighth disconnect for us we know white laps Matt we know this we've always known it. We just want to bring up the fact that. Do you chip who. The kinds of of racism that we've had to deal with in this country. That's been institutional. Racism and for ever for as long as lots of people can remember. You know because we live with that we need to remind you we act. No it's not okay to do this nobody is okay and this country with any of us being shopped for no reason the police are not okay with that BS Americans are not okay and we're not okay and that's what we need to say. We have to hold everyone accountable even one it's not comfortable when that's a black cop or a white cop we have to haul people taught how to start at. Old enjoys point when I was hearing white lights matter blue lives matter I didn't I knew there was something off but couldn't quite wrap my words around why is that so tone deaf. And I read into witness was at this is an example that worked for me when people say black lights matter they're not saying just black flags matter they're saying. Black lives mattered to. Like he added to Didier and not just to the front. Not. Inexperienced people how to acknowledge that that African Americans in this country have had. A different. Experience like people Husseini you know. All why is there are gay pride parade in a straight pride parade wants you want to straight people haven't been discriminated against for decades and decades and decades. So it looks nice. Countries have suffered a different experience and I think it's incumbent upon people who have not suffered got experience not only acknowledge it but to say things have to change a little like privilege Maloney that falls on yes I'll we have to make. I'm here you today.

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{"duration":"9:09","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the violent protests following the shootings. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"42253899","title":"Violence Erupts in Charlotte, Tulsa After Police-Involved Shootings","url":"/Entertainment/video/violence-erupts-charlotte-tulsa-police-involved-shootings-42253899"}