Violinist Gets a Half-Billion YouTube Views

Lindsey Stirling talks about her sudden rise to fame.
8:06 | 07/15/14

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Transcript for Violinist Gets a Half-Billion YouTube Views
So just how does have virtually unknown. Artist take that seemingly sudden leap to viral phenomenon with millions upon millions of YouTube views. Well basically to show -- -- Internet violent sensation Lindsay sterling. In the flesh today. That the that is an intense that that has been seen by millions of people. Congratulations. Obviously on the success in the and the EU I mean you've blown out Ager had kind of still swirling from all of business. You know it is just because it stay it seems so on real and I just got off tour and when I look at and see this -- audience of people -- -- smiling at. It's it's overwhelming and I just have these moments of like wow. I can't believe that this is happening it. The is there is that there is a sort of -- disconnect there when someone sees something on YouTube or online or whatever and they actually see the person and in performance it's like. Wow I mean he using your bring -- in the life. Right and that's I loved it up to try to -- marine forecasting vision that I create you know in my on the Internet land corner of the web right you know I -- -- like -- people on the stage and dance and it's fun people don't know what to expect and I think with little -- I think -- absolutely yeah I think so so the video we -- their shattered me in the very intense based on personal experiences and yes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I know what it actually in my story of overcoming my eating disorder and -- this ballerina to depict I just related so strongly to this character that. Was so perfect and seemingly flawless on the outside she -- perfect frame because an eating disorder is. A mental disease that's consumed with control and perfection and -- realized I was so. Incredibly happy and depression had kind of taken over my life as a result of this this mental disorder that I had. And I realize I wanted to change it for this video depicts like -- the intensity and the fear that I faced in. Basically wondering if I left this huge part that it can see my life -- I left that behind would there be anything left of -- had value and I learned that there why isn't it happiness that I could learn to actually love myself for what was real and so words shattered -- it's actually the title means breaking through this false Bay Area that I had actually filter out myself for the person I thought I was. And I experience actually discovered what was underneath -- shattered what I thought was me. It takes a tremendous amount of courage -- acknowledged that yourself with and also to share with the world as -- -- were you hesitant about doing -- in this video and record and song. Yeah I am I. Why -- share my story once I kind of got over it and I overcame it -- -- became so empowered to share with people because. I don't feel like anyone deserves to feel that way -- think Sony girls do. Whether they know they had and whether it's a full fledged eating disorder whether it's body image issues I think that so many women and probably men as well. Can relate to looking in the -- and just feeling worthless and ugly and no one should feel that way and I wanted to share that there's hope that you can overcome it and you can find strength and that you can buy -- -- break through those various that you children yourself. As I said you have put up online because -- is just seen around the world by millions and millions of people. But what America's Got Talent 2010 how. How to that experience KO. How is out one of the -- six we hit them my alliance that. I mean it would have so excited and I remember at that time I wasn't doing anything worthwhile Clinton is -- playing like college cafeteria. -- I thought this was my big break. And then I got quite a bit harsh feedback on the show you don't realize how much that would hurt until you're the one standing there. Be especially now that the people watching and listening yeah it is being directed your way you write you're like oh -- you people are watching it. And I -- being so heartbroken. And thinking I'd love the biggest moment of life but in actuality. Like. You know I Atlanta's biggest -- -- -- that was headed you and I'm so glad that I was able to pull myself up and they know. Not done yet I've just started to keep going because I did consider quitting can -- and I was so -- saying -- You have some harsh criticism -- Batman pierce Morgan where the judges -- that you were on marketable. On marketable however. A bit of the double whammy -- -- on your success but he's come back expert eaten crow on this and basically issue an apology and tweet out your congratulations you're success on the vary between it and bless that -- I -- -- -- yet you say that now and onstage -- Niger deal. Marketable -- -- -- -- sell that thing is is that you would you have skipped the TV competition the reality competition now kind of going through that experience because of me that might put you on the radar for some people but really it's your it's your biggest online at -- point. -- -- -- What's amazing how well you know by putting videos online collaborating with the other you -- -- I discovered this world. I was just so excited that number when I did America's Got Talent even -- They were so picky about what songs -- could play how I dress and you know how they depicted -- a called meeting hip hop violinist and I was so excited latest average YouTube because I was like. There's no record label -- have to tell me when I'm ready or -- I have to deal or an America's Got Talent tells me what I should dress like what's on like. YouTube is the self made artists' platform you decide exactly who you wanna be when you wanna do it you decide but you're ready and it. So cool -- think the art and artists can take in their own hands. And grab the attention of not only viewers and fans but also other artists who teamed up with John Legend yeah when a place in -- this. -- -- Okay. -- All of -- my mind. Favorite songs I love that song and love it even more this version really. I'll watch that live there and I just am not listen I'm not blowing smoke or you're sitting -- -- can't -- a -- up. It is it's it is a beautiful version walking through that day than win when -- -- any recording you've got John Legend at the piano scene as amazing song. Let you know look. It average and the video was kind of overwhelming because that. -- let -- -- -- they let me editing and kind of you know plan will be -- come with the concept because they like you. You can channel we -- to try this YouTube her way you know they're like we're -- treatment and so. You know John Legend is coming to the issue and just kind of freaking out -- and coming -- -- wrong. You can't just be like hey actually -- -- -- Marxist -- but I I broke the string back today is not going to be that. We love what he is tomorrow. I was so nervous by -- incredibly nice and and it is the real money again I can't catalog business last year where he's a sitting there we're getting new shot he's just in between takes -- -- meaning music on the piano like. And -- airborne. How did you have to learn how to play this is a kid -- would you automatically -- to you want it I didn't want it I wanted so badly and acting -- for lessons of the kid. And I think that's why it words. But these -- probably a lot of parents -- they're going to be using your YouTube clips and -- see. This might pay off later on in -- every county operate their -- going back so much continued success hot and thank you.

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{"id":24573741,"title":"Violinist Gets a Half-Billion YouTube Views ","duration":"8:06","description":"Lindsey Stirling talks about her sudden rise to fame.","url":"/Entertainment/video/violinist-half-billion-youtube-views-24573741","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}