VP Joe Biden on What Caused Hillary's Election Loss

V.P. Joe Biden discusses the 2016 election results with "The View" co-hosts.
3:18 | 01/14/17

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Transcript for VP Joe Biden on What Caused Hillary's Election Loss
I know you made news yesterday with the medal of freedom but there was also news the Department of Justice said that the inspector general is going to investigate the FBI's handily. Hillary Clinton in the emailed to you think that that's valid. And do you maintain with other Democrats that ultimately that. Cost Hillary the election. They start the end I don't know I don't think anyone can say what cost pillars of the election. You look at collection of this close where she got three million more votes but. But she lost a 109. 6000 votes in three states that would have made different it could be anything at all. The fact is still Arun knowledge to campaign wasn't that we'll run. On. We never got to the issues and I mean you know we talk I'm so I'm. Referred to Washington's middle clashed Joseph well. That's mean in Washington not meant as a couple of region not that sophisticated but I'm always talking about the middle class these little classes there. Is the fabric that holds the whole social fabric of the country together and when the middle class does well before have a shot in the wealthy do very well. Well now we're talking everybody's cool we me during the IDD three events for Hillary. Homes. Talking to me about my singing I've talked to speak he spoke to. Middle class folks in their anxieties. And and so Biden got it than other kids in you know Hillary didn't have a plant will she had applied to the problem was nobody heard it. Com one of you can tell me if you are I've never met someone in a barrio or ghetto middle class neighborhood are wealthy neighbor didn't want the kid go to college. Yet when the great thing. When they face children patent that is a way to pay for free calling him and whipped but. None of you could tell me what do was well because Google watching a reality show radio RN that's my boy yes that's the point so. Why concern has been. Will be is that. That elections are supposed to no sir your request are now all that's very and I'm flattered if you want common what we don't. I can't. Help it has to goes up. They V. The problem is that. Elections are supposed to be about. Debates on the future of the country so that when it's over there's if not a consensus at least do when he can't accuse say. I campaigned on this nominal and try to govern on this. We never got to any of that. Right I mean don't all kidding aside you know ball elections ever been involved with we've never got to a point where there was anything other than. Totally a bumper sticker on both sides here we ate it and it wasn't my stress she's my life. Christian groups say were don't say that he look like you're criticizing the press I'm not criticizing the press when you have wouldn't mind when the story is them. Guy says I groped people or. And then on the other side a story as well. The way we can pay for Community Colleges alone and he stepped up basis. I don't AMOCO is gonna win at night knows how little bears but. So happened but it wasn't. Even I don't know what you could've done quite frankly did record that a false equivalency very often that well yes and this was just as bad as that and it wasn't wouldn't it take another break sure because we only have a little time to do a company often these so we'll be right back.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"V.P. Joe Biden discusses the 2016 election results with \"The View\" co-hosts. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44765743","title":"VP Joe Biden on What Caused Hillary's Election Loss ","url":"/Entertainment/video/vp-joe-biden-caused-hillarys-election-loss-44765743"}