VP Joe Biden on Initiative to Cure Cancer, Late Son Beau's Family

"The View" co-hosts and Vice President Joe Biden discuss a subject close to his heart.
4:01 | 01/14/17

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Transcript for VP Joe Biden on Initiative to Cure Cancer, Late Son Beau's Family
And 2015 we will mourn with you when your when your beloved son beau passed away from brain cancer. And ST leave office you're going to work tirelessly for cancer research right. And you are initiative cancer moon shots and so. You have very ambitious plans to cure cancer. Outgrow closely and we aren't yet what the war of one of these I found out an analyst sherbet. Five years ago until five yours. There was no coordination cancer. You had not hear a lot but immunity in it and it immunotherapy you junior system can. Well it was viewed as a voodoo science six years ago senators don't know it's at the center thing is being funded. Virologist. Biological engineers this whole conglomeration of people when Nixon declared the war on cancer he had. No army he had no weapons he had no knowledge and we set up a structure that was set for. Medicine not sharing information the image of sort of doctor salt curing polio. In a you know and laboratory and now it's a collaborative river but ducks don't share well. And so what I'm able to do and I think I'll continue to be able to do some of them meet meaning people including Nobel laureate streaming. In a Biden initiative and I leave here is my ability is able to convene. To convene people and to break down the silos one case in point got a call our charted. Reorganize the federal government which we did on this I got a call from IBM. You want to have Watson. Leave that the supercomputer now god forbid your soldier who get cancer. You get diagnosed at Walter Reed they can do your cancer genome in a matter of a couple days. They can secrets it gets plugged into watching Watson is read every single solitary treatise in history our role in cancer. You can't hide out. I don't have to go to break were open but can you can you tell us first. How is those wife and his two children Natalie and hunter they're not twelve attack how are they doing thank you for arrest. Dirt there are doing now. And they're they're doing while they still miss her daddy. That's why try to go home every weekend mushroom hunters always there. Arm and the way I learned from when I lost my wife and daughter. And Mya and maximize elective and watch my two boys how they had to do with the you learn a lot in the one thing you do is smother them with love and affection and just make sure they know that you're always there they can talk about anything at all so. You know they've come loose sleep in bed and cuddle up to view and tell you you know. Do you smell like dead I don't mean stuff that but it's it's a thing that scares me is a thing you've got to go through a lot of Cuban through it. Without anywhere near the kinda helped by half without anywhere near that kind of help and support act. Every day people go through such incredible things in the get up and put one foot from the other there. Amazing we have got scalable I. Call the. That's part of what. I think. The ends with me that you have for our. Americans is why there response you and that's why I ask you know. I'm hoping that all of these issues that you work your way we'll have still. Wounds to the White House that's coming in because and what they. Is something that you. You have to learn that if you weren't sure we're on a nation but love all kinds of different people and that's lacking was so attached map because delight. Doesn't we need you don't know how we're gonna. Yeah. Okay. Did not have. Tonight. And yeah. I got to talk more about this with you we'll be right back with vice president July.

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{"duration":"4:01","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts and Vice President Joe Biden discuss a subject close to his heart.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44765781","title":"VP Joe Biden on Initiative to Cure Cancer, Late Son Beau's Family","url":"/Entertainment/video/vp-joe-biden-initiative-cure-cancer-late-son-44765781"}