New walk of fame star

Lin-Manuel Miranda receives Hollywood Walk of Fame star
1:00 | 11/30/18

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Transcript for New walk of fame star
I'm Robin Hayes in Hollywood California where Lin Manuel Miranda as the latest celebrity to get us star on the Hollywood walk of star and creator of Hamilton addressed a huge crowd that packed Hollywood boulevard outside the pan changes theater Friday morning. Branded joins 2661. Other stars who have their names coming iconic Hollywood sidewalks. He accepted his star with the reared Allegheny dimension actress Rita Moreno at his side. That means the world to me that my star is outside this Peter because I love it so much. And I can Hamilton were both here at the fact that there is a star marking where I got to see these lines is right I cannot tell you. Put a dream come true that is for me. Miranda is just an Oscar short of hitting for the award cycle he's already won a Tony and Emmy and a Grammy his latest film Mary Poppins returns hits theaters in December. I'm rob Hayes reporting for ABC news lives.

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{"duration":"1:00","description":"Lin-Manuel Miranda receives Hollywood Walk of Fame star","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"59536938","title":"New walk of fame star","url":"/Entertainment/video/walk-fame-star-59536938"}