Wayne Brady discusses his new deal and upcoming role in ‘Black Lightning’

The actor talks hosting, comedy and his upcoming album.
15:16 | 11/07/19

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Transcript for Wayne Brady discusses his new deal and upcoming role in ‘Black Lightning’
Candice Williams ABC Brady well I'm fact I have a wonderful and amazing Emmy award winning Jun men sitting right across her meet. Very comparable and I'm so glad to have you mister Wayne Brady Harry Manning today I'm Great Britain. It's not a lot going on this man you know multi talented multi fast it'd holds extraordinaire. He's saying he does everything he's funny. And you also the new partnership what she's gonna tells all about coupled about the partisan they have tracked. Yeah I I am partnering with track phone right now that's why I'm in New York City. We will is an event in Times Square and and basically it's such an organic partnership sometimes an instant Graham. Seas Katz that's you know that that's. You know why are you wearing those clothes and talking about death being if if that's a mean that. That you connect with either you use it or it's an ideological. Thing well. On let's make a deal I change people's lives sometimes when they get results for the worse but most of time for the better way whether it's. If the books 500 dollars 50000 whether it's C trip board somebody just won a brand new car. Part of that show for me is is changing someone's circumstances. And that's what trek phone is trying to do they're trying to save money. And that in it was hip to the fact that we spend so much money in on used data. I had no clue because you know use our annual contract and you just think that you spend what it is and the phone five. No it isn't fine wind up spending so much money. On data that you don't use and depending on the plan you have in the pending in the company that your with. It doesn't roll over so you're actually paying for something that you do don't get to spend it's it's paying for a service. It you never get to use in Times Square right now there is as big. Billboard that's counting off the billions of dollars that America. Loses because of unspent and on used. So. When I when when they approached about doing the so what will this make sense you're trying to save money. I'm trying to give money. Let's pardon erupt and let's go get that money. So this has been greatest been a wonderful day trend news spread that gospel hymn and preach the word and it's been very organic and it makes sense to me. Yeah an Aggie I could see that because as you mentioned you holds a very fun and I think entertaining show. Let's make a deal where you change people's lives and so this kind of was like a little bit is that it kinda comes together an embarrassing looming when angry. I could see you helping us be waived raises to help without eyes you know at the annual day. Reading entertainment team trying to tell. And so you know in addition to that an average to New York which is to bring exciting of course because now I have that we only if they land at or what not. Which all people when you head back to the West Coast soon rank. Wherever I'm going back fit LA if I can make make my flight because this traffic. Ed. I've been out here for the past couple weeks doing a show called freestyle love supreme. Lin Manuel Miranda is freestyles show it's been an amazing run it's it's running until January the whole commissioner of course is that it's. All spontaneous all in Prague with all off the top of the head. In this musical which is an amazing combination of all the stuff that I do one TV from whose line. In my own shows two to now this some them when I leave this Google backed Los Angeles and I'm producing a show right now when and that are called BYU. Where I'm executive producing coal creating an hosting the show called faux funny you. Where I'm taking kids that are triple threats like there was growing up singer dancer actor. And then learning to be funny learning to teach them the the methodology of it improvisation and of sketch comedy and then Nam. Applying that so we're are doing that. And I go to Atlanta for a few weeks to do black lightning we're employing a new character called grave digger who's this government bad asks. Turned Rogen and all these powers super soldier. Just amazing. To be a part of the beasts the CW slash DC. Arrow overs C universe right now. How much did you know about that comic. Growing up or even just as an adult because boy read it you read it and eczema comic fan I'm I'm a big comic nerd through through DC. And more will I have much love for marvel I was able to a couple of years ago I wrote it Spider-Man annual. And that was. Just just amazing to actually write were the comic books that I grew up from watching in reading. And now I used to read black like me because as a little black boy growing up from the south. The people that looked like you and your representations were few and far between and sometimes they weren't the most positive. And even watching the like lightning back in the day just like Luke cage. A cave how. But how amazing to see. Someone with your skin that. Being called a hero. And be able to do fantastic things so I've always had books like. Black lightning. Close my heart and end on the top of my brain. Value you mention that and I'm I'm kinda carries and has ever been like a super hero that you kind of growing up or maybe now thinking about all those of all these films are coming out in eighteen (%expletive) it. Along with his legacy that you've always wanted to app player portray I mean clearly everybody was. In love with black pants are we know there's going to be secrets of that I think way Ricky didn't like van -- Well I think guys are being black Panthers well but A com mr. doesn't have to and then I'm still gonna go watch the watch the movie. I think com if there was a hero that I used to read about roar in Europe I think myself and so many of the Brothers in the business I'd love to be Jon Stewart. The new green lantern that move that would be an amazing look but something tells me that probably some Oscar winner. He is gonna snagged just Baghdad but but I feel. If whoever's playing playing it affect news. This bing is being made. These. Heroes are being. Lauded by the world and I think that's the way and so we'll continue to watch from the sidelines and play my little role in black lightning. And of serving comes up one Dave and I'll be happy to be a part of it. Yeah I mean beat you gotta love I'm a huge EC marvel. And just loved the actual motion pictures like that that's wept right and really just let it all gonna get that. I do myself in those snipers there whatnot. I'm and as we talk a little bit about that I mean I know your only you know making a guest starring apparent. Well for four right now amends for four or five episode so you know I'm. Sneak you no way don't. Collect light lighten inland. Yet and that and I know you recently were also on and kind of had a guest starring role which. It really good job primaries debonair and sophisticated Bold and the Beautiful those Emmy nominated I'm glad he. So would you do a do well. Okay now being cocky guys like if you don't own a what you do then who's no owners for you know what I mean. I love that. And would you use something more that like a pop or are you did you know. That's something then the bed I'd. I've been able to do film Broadway. Toured with my records. Did release a kid's record do you do kids' cartoons. I don't believe in show business being. Closed the book in the sense that Willis is what you do. So that's it this is what you do you should just do movies or you should just do TV. You should just do daytime if god blessed you with the facility to be able to do XY and Z and doers Wednesday because if you don't than your obviously. Squandering your gifts just let one squanders money on and on and spends it on and on and used data right. Bring your back to that thing. Why it's it. It makes no sense to me so one of seduce soap opera because my grandma. You know she she watches her stories. And from we used to was a Bold and the Beautiful when I was a teenager. And I'd. And I thought to myself how cool will be able to do something like this for. Especially because my daughter was on the show so I said I I get to watch my daughter were. Beyond camera with her and to make my grandma happy and so win. You're loved in the household and public have momma Remo was so happy. And I'm had a chance to do that for a couple times in in the soap world idea years ago I got her on as a guest we both went on to rom. The Young and the Restless. Celebrating Thanksgiving in Genoa city losers so room is so funny and demagoguery a guess walk on on general hospital. So so what do from a mama. And as one should and stood mama son and grandsons once yet and talking about some of the things that I have just been. So excited. See you in and one of the things I think everybody always loved you. Episode of should how should I can never stop crime that yes you can come up do you absolutely. And. And I mean that's awesome it's great to be a part of American. It was an amazing skits. But. I I am someone who I don't rest on past laurels. I know. How much I do the average person sometimes mean I know that you've done XY and Z that. A man love that thing when I'm glad that you love that thing I have all the obvious and you did. I think. Though the way you drive you so crazies care what people think much so to anyone that loves that I'm so glad because I head. A ball doing it and I loved would have represented. And it was duo but edgy by the book but I hope that. I I have a life that I can gladly say that I've got a couple more. More little bumps in the road like that bad that people can pay attention to because that was so amazing you always want more you don't want the last thing. Absolutely and you have so much more coming up for a nine and try and I tried and you are literally doing and I want to before we go I do want to talk about this idea that. He's much more than a triple threat because you got like 45 different jobs going on for sentiment may turn you also have music coming. And the fact legal we are radio we want you it's not some. I released my first record against. And I was nominated for a Grammy for my cover of Sam Cooke's a change is gonna come. And I had big song at urban a seat called ordinary. And I love that just life got in the way. I never truly pursued the second and third record. Like a should've music just isn't an ancillary piece the piece piece of my life it's. Even if you look at the comedy that I do his music based because I grew up loving music music is so important to me. So affected it's taken me home all this time to finally finish a project and release that. I figured it was time because you know I didn't want to be. Seven years old and try to release and R&B record. But now that I say that. Charlie Wilson. I'm I think in the Charlie wasn't seventy I'm I don't know how old own uncle Charlie is. But even someone in the sixties. Sitting in and and Johnny deal you don't like those of as a school it like you know it you wore when he two years old anymore. Being able to make this sophisticated grown folks music. That I think is really sexy so I look forward to. This project will come out and I think this one is more about. A I've already had a taste of it. You'll slipped on before a little while don't get it twisted. I'm not just this guy and here is the music and then presenting. Kind of concept record and that Bain. Of of here is here's all the different facets that you may not know what is my job to educate you and it may be if you baby making numbers in there I don't know. It oh and it oddly past Selby made. Really the world weighing more wavering Anita Miller and a before you go finally holidays are climbing newsman what are the plans to you in the key eighties also because we aren't at our Disney's parent company. Frozen moon youth and a frozen did you see the first one it was back let's come I. That affected their Brothers and frozen. I you have got to go see so yes I shall be seeing frozen. My daughter's sixteen going on seventeen. So you don't necessarily. Dressing up and running up the house as as the frozen princess cells but. As in musicians she loves the music so we're gonna go to give their. And that will be part of our holiday plans and then we're actually gonna go. Sheehan in her mother and her mother's boyfriend we are gonna spend our time in Hawaii. We're her mom is from an enemy and and a probably go and visit the Disney resort out there so. So even though it's an an unintentional. Cross pollination. But I'm I'm Disney through and through I used to work to Disney as a teenager. I've been on Disney shows I've made Disney records and a love going to Disney parks. I read different. Model and slacking. Fingers crossed and was grown. And weighing its such a pleasure to have you thanks for having me he film lives and looks like a new partnership let anybody know how they can end. What the let's I didn't. We it's so easy track phone dot com or following it means to Graham at mr. Brady baby that's MR. BR a DYB. A BY. Mr. Brady baby and it's in my story I talk about track phone and it ended charts my entire day of doing all of this stuff. Because who says that having a partisan can't be fun to causing it to speak to you. Well I appreciate you appreciate all that you do continue on. Being the great man that you are detaining within multiple what you make it and I am at 50000. Will do them from my phones from the birds and I was. So are we almost genetic. And that can't dying out thanks to Wayne Brady for stopping by. Their eyes.

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{"duration":"15:16","description":"The actor talks hosting, comedy and his upcoming album.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"66833961","title":"Wayne Brady discusses his new deal and upcoming role in ‘Black Lightning’","url":"/Entertainment/video/wayne-brady-discusses-deal-upcoming-role-black-lightning-66833961"}