Weather Channel Corrects Right-Wing Site Breitbart on Global Warming

The Weather Channel bashed the site for claiming the Earth is not warming.
6:36 | 12/07/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Weather Channel Corrects Right-Wing Site Breitbart on Global Warming
Right right mark right wing media web site formerly led by top top advisor Steve Bannon posted claims that. But global warming scare out west all Barack. And use footage from the weather channel tat back their story but what the channel was not having it here it is that respondents. Right hard dot com published an article claiming that global warming was nothing and a scaring global temperatures we're actually filing. Problem is they use a completely un related video about lot media. Which he said net. To attempt to back their point now what's worse is that the US committee on space science and technology actually tweeted it out. I think science of the care about your opinion cherry picking and twisting the facts will not change the future ignore the fact. No facts not opinion that the earth is warming. I. So back if you want. Watching her break it down. It is worth watching her break this to app so you go to our website and watch and talk about the facts about global warming. But let me ask this isn't up to the weather channel to fact check a news story. I mean isn't that the media is job but I'm sensibly to say. Asked why right. Is this what we have to start doing an out. I didn't thousand Indonesians vote we cannot gain age I think we're gonna half do. I know that I am curious as you had done some stuff for break our I wondering if they fall into the same news ethics standard I've only worked I've worked at two networks and I remember the amount of pounding it into your brain about the fact that you can't take something a clip a person's quote aura voicing. And put it in the opposite meaning to suit your own message keep you just can't do that. There are layers of checks and balances it's actually fight arable like I had I ran over someone have a legitimate news organization like I'm wondering if I write art journalist but but according to someone that reads it they might think it I mean I don't know does it is held the scene standards and not on his I didn't get paid. By them so I cannot be given content like about for my mom or my dad was happy Mother's Day happy Father's Day things like that I look I think. Look I think when it comes to global warming there are they got is an area where the there are the most amount of people I find that are totally uninformed talking about the issue and and I I tip my hat to this woman because of my face or on something from my name on something Atlantic and this is what the media should be right the media should see something you'd say. That's incorrect information now I'm gonna can count on it a fact check you and then you know what right by its free to come back and respond. But it's it's heavily opinion based in Franklin is a white leaning site at trying to be neutral they're trying to inject their opinion often consciously all in serious stuff as well court. And the for the weather channel to criticize bright Bob but now the news media has an obligation. To say say something about it because the House of Representatives. Committee on science space and technology since pleaded. Lice in the House of Representatives. Our government. Committee on science space and technology tweeted a link. To a bright art piece claiming el Nino not climate change is to blame for their run of record high temperature it's. Which then led Bernie Sanders to tweet. We have to get you Ph.D. Tron universe city. Government isn't out of the business of quoting bright spot and reach weeding bright by. I agree it's cleaning bathrooms. And say yeah I mean it's not. And that's the trend we're seeing but I you know I still think that that there are people in the media. That are holding people's feet to the fire and our fact checking and I sat next Anderson Cooper at CNN for six years and you better not get on Anderson sat. And and give some think that stats are new only he holds into the fire Jake Tapper holes of people and fire they are utterly nearly dead ends but when we get facts it's checked with the ABC news absolutely they. Does god want places not just got a one place we we actually -- we are held to a different standard we have to look at many different places before magazine that's what's at headlight it's you know everybody's lips you know it's. When you think about what journalism was only one we're talking yes that's it you know we don't have I don't see. The the people that she used to know that if they can if Walter Cronkite sit look this is what sop. It wasn't his it wasn't his opinion it was what was not. Yeah doesn't want. Very hard to find Allen I think what you're finding is a lot of citizen journalists and marching where you have to not let you have to go out of regular people men and not just us we're on the show but people at home have to sit and say you know why it. That doesn't sound right to meet let me do my research and check two and three sources and figure out because moment in the oftentimes. In its final. Walter Cronkite days for the days where family sat around and watched evening news now you've got 24/7 news cycle that isn't just television. It's the web sites it's its windows media when you're actually not that would do not germ ranks as real I affidavit that's the difference right now all but now journalists are also having. Access to things where they can tweet and I remembered ten years ago hitting a speech at another network of over and over you will not reach heat you will not continue and yes he says it came with Twitter and a lot social media the first one to the story not the right story that sort the facts and you all. So the winds are so many you don't have to you don't have to tack you know once we once and I and I don't say this in a bad way but once we made everything. Not eyewitness but eyewitnesses you know you're the president is gonna get that story from you don't. You could get a story to me and send me something to tell me this is what it is and I don't check and it's something to let me something totally get right once we took. Then the media and the new rules to put it in other people's hands when not journalists I think we did ourselves and to survey history as we we we don't have to help. It bears noting that Donald Trump now hissed. Chief strategist was that the owner of right or. And and so band you Bennett's a lot of the news that Donald Trump our president elect. That has depended on has come from. Or well acts you not sending enough air and it ran right Barton didn't read it tells what happens you know we don't know why it.

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{"id":44038825,"title":"Weather Channel Corrects Right-Wing Site Breitbart on Global Warming","duration":"6:36","description":"The Weather Channel bashed the site for claiming the Earth is not warming.","url":"/Entertainment/video/weather-channel-corrects-wing-site-breitbart-global-warming-44038825","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}