Former White House photographer opens up about Michelle Obama

Photographer Amanda Lucidon discusses her new book, "Chasing Light," which features candid photos of Michelle Obama and shares stories behind some of the pictures.
9:08 | 10/16/17

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Transcript for Former White House photographer opens up about Michelle Obama
Hey everyone I'm on the Nevada in New York while there are some of the most famous photographs in the world the photos at the president. And the first family over the year as. And now a new book has captured some of the stories of those photographs. In a book called chasing a light the photographer joins us live now here Amanda leaves the gun if the photographer and the author of the book congratulations thanks for being here thanks for having me see you Wear a White House photographer which in and of itself is an incredible accomplishment he spent most of your time. We the First Lady Michelle Obama and him and it is no sit collection of photographs of her right tell me what major ones but this book together. Our time. The White House that went so quickly and we had it so many experiences so it was nice to have the time to look back and images and reflect on all the important work that she did and all the experiences we had in the lessons that I learned through my time there. It's a gorgeous collection I want to hear that because I think a lot of people out there wondering. How do you even gets to that position where you think India flying in the mall he created the first family you grew up outside a Philadelphia did you always know photography was going to be it Korean. Well I got my first camera when I was fifteen and I think a few years before that I was you know you using like the point and shoot camera and I really like that so. I thought I always wanted to be a photographer although. Percent definitely points along my journey that people relate well what do you really wanna be he says is yeah not that cute you an area photographer. Jamie you should study says and so I encounter that. You know after out my time in then I just it just kept being drawn back to photography so then had a professor that said you know you should really pursue this and I was like OK well and so. My when did internships and worked for it newspaper he and then. And then ram and business in Washington DC for about five years before it got a call from. At peak season which I thought he had the wrong number when he said hey you know would you like to apply for this job and so the official White House photographer names like. You know Andrea yeah man I don't think I have. Initially this story about your first job in Washington it was a free kids in more than assigning him but it was the inauguration of Barack Obama was that freezing cold and remember so well yeah we'll what did that make you wanna go out that being captured that moment I was definitely history union Mir watched witnessing history and I actually wasn't assigned. To go out but I would I knew that I wanted to be there because I was brand new to this city so. Washington DC's a very competitive market and seven a hard time getting work in him being there and at first so. But I just decided you know I'm still photographer. And still want to be there and it was actually amazing to be among the crowd because you can't appeal of the energy. You know I could take a picture any Angolan people were really really you know joyful to be there and people who were so kind to each other and it was something I hadn't really experienced in a mass crowd like that that people were so hopeful and optimistic can. There was definitely this feeling of inspiration so. Even that was called the eight. You're surrounded by warmth and I was really nice and it was that work that then led to the call from peak season eventually getting got inside the White House he's there it's a great stories in the book. About what it's like to see in the building and every day but primarily you're working with the First Lady with Michelle Obama. Everyone knows you know her public persona how gracious and funny and graceful and all the think she can be in public issue the same way it's absolutely really is consistent Alley but I think people don't know that she's actually much funny here. Yes it's about one of the funniest he will that I now and but yet she's she is you know what the President Obama and mrs. Obama. Is that when you what you see is what you get there very genuine grounded. Thoughtful compassionate people line sounds like really lucky to be with them. Every day for this for years as some of the photos that you shared certainly put her at the center of the action traveling abroad are hosting people at the White House interacting with kids. But something you don't even see her face and I was street coming up those widely used to includes an idea about Beckett though the visit my favorite kinds of images to make. Because. He had the people who are meeting her for the first time it's like to capture their reaction to her it's like it's such brawl in the ocean so. I'm yeah if you. If you make her central to every photo you might miss that so I was like looking at the edges of the frame and like. You have one kid that's. Pleading and crying and you know it's just them. It's that those kind of moments and it's like it's pure Georgia I found. You do a fabulous job in the book of weaving together these gorgeous photos but also the stories behind some of you and I wondered if you wouldn't mind walking us through a fuel and the BB tell us little about the details. We don't see there was one out on the White House lawn I think that's part of the first lady's let's move campaign. She's meeting with a bunch little cage attacked arms up in the there it is right there what happened here. Well we. We covered a lot of taping that happened at the White House isn't and so we weren't that we weren't in charge of setting up the taping that was the job of the people who are filming which I was glad that I was in charge of keeping. Jack about the puppies and all the children. Or in there and they didn't like the worst of all the talk to protect kids and animals. And get totally unpredictable. So I was just there to document the scene of them to doing this filming so. You can see in like half the picture it's really working out and the other one sort of like the dogs are running away. You know just you know I guess embracing that and having fun in that movement really like then. Picture of mrs. Obama yet in the past but he did so energetic and Syria are we seeing her so many times there's another when you captured as you mentioned. Traveling to win the family. Some sort of intimate moments that a lot of people don't get to see in the don't show up in news reports or anywhere else the First Lady with trolley with the president and the girls in China. You capture this photograph on the great wall and it is just it's it once breathtaking because of the scope and the place and so intimate to tell me. Office. Yet so this was a trip is just an mrs. Obama and the girls and we were visiting some. Schools in China. And yet for me just to be on the Great Wall of China was. Place that I hadn't seen in. Books but I never imagined that I'd actually be there isn't me you know by myself with other people you know on the great lifetime it's actually need it would. Mrs. Obama and her daughters was just kept pinching myself I couldn't believe that we Israel. And so you know this picture. I just think it's. Just shows how what a loving mother she is and then how special her family is to her and as important of a role she has its. Being a mother is CNN she says she's since that's in this important role to her so. As a new mother right I also use that as an example of what I'd like to be to my and to the child. You really captured the full range of her personality and your photos there's in what you voted in particular. That when I thought I didn't know Waziristan sought in the book how I know everybody knows because I don't have to pick up all yes. Other Barack and Michelle Obama I think it's at the sidelines of the taping a joint they act together this is it just adorable yeah about the well again this is one of the taping that were happening. In the White House and we're just there to you know document that process and so. The people who were in charge of the taping were. Switching cameras because they were gonna do another part of the segment and so is just about you know a few seconds where she's just you know. Just leaned up against them and I'm I barely had enough time to get my camera up and I just take you nineteen frames and I was lucky to have have a great editor pulling out with a nice. Moment was it certainly is I think a lot of people remember that too when you mentioned that you are a new mother as well you dedicated the pumping them to your not there is news and tear daughter when you decide to you I think it's the most important role you know it's they had the opportunity to. To pressure and child and having this journey with my mom and the C that all we've gone through in the see how proud she is to be able to. Seeing me do this work and you know to look into my daughter's eyes and know that others. You know a world of potential. If you are here in nurturing then she can go out into the world and and and do anything you know I think that's what mrs. Obama taught me is it doesn't matter where you came from just matters where you wanna go and that's really all of all up to you so. So that's I have for my child and I that's what I see. In my mom's eyes when I read the book to her you know she was she was really. Really touched so. It is a beautiful collection and congratulations so very much and here they sit on the book it's chasing light. And that go on get it right away thanks all of you for watching thanks to you for being here man thank you. Thank you for hand me you can go to Anytime for more information on your latest news and headlines or download the ABC news app. Get them all right to your news mobile the ice for now I'm common Abbas and LT backyard sand.

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{"duration":"9:08","description":"Photographer Amanda Lucidon discusses her new book, \"Chasing Light,\" which features candid photos of Michelle Obama and shares stories behind some of the pictures. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"50512132","title":"Former White House photographer opens up about Michelle Obama ","url":"/Entertainment/video/white-house-photographer-opens-michelle-obama-50512132"}