Whoopi Goldberg on Chris Christie's Weight: 'He's Healthy'

Co-host on "The View" weighs in on the New Jersey governor's health.
4:50 | 02/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Whoopi Goldberg on Chris Christie's Weight: 'He's Healthy'
New Jersey governor Chris Christie is firing back at the Doctor Who said -- used all of the -- is only a matter of time employee at the hottest tech. -- When children saw that last night. As she sat there are TV is I'm afraid he's going to die in office. Four children between nine and nineteen. -- my children my twelve girls -- through assigns -- data human diet. -- -- -- -- -- And people who have a medical license. -- the privilege of having a medical license should -- market conduct themselves more responsibly and that. If she wants to get on the plane and come here -- New Jersey and asked if she wants to examine -- review might my medical history our conversation with her about that until that time she should shut up. -- -- I thought you know what I -- data Christi crashed during that that -- thought he handled everything really well. I think you know this business almost even better first thoughts not her business what his -- is right now he's not the president of the United States. I challenge anyone who says they're concerned. About Governor -- helped to really -- which had an -- -- you know I really. Don't really worried about him are you worried just trying to create some political climate where people never think about electing him because -- his way it's despicable that doctor get cash and set and I think I'm going to go after her tank. This is a Republican she says US Christie she would want -- write I think. Any doctor out they dear doctor any doctor out there knows that. You know overweight -- stress equals recipe for disaster any doctor worth their salt and I would be surprised if Chris Christie. Never saw Doctor Who didn't say you know what. You should lose weight. What about smoking what about sharing the fatal and I know what I mean he's when he's not smoking he's not smoking and the president's stop smuggling -- everybody. Everybody was on -- not so I think what I do saying. You know people need to keep in mind that it is a gradual thing and the more you push somebody to do it. It doesn't work that way. I believe he's healthy I believe what he does need to take a look at is that heart health with a stress and the weight I mean we've talked about we've had all people -- Talking about. You know you can be healthy can do all kinds -- stuff but if your heart isn't pumping correctly. It can be initially thinking I'm not able to do his job right now because they are looking for some reason were able to examine public office. Against wait what about every other job and I am I telling them how people get out you you -- -- it -- -- When you -- -- if if Chris Christie and was its Chris -- it was -- chain smoker people would be on Chris Cristi for the same thing that I'm saying I holiday every that you're mentioning a single friend Lamar and that's IRA and its. Unlike in the white has -- -- -- sort of has he has to not thrown his hat into the ring yet but he's a potential content contender for the presidency so that's what people talk about headlines that does he wasn't they would candidate whenever. Yeah senator I mean I secretary think Clinton and all watching bouncing back after everything she's bankrupt. Why did double standard why -- we celebrate an animal and she did she was sick she had she heard her head as he came back inching back and she's fat yet maybe -- -- -- -- -- -- I happen to agree -- you want this want I think that she should have to I don't like diagnoses from -- They did this to that Terri Schiavo case when she was in so called vegetative state some good some senate back said that she was not in vegetative -- -- he's in Texas and she's another Florida right. Yeah same idea Exxon but on the other hand does he have to say she should shut -- -- she sent him to say listen she's entitled to our opinion I'd like a second opinion may -- what -- why didn't she -- -- examining all I think everything I agree with -- -- -- to say in public he could diet I think she's he's -- he's right about. -- -- you don't say that yeah. And is going to be -- promise this will get worse this is just starting the wait is going to be a big issue with Chris Christie and when you say do we know we have for breakfast. Yeah out when you get that weight you do know would you have for breakfast you did not have breaking towels I can't tell how. Barring it isn't -- great -- -- anybody who's at that weight and they -- that level of stress I worried are you going to be able to continue doesn't. The -- does not know we have had this discussion about other people's house in terms of disease diabetes and heart health and we believe so this is I think a conversation that is good. Because it reminds everybody there's more to be -- health wise.

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{"duration":"4:50","description":"Co-host on \"The View\" weighs in on the New Jersey governor's health.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"18430709","title":"Whoopi Goldberg on Chris Christie's Weight: 'He's Healthy'","url":"/Entertainment/video/whoopi-goldberg-chris-christies-weight-hes-healthy-18430709"}