Willem Dafoe reacts to his best supporting actor Oscar nomination

Academy Award nominee Willem Dafoe talks "The Florida Project" and the atmosphere around the 2018 Oscars.
4:38 | 01/23/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Willem Dafoe reacts to his best supporting actor Oscar nomination
How does it we have no idea what it's like to be nominated but one man who dies joining us live on the phone right now is supporting actor nominee. Willem Dafoe for his performance in the Florida project. Mr. dispel congratulations. Thank you remarks when you tell me what it feels like to hear the news. You can't feel good. And I the had a restful sleep last night I was aware that they were announcing this morning. I got up early and often do but it's good news I'm very happy. Now tell me where you are right now how you took in the news are eating your pajamas in bed just watching obvious Carlisle scream. That's not how did you hear. And mindless welcome brilliant did some things are just gotten to New York from my Los Angeles last night. Late oh. Got a short sleep restless sleep the mean. It's just good morning. What attracted you to a film like the Florida project. I'm money reasons session on baker is is a great filmmaker. I'd like how we going to shoot the movie. Shooting they're not actual mock tunnel they're really reflects the story you know that we were telling a good mix of fiction and using the real. Location. He it's. It was a beautiful script and repeal of the world that really can now. William 1 congratulations I am one event to work they had this film it's fantastic and so deserving of it. The question I have for you is that your past with a very young cast and you enter activist then so seamlessly. You actually gave them the respect as an actor I felt. What did it take for you to get into character to enter act with its title on that type of level. I you know what it's just. You know I enjoyed them they were good kids and yeah the director also set them up to make it not work make its way. I'm you know set them not to play that there's going soups and I just that it could grow but jobless basically take care of them. And what my role was in the movie. Paralleled what my role while I was absent actors you've backed company I'd really have to Sudan I have to make things go smoke. Your it was a real pleasure I learned a lot from those. Well obviously you are incredibly deserving of this nomination a lot of people are also talking about your costar at this lovely little lady steals a lot of their thirteenth do you think she got up. I'm snow listen and see it go by have a long career. She'll be around she's natural performer she's Smart she's talented. So we'll see more of our yes it would have been nice there help for her to be nominated. But. You know it it didn't happen it will happen another day on the not a movie. Yeah will be for that to go out this carries in terms of what do you hope is that take away from this down. Well I think. You know it's just the basic wake up. How we are connected and we have to take care of each other because. The world that show was we have the like a micro chops into like live society really see. Opera's particularly. From my point of view from my character's point view. That is happiness and his well being is dependent on their well being divisive person just very. I'm kind of armed sentimental. Top practical. Way to wanna recognize that. And will last question again now you know over the last years it's been an incredible push for a Hollywood. To increase the diversity when it comes to the kind of films and the kind of talent that the recognizing. This year's list by all accounts so far looks to be among the most diverse I just wonder how your processing that with your take on that movement has been. Com well on the lot is going on a lot of change a lot of trial. Talking about looking at things differently I think it's good and do not feel when I'm reading scripts and one arm approach it approaching product projects. I have but it different mindset you know I'm starting to questions things about the options granted before so. Changes. Good change is painful changes interest being so I think their lives on. There are some important discussions going on and and I think. Film will be better for. Thank you so much for your time congratulations again on the nomination and we'll all be watching the awards will and about our right. Great thank you so much.

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{"duration":"4:38","description":"Academy Award nominee Willem Dafoe talks \"The Florida Project\" and the atmosphere around the 2018 Oscars.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"52557604","title":"Willem Dafoe reacts to his best supporting actor Oscar nomination","url":"/Entertainment/video/willem-dafoe-reacts-best-supporting-actor-oscar-nomination-52557604"}