Willow Shields: From Blockbuster Actress To Ballroom Dancer

Shields and Mark Ballas talk Dancing With the Stars elimination and what's next for the superstar on the rise.
12:33 | 04/30/15

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Transcript for Willow Shields: From Blockbuster Actress To Ballroom Dancer
The battle for the big mirror ball trophy is heating up and ABC's Dancing With The Stars. Silva. It's too soon I mess. Okay. Okay. That of course willow shields and partner Mark Ballas dancing to ultimately eyes and squeezed. Sadly though not enough to keep them in competition. We are very lucky very delighted to have them in the studio with us today guys thanks stopped buying is an obviously shocking. A big surprise. Yeah. This I think everybody. Yeah yeah. I mean he the you look at your performance and it was like flawless on Pointe obviously highest scores Andrea. Did you have been an it then nothing is Evers are gonna competition again I think I'm though. This kind of an out three I think after acting as my sixteenth season tonight I can usually. Get a hunch look at I feel like when we could be in trouble this week book mean maybe they'll be little thing and it. This is the first time I think other than my first season season five wives was clueless klink didn't. It coming and all standing up there and me. They said Chris and Robert were safe rent. And I looked at mark mountains definitely would be changes only in. In the name in anything right here and we stood up there and I was just don't mean. Sad part that I. Oh and going home like this and reticent I think because it set me it's such a thrilling we had done in Sudan and we've gotten. Three nines and I won the dance off against right here. All just get connection points that I had hit thirty and forty which would accurately put constantly on the leader board atlas is so out. Basically. Go. I'm definitely not at school. Art in Tennessee the week before she was tied for second leaderboard with a not it was Lester and the votes kind of roll over now we've lost the results show Leno and on radio move trying to get him back later in the season NN. You still ask us to help lead to book top three in Lee would net. Confidence level what was it like going into this weekend as opposed to weeks passed well I'm in place common stance Y yeah of outrageously. In a meeting at his thinking is let me see. Meaning the competition last. It was like the first night and it looked acting that they ill and I thought it was her like look like I'm really critical really critical late. I believe what hit it well could that it was great legs and what's happening in India and is just like there's nothing been done that and that's. In the evening rush back this up we're wait a second that was her so it was kind of exciting to go. Yet and we had known. With the immunity challenge you have to rehearse for dance in your beard Soledad and then the three against the that you may or may not get. So we work extremely hard do it and really rehearse. I talk to us also a fox trot and then he got there is dead. So. You know we we're prepared we're ready we felt really you know selling company going into this week but you know put them in the it didn't work out you know Indians what happened enemies that you heard the announcement with the Dantzler. Nay it was just kind of in it was it was very there's very shocking and it's sad you know because I think cat. Will and I'm bringing this kind of like a more fun different kind of edge yet Loral is very prepared we had the opportunity to really beautiful and mentioned in the creative pieces. And that's really all down to kind of willows. I think this sad part about it was not et we want to go a lot further ten. Win or just to go a lot for an it is like the fact we wanted to bought for there to keep treating cancer each week in each week we went down I was getting better technically but we are also coming up like. He's coming companies and eating contest every week for extra buttons so for me is just a sad because like we we don't get to go out next week Hindu and other like. Fun filled in seen. You talking about a slight improvement leveling if you watch. Willis first is that when we did you know. Less than a regular. Kid I have never let her employment level is just out of sight of course has some great cancers in the competition to they've been. Hidden and that from the get go there improving also. They've been really did from the game I think. We lose improvement. Rate has just been outside and and having an open mind to be imaginative and creative and the beginning people oil reportedly fourteen is that I have the disadvantage rank and if anything I think that's probably the biggest advantage. Ever because you know as you get only get sent in your ways and you know life. Had another apartment maybe that there didn't behave this week you're going to be Alice and unrest from the Brad and I read all about it we're not doing that what is amazing performance yankees won everything that I've looked with fear of speaking of that are being forced into that there was more pressure them through to prove yourself for those yeah. I'm Molly Ivins indeed that end up on TV set and stuff but it's like I went on the show and was once again all adults you know that. The next youngest person I think was. Right here when he. The agreement to end reopening big difference between fourteen and 23 and I this morning to kind of prove myself and show that I work just as hard as adults can't wait. Bringing putting myself out there on the show is just all that kid's mind age taillight. You something that. They're scared yeah. Is my favorite part of now you know being a part of this is is. Well Willis an excellent role model for young boys and girls wanna put themselves out there that want try something new that native little intimidated or nervous trust me and then ten in an and let me know willow shows that he knows. Elegance grace focus and determination it really has no age he can be as young as. You know fourteen hours old Lena to Suzanne Somers stopped by his short time ago and she has to that one of the reasons why she assignment to the shows because she wanted to prove that women of any age from something like this conclusion was limited at the same time of shooting incredibly dramatics bear experienced strong showing them. At Philly everybody needed to and innocent people of different reasons for doing what they did but I love meeting other women like Patti LaBelle as well. From achieving anything like that and my first week she cannot Meehan said. India went in the old and we got to stick together we're gonna prove to people that we can you there and I thought that came in in an important message to send out especially to young people. Needed I mean I'm a fourteen year old girl before this competition it's you don't have much confidence at all until like be able to gain confidence. It's an amazing experience so that's what I'm trying to kind of treatments like showed a young people that they can get out and keeping an express themselves up. Who're you gonna miss the most Anderson at the competition because I mean talking about. About the alliance that she had with Patti. Paid adding the clothes made ever right. That it was like can't get over it that I was so sad when she left and the I mean is a lot of meeting people and in. I love Robert he's not a LeBron of course nasty and Derek Derek mind you know I think unreal and I'm not you may recently has she was. Here in New York trading from us the time than she came out for teen dance men has been sticking around a little and I became really close it. Benelux and the reichert directive Graham Allison you know things news new record yesterday rag. Just became buddies in hand and just it's a really great overall cast and then you know it's going to be interesting to see how. Things he does you know oh he's so be as objective as you possibly see who's gonna win. I I think it's surely still. I'd still like each leaky see people just do X you never know it's like every week people either goes higher they dropped act on its. It's scary proposition to be apartment because you know Madonna in suddenly and you have no idea wire Howard you know. And as well as I think like. The scores of course there are important and have a great scores is in great you know gratifying feeling. They end of the day into shows time and time again on the show that the score isn't always. You know what's gonna keep you around so as long as you walk off the dance floor and you're happy with the work he did the creativity that piece. And the content of the peace that's really wall of Madison and hopefully the audience get behind that may vote for the favorite and if you don't vote you know. That this hard to prove my social erupted yet yeah Dana all right there and thousands of I was an accent bring not dwell on it. Everybody's and that those who lead like that the fans have been extremely supportive yeah. I think they're trying to show that they gave them and they are you know. Even if they didn't vote enough it's like we're still supporting you lately which you're so part of it but it's. I think pilots being mean. This line is like the coolest day you'd ever why we kind you're so lucky you and yeah yeah. You things. And that kind of connection and that kind of strength that you guys both get from each other as very evident the dance that's probably why like we're very sad to see him with Richardson began in hiking biking. It's really upsetting and and in mind. Professional opinion in this and an unbiased mean I think willow deserves to be in the not just because McCartney if you are watching you know. I would say that she didn't in the final but. You know what lives forever is that the arts the dances that will will. That's what will live forever you know of course it would be great to make violence that would America would be and renting but. You know. When year old yeah thank. It is you'll look back we'll go and YouTube in or whatever that whoever let us. I bet a lot of those pieces that you know and and that's what you remember and you know I'm really happy with her canyon will put out there and it's incredibly sweet and in the meantime revealed so the the admiration for your work. Parts you mocking Jay coming out later a. Well yeah I. It's it's. Definitely accident very many sad moments for me it hit it yeah. It can be dependent and in the series on my god. Something that really. Yeah it is but it but at the same time can also be an opportunity to try something nice perhaps. And I think because it's like you I came on that is thing. Loans five years now I have a family and that you have a tendency now it's it's called the bill picking up at night when. And RD. Done on the all it's not break out the other different things just like I did it something so different when I never expected to India and you have your and I don't admonishing Chris I might eating something insane I don't. I loved on the minutes. And I get paid seeking into any character. Alan Sorin ninja a fire and I finish ahead union Egypt. Totally at all yeah that's how did you not get. Brought burns were severe splinters from that movement where you. Whole life I was there will be an American who apparently right just opening up the middle of the I think Mike who are. You now. The costly and our incredible wardrobe. I have to pay hammy wardrobe just killing it presence on the hot and the trick to that move this thing if you pay it looks so cool and those that it didn't let them make you an out with just two guys pulling. And we're laying on a side thing. Could be dragged him let it take that you have to really kind of but you've mentioned that you arch to the side the only thing rubbing your head. Yeah need to if you lady. Painful it's wrote it would burn what happened to. Riveted bigger way I think he's mature. Market as hot as he thinks he can things.

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{"id":30705348,"title":"Willow Shields: From Blockbuster Actress To Ballroom Dancer ","duration":"12:33","description":"Shields and Mark Ballas talk Dancing With the Stars elimination and what's next for the superstar on the rise. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/willow-shields-blockbuster-actress-ballroom-dancer-30705348","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}