Zazie Beetz discuss her lucky 'Deadpool 2' character Domino

Zazie Beetz talks "Deadpool 2" and her hit series "Atlanta."
15:40 | 05/14/18

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Transcript for Zazie Beetz discuss her lucky 'Deadpool 2' character Domino
It's can't easily and ABC radio now I'm here and I have a fantastic amazing guests sitting right in front of me don't do this. Kind of like over the top introduction because it's sassy beat yes I'm thankful and I am so happy to have you here because I am a big ad he and B I love the two things well obviously the main thing they're promoting bad political and everybody in Britain and Canada well. I'm actual hits theaters may eighteen publishes this Friday. We CUK. I am all woman. A domino no congratulations on and may you now I'm glad I mean I think what's so exciting is that well there's a lot of I assume an Indian her to love comics that are common and kind of cool I think beat him but yeah I mean how when you were first. First heard that this was something on your on your sleep and you know that came about for you. I'm because I know that character of the comic books deviates a little bit then how you look first day but I think it's the. A perfect because you kind of really embodied this raw AT and I mean that I was I two. It was frankly a little bit surprised. You know they had read with a bunch of other people that I thought or all. Really create possibilities in candidates for the role in who had our radios a pandemic period then. Comedic ability and their past work an IE 8 is still am kind of have more answers like happen copying it kind of and you were facing the industry and so I definitely was. Pleasantly. Surprised when I injecting the panic. Facts you know I did go into it kind of we had done. Sort of I had had to meetings that the director with Brian at and we had sort of a more traditional audition setting where I read with Brian forensic chemistry read. And Regis have played with the text and had a good time so you know it was it was a possibility but of course he notes that sort of make a life changing. Opportunity. Both in terms a career but them both in terms and personal life you know like a lot of things. Inouye have changed in terms of like how I may need to functions reminded today it's a bike you know as it's just. It profile as southerly a lot more prominent in. As it does change a lot of things and you know I wonder also how things are ministers shift once it kinda really hits theaters. This week you know internationally it's different days here in the states and writing. And so and yes but it you know I am I'm so happy that production kind of went that direction they went with in terms of casting. A person of color after Al rolled is sick of typically doesn't look that way. And he grew up you know and had sort of the nostalgia. Of a certain look that they would feel comfortable of the different kind of look. But so far it's been you know there's been a lot of that here in there that I have deceive it's been overwhelmingly positive I'm just like so grateful for. You know. Tactic manages they keep counting their blessings in the morning. Are really support in my I think because of his career as. Lend itself to this role on I did he felt and I love and that was evident yeah. Avid avid loving the moment but secondly it hit that. Which I think people are and it's the an and it's going to be one of those things that the taken me talk about in the office. On Monday that over the weekend. On you know it's great feat in this dynamic you know I mean as mentioned before a huge plant and that would undermine and now you're like this. You know this woman who is self assured and strong and she's like I'm lucky and I cannot and delay. At. I'm. Out of it I have to act was it. Training like in preparation for this film I saw the line when the am. As the train air with kind of going through saying. It was with grow and you're not be you know because they. That you probably. While. I. Bad things that I dabble in the income and I like to try to cook V get home I I am actually. Officially in this moment a pass to Terry and have to say my am my diet. Sort of shifts in and goes in it's mostly really. Governed by in the rain. By my feelings for the environment and I'm sort of wanting to you. And the aids. How I can he can't exit preserving our environment and Diane. Or me emotionally is a big part of that so I go I flux I go back and forth kind of testing grew up mostly vegetarian because my name my mom has them. Has a colitis saying it's she can eat meat and data are current and I didn't really grow up with meat so that's sort of an easier thing for me like I was vegetarian. At the time completely in the news are eating fish does suck. Up outlaw and lungs or Asia I. I icing. I don't know if there may be referring to they have missed her team pattern easing the converging. I think it was me doing. I can't really do lack. It's. I'm not milk doesn't yet in the so. But. I mean the united yes the working out ways incredibly. Intense receiver. You know is I started about two months before shooting I think I inserted in January that maybe he didn't. I don't I don't know his schedule as I I started out first sighted like an hour day and then it moved about four hours a day thanking us chairs in the morning and chairs and action news in the morning was like fight training. And sort of essentially I was like boxing in Bahrain in. Ended up an analyst Carty as strengthen Elaine in the afternoon needed weightlifting. And then while we were shooting. Eagerly the train re kind of and if I hadn't ceramic and day off. I'm I would work out. So I it was a lot it was aligning his interest in his mom you know they had to kind of keep retesting a suit and keeps sort of like. Refitting its main body as anybody changed in. But it was really it's it's so like build the salmon and to learn sort of the choreography usefully be doing in the film and you know in order to really do that stuff you really have you have to you have to be fit and was minivans how much they weren't even trying to. It wasn't about me losing waiter was even about me like bulking up it was really about. I think having more must have been some of the characters and Orton not necessarily how. History you know who I like more and Arafat. You must ha. Ha. I. You know why is important I think for the character but they religious economy me to be able to be strong enough to pull off. Physical activity which a rally there's one scene like gosh I were fighting and it literally in the battle scene and passed out and I don't even know. Wait it I think I hasn't overheated dehydrated. And goes over exhausted now like it it's like it's. A lot of physical work you know in and so it lends it was intense that is us. Cool to finally your body can do you know analysts have an opportunity to get paid to do. During training session I mean did you ever feel like you wanted to put that to work like somebody came. At you Craig. Yeah. My you know what that's the thing those likely we're learning like. And you know as like. Living devolve an hour at eight it's like movie fighting in a way not that the trading wasn't you know it was like boxing training. I don't know I don't think I can actually beat happening by a price are biting and scratching before any they stood by and age you know it was cool I had a friend she came into visit mean that we worked out together and I was like significantly stronger and her past. This is actually. Don't you don't even really isn't happening like nothing's changing and then. When you hacks as it is important and aren't yeah fact. Exactly. Those medical and I. And neither of them is nuclear news parity. Bentley. That was I was who. Too much because I'm checking out this Friday area. Now on what I have to. Have been. Watching. And Ryan you know there's so much chemistry there has bars. You know just being I interacted and the jokes. Keep a straight face with him and during these scenes because I think. It generated out yeah. Die out that while that's funny is that scene might have been where he's generating policy do you is sitting pants. In the eye and yet I think actually the logic made seen. You know so I think there's a combination I am. Again asked that lie and it's you know it is definitely. Is that you Ryan is is that he's really really good improvise there and he sort of his humors. Just naturally as himself is so dead pool like he. Literally it's that character in terms of sort of like. At an early as since I suppose it really kind of overlaps quite seamlessly. But comedies also on the other hand. Relatives Lee. Almost tedious because you have to insert it hits Beatty captives as you know you're only katic answer shots and has to follow certain rent them. That is like worked out and you know like you take you cut Munich does this version of the joked. Matter is it like it is you know as if I news ailing that's due later that once UB UD be linked. All those little deet tails you have to work out and nearly trying different inflections which is unease inflection and and that ends at being kind of like. Some is likes they're like a puzzle piece team you know but of course like times where. Also performing in Atlantic is about to crew it would need to everybody's. You know and so. There is an element of like yes and times. Regular maintenance and names now I didn't job correctly how my in the trying. Need to work through this now you'd and it's it's it's a combination for care. I feel like you. Well thankfully because you are obviously aimed at pool and you are in Atlanta you have angry male leads to kind of work where as here and he can we just don't think too quickly Atlanta partly because. 08 ups. And how might ask that was expected it. It until we talk about Atlanta partly because the fact that you also haven't done a brilliant Kol lead with net and Donald Glover and and I have to ask about one thing which I find still amazing because it's recently out this this is America. First off you've seen it eyes and I have a busy schedule and a million people and I'll with you. What are your thoughts and did you hit a mop and what do you say anything to you got I have to. ELA he and we we've actually been both. He is he's doing his Star Wars tour and so I was just in Europe and it is epic yesterday. And as so actually having him specifically about that Benjamin. Taxing other stuff but. I named. I love the video. He. Is I would what I really really appreciate about him is that he's really unafraid to be we you're. And really an afraid to kind of really dipped into his authentic. Kind of you know what it really is driving him driving his sole driving his spirit anything that's what people really. Resonate with his work whether or not they identify with it is talking about anything. It's just so real and comes from such a genuine place. That people can't help but be certain fascinated by and I mean I just think it's a chance. Rules multi tone video Russian Atlantic Atlanta where it's like. It's disturbing. But then Osce and and I feel like you care in the keep your eyes off of an old aunt you know is really riveting back. Wildly disturbing piece of work and you know Iran is also an ounce of it rides atone. Mean this isn't this is American and I get righted and of also being funny bit and at the same time. You're feeling these other things and I think the video segment as a similar thing which I think is. That that's that makes art so of all congress. Narrative that you get an X. Yeah exactly that this liked and this new lines behind and this sub taxes is let's speaking union. You know I I think. That you know there's so much complexity within and I love the video and social rival team tube is a lot of that teamwork that Atlanta as lonely here of the director. Directs lot of episodes and so. And just so proud of every land says. I'm you know one of the things will erstwhile Teddy Perkins. We are due out. They did it well you know I've read that as reading habits as Abrams. I knew it was an MB. This. Really dark I thought for me it was a unity that episode. I. First season episode was called and once he's in the that was like the weird. What does that you know in Teddy part and maintain. Its nests. I loved pastor yet I masterpiece well so I mean. Clearly and I I love Pratt and I hated to give up that. Where it lets your vision for her moving board before Rico because I think people are starting to get to learn more and more about this season and Nash. I feel like she had evolves it before eyes yeah I mean I would really kind of like to double that on that and it is really feel. What is her way who is she outside of the context of being a mother beings committees girlfriend are being earns province specifically rate and you know when it's I think. She. I low I would love to explore. More of her relationships. With friends that you did a little bit in the season that I mean I would like to sort of doubled and everything we did this season in terms. Of than story in vans are in just. You know finding out who she is independent volleys of the labels other people or she herself was placing owners you know. I. Another and on the meanwhile are the next season and Atlanta but need from Friday. May eighteenth. Dead pool starring this lovely lady and write a thank you so much for not in my immediate campaign radioed to talk about it. Please eclectic it's amazing now.

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{"duration":"15:40","description":"Zazie Beetz talks \"Deadpool 2\" and her hit series \"Atlanta.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"55156428","title":"Zazie Beetz discuss her lucky 'Deadpool 2' character Domino","url":"/Entertainment/video/zazie-beetz-discuss-lucky-deadpool-character-domino-55156428"}