10 best films of 2020

Film critic Peter Travers shares his list of the ten best films of the year.
11:45 | 12/30/20

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Transcript for 10 best films of 2020
Hi everybody I am Peter Travers and this is popcorn S special edition where we value what is going on at the movies in a big way because. It's the end of the year and it's time for me to you might end best you know. I don't need to tell you it was. If you wanted to go to the movies yet to Wear masks and that you worried about going in the first place. And the few movie houses that were there had to close because they were worried so wouldn't be isolated. Streaming movies and monitors. All. Our own. And so many of the big movies I ran away it was aired that said. I'm gonna amount this year so we didn't get our leading. Fury is our top of the matrix and that remakes. And Wes that starting and a man all sorts when he 21 we all. If mystical. Way. It might seem an error was left with no. No way because I'm Italian. It was prizes this year okay. We depended on streaming. And good things really team in small packages. Ed if you want proof that I'm just not. Blow it I don't care just listened to the list. The top ten movies when he won. Number law. Number one to me it's spike Lee's five laps for me. There was no 20/20 meet at spoke with more urgency to our current racial divide. And the game changer pros and end this movie's story. Or black better and would return they were all mostly damaged and they return to Vietnam where it caught in the present day. Because they wanted to recover the body of their fallen brother in arms and that on brother who's played by the late check post. Don't Rodman though was that guy and headed up the group that was going there and these two actors who watched him care the screen and even though Chad football is basically playing a ghost in. It's just so moving to watch them and it's grouping to you'll Spike Lee fury about how the heroism of black soldiers. Has been written out of history not just in Vietnam but. The American revolution from our. Astonishingly Butler is the major. Vietnam entirely through the eyes collects. All race despite for crafting a soul stirring film part time and it's also one. That you know spike and I. We have our problems from time to time but you know when he does good and we got its. Number two is no man. Now no man's land is yet everywhere where you can actually stream but. If the lenses in your face no let's meet our. Lord's. And it attracts the want to less that Americans can travel around the country. Searching for jobs. Actions of human connection. Millions of them. And Chloe yeah Chinese born director of this I call it a work of art and gentlemen yes Oscar for her. She'd only the second woman in nine. For years to win enough following Caplan whether. Or does she deserve it and she conduct with and never better Frances McDormand. And the cast of real life the guys are amateurs and they bring your art. And they talk about what fires that matters that we all out there and wrong to me that new members and number re is it tough for us in this year we know the difference between men and Dewey. We're watching everything in the same place you know we go announced in. And so I'm technically saying that lover's rock. Is my numbers Ree at best picture because directors he remembered me and not Wear a twelve years is slain US. Dance part that we need in a year and has do it by immersing us in in 1980 like how raid. Where are goers who would deny access to white. Luce who read each. She won't be able to resist. You just want. Them and just let me you know this is one do it. Over however is part of small. It's queens an apology by the original loans at all personal stories. From London's west Indian community we're McQueen law. Smaller more each year don't mean they get what I caught. Admissible and on forget. Just watch it all. Amazing work she. Now before the trial of this Chicago sent me can't he actually enter parents organ. We're stirred things got my remembers what took them. And is instead Erie. What does he didn't create that night on trial in eight radicals were accused of conspiring to cause riots at in 1968 Democratic National Convention and no one burns with moral outrage about watching free speech Sorkin and the so great. Especially Sasser. As. And guy to whom he the second. At frank angelic and it. And journalists should be or. Shall Clinton's eight and you want to. Live. Number five its first. Calf. Just want the best movie prize from those tough to ease New York on now I'm a member of that room. And we. Meet and we had his picture it's not mine number one but what a great movie deserves your attention. Some career peaked with the writer director Helen Wright R&D be cut up an old jaw and this one is set an organ during the 1820s gold. And we start to watch the project at that on our place in a runaway Chinese immigrant played by Ryan may. You know from a rich neighbors on the killing eight. What his ailing right or doing she's in her minimalist way. She's taking on toxic routes at some. And the healing effects French. You bat and it's just eat them. Number six in his bank. Movie I want this and I mean you're probably 12 and we're in his own if you haven't seen yet open date features little speculation. In. Easley Jack actually wrote the script. And here's later than his dad this anger by actually making this movie about the making nine will be once. Which everybody still insist the greens beer me. Credit or all of them he says he's the young director Orson welles' war is it to lose count screenwriter Herman Mankiewicz. And with old men playing man. Our rate and surprise surprise them it is accurate and complete the starlet Mary Davis. She did. Was really fun to read it well one man does prove. She always. Mom I. So you're gonna love to love letter old Hollywood and also am a studio politics that. It's an impossible Hollywood at. All right number senate. Never rarely sometimes. There will be heard show your movies this year but none took a more direct path to right here me. And analyzing it means little quiet stunner about it Pennsylvania teen. Really. Need to just one New York from critics award as best actors. Are you seventeen year old teenager who goes with her cousin to Manhattan looking for an abort. And with only got cousins who lean on she faces a harrowing ops where people asking questions. Can take your personal life it's coming. Hit man is the third woman director to make my best list this year along coach. Right art. These women have something to say. It so you. Number eight men are. You won't find a better and be about what it means to abuse spam anywhere in this war I don't know what an art means. In one picket being huge prizes at Sundance this year and you can see why. The writer director he I think Chung sees its own childhood to create some Tibetans Korean parents. And their push to create a better life in rural Arkansas in the 1980. Even gun the Walking Dead beats an amazing cast in this small jam. And aren't easy Koreans and the strength to grow them in rock saw. And Chung turns out better or something so funny so touching so but you've got. Number nine. Mom Rainey black bottom cake August Wilson's great play about black musicians fighting racism. In 1927. Ridiculous it's kind of stage Argentine. Pellets or. But viola davis' is that while it mother who lose and they. Chad we've always been answered you miss Cornett man give electrifying performances. Soon be the stuff let. Adam states and there isn't dead. Flores have them go. And if I can dedicate. Each year to just one creative artists it would be Chadwick. You know god too soon from cancer at 43 the black Panthers are shockingly never won an Oscar. The buzz he's he'll be nominated for supporting role and I let it is lead role in moderating and I say Letterman. In our lives Chadwick Bozeman to fire in the war inspiring. And because he's done art shows how many times to meet ya know he also declines were. Our right. Number ten what is. This is controversial because I know some people just don't understand me at all but. Go home and picking and it. Christopher Nolan usual will not it's starred John David Washington and it was the only F Dayton beat I sought in a theater on a Jumbo screen. In these Colvin Kurtz year 21. Even when I didn't know whether the clouds coming and going actually does bolts. That way just confuses time Tenet swept me away it's kinda doesn't hear east delicious ride that we go to the movies or it was the right. I missed that in hitter adrenaline rush you know that you yet with this kind of fun statements I'm bitten due to. So here's to 20/20 one and the whole. C'mon back got to help us that we can Allston meeting dead at the dar to safely share the magic of movies on that biggest screen possible. And here's my New Year's from the law. Offered.

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