Will 2018 be the year of the young voter?

These organizations are making it cool to vote.
4:16 | 11/02/18

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Transcript for Will 2018 be the year of the young voter?
We'll be burying it can't elections and when you eat and because. I don't eat in the future of our generation. I. I do because it is the greatest of the tax assessments for the an. Just and equitable society Arrington hadn't he came from. I've seen a lot of young people sitting around it having congress Easton about what's happening. And the political world although millennia is may have been historically disillusioned over the past few decades. You're seeing a real re censoring. Human centered politics. Lot of money you'll stand on the side of black labs matters and love is love. These are things that aren't going to go away typically men millennial. Bill is bill voting isn't as important as any in. Because it. For them it's not believable. This time around a lot of it is when you show up will they actually Matt. But I think there's probably a deeper component here which is about. The real need for a civic education day is culturally relevant responsive in sustaining. A lot of it has been milestones in voting and not necessarily be life. Powell and the power behind what Boeing can do for that same presidential election of the midterm election. Or. Yeah. Our crap about one of the things that we he would have always done is rather than any young people from who I think in the political. Phase we actually go out and it's that weird they are whether that attic on terror or whether that's online through trusted messengers like celebrities Wear their favorite artists. Every one of aren't part of a we were collapsing its own. India on. Her tax lifting program we're actually seeing he's been pretty nearly without. Higher than previous years and in your email program over 700%. We are of army evolved through. All over the country. Supported by musician. Along the goal. When I aviation people if he could they followed this is that there's any of them went here. Who cares to register. Were out there for the taxing emails reminding people to vote early. Sending people to our website where you can check the whole place for verify your voter registration status were also watching from the collection. Is a fun little game but it's election that will also help you plan your Election Day. And when of the biggest killers ballot eighteen I doesn't fat. It is in flat youth care and we've spoken to over 700 young people we've been trying to speak with as many people we can't speak face. Answer questions answered their fears and their concerns about voting. About eighteen page is that you can register to vote sixteen to seventeen years old. I found out the new numbers of people who were registered to vote in new York and those numbers gave me hope for the future. A lot of what we're doing is also trying to you know plant the seeds for cultural movement the seas and people can help us leave. To me voting something that isn't a chore but it's a sentiment fine and accessible plant for every single person to dale. And and every vote matters that you want to be friends teachers get out and vote.

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"These organizations are making it cool to vote.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58918914","title":"Will 2018 be the year of the young voter?","url":"/GMA/News/video/2018-year-young-voter-groups-making-cool-vote-58918914"}