2020 Oscar nominations: 'Joker' leads with 11, female directors shut out

"Joker," "1917," "The Irishman" and "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" lead 2020 Oscar nominations.
2:22 | 01/13/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 2020 Oscar nominations: 'Joker' leads with 11, female directors shut out
We turn now to the big morning for Hollywood. We're counting down to the Oscar nominations coming up right here on "Gma," and so many hot contests and one big question this morning. Will any female directors get nominated? Chris Connelly is here with what to watch. All kinds of excitement coming your way. Plenty of anticipation and excitement in the air. What's different this year? A lot of eyes and a lot of hopes on best director. I'm working on a novel. It is a story of my life. Reporter: Greta Gerwig's "Little women," the top chance to see women in the best director category after women for shut out of that category at the golden globes. "Once upon a time in Hollywood's" nominations could include best picture, best supporting actor, Brad Pitt. Are you an actor? Reporter: And lenaer doe Dicaprio. That was the best acting I have ever seen in my whole life. Reporter: Joaquin Phoenix will hear his name called for best actor. Can you introduce me as joker? Reporter: The powerhouse duo of Joe pesci and de Niro. Best picture for martin score Tell your story. Reporter: Laura Dern could lead the way with supporting actress with Jennifer Lopez likely to earn her first Oscar nomination ever for "Hustlers." I guess I'm a people person. I spend to make my own way in the world. Reporter: Saoirse row than's performance should lead her. And Renee zellweger at Judy Please tell me. The man is dying. Reporter: And awkwafina could become the first asian-american woman to win a best actress Oscar if she's nominated for "The farewell" while best picture could await "Parasite" and "1917." It's the last man standing. And the director Sam Mendes is now a sir. That honor announced from queen I bet she's she misses those We're cough covering her this morning where that royal summit

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{"duration":"2:22","description":"\"Joker,\" \"1917,\" \"The Irishman\" and \"Once Upon a Time in Hollywood\" lead 2020 Oscar nominations.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68242244","title":"2020 Oscar nominations: 'Joker' leads with 11, female directors shut out","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/2020-oscar-nominations-joker-leads-11-female-directors-68242244"}