Actor Nicholas Pinnock discusses ‘For Life’

“For Life” airs Wednesdays at 10/9 central on ABC.
4:55 | 11/26/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Actor Nicholas Pinnock discusses ‘For Life’
Welcome back to "Gma." Happy to have our next guest join us. Nicholas pinnock, star of the hit series "For life," the timely drama is back for its second season. Nicholas, good morning to you. Good morning. Well, it's Thanksgiving and a lot of people's celebrations are looking a little different this year. What are your plan force today? Today mainly be learning lines because we're filming season two right now and there's still a lot of work to do. Since you're going to be reading lines all day we want to make sure it still feels like Thanksgiving for you so we have someone there who is going to bring you a little surprise. Oh. It's a pie. Yes, so you can eat pie. This is fantastic. When studying for your scenes. That pie looks really good. Fantastic. It does look good. What type of pie is it? They have not told me that but I bet you it's delicious. It smells great. I will gladly have this. An apple pie apparently. So so many people are thrilled that "For life" is back for season two. Let's get down to business. One of the first scripted series to return to production here in New York City during the pandemic. Talk to us about what that process has been like. It's been -- it's been different. Very, very different to what we normally experience. It's a lot of covid protocol to be able to get up and running in filming so we could give you guys a season two. The crew have masks and have face shields and we're in different Zones and we can't all mix together. But we found a rhythm and it's workt well. The crew is with the face masks and shields all day long. This , it feels timelier than ever right now since season one ended. We've watched the B lives matter movement explode across the world. "For life" already was addressing some of the systemic issues of our criminal justice system. How did this summer's events shape the upcoming season? As you said it's timelier. The show was always timely and will always be timely just due to the relations that people have in different color areas let's nd in social justice and what the show was about to begin with. It was always going to be relevant but this summer's events have allowed us to, you know, turn the volume up a little bit more on what's going on and we will be covering a lot of those things and I'm currently reading scripts that have to do with the black lives matter movement and the stuff we went through this summer and how it's being incorporated within the context of "For life" and there are -- yeah, very emotional an very powerful. Let's see a clip this morning. I was in your position once. I had a deal on the table and I barely even let my lawyer negotiate it down because I was innocent and I was convinced that somehow, that somehow it was going to work out for me. When it didn't -- W. You're officially producer on this along with 50 cent. What has that been like as you bring this message to people? It's been really, really interesting and it's been amazing, actually. Along with all the other producers, the executive producers on the show who do an amazing job have welcomed me into the foal and listened to some of the things I've had to say and more input than I had last season. It's been great and he's a great person to collaborate with. On a completely different note, we noticed that both your Twitter bio and Instagram bio read, quote N. My spare time I dream of being a cowboy? Oh, yeah. What is this? I grew up watching cowboy movies and I don't know who does and doesn't know the history but 80% of the wild west and the cowboys were African-American native American and Mexican. And so there's only 20% of the wild west cowboy stories have been told. There's a whole lot more out there and, you know, my love of horses as well is massive. I am a huge horse fan. And the combination of wanting to tell those stories and the combination of loving horses and love what I do, I dream and this is not a lie, I dream, have dreamt and still do dream of riding the plains and being a cowboy. Well, hopefully we will see you as a cowboy in a movie or show sometime soon. Absolutely. "For life" airs Wednesdays at 10:00/9:00 central right here on ABC.

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