Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater debuts 1st virtual season

Robert Battle, the theater's artistic director, joins "GMA" live to share a sneak peak of the theater's groundbreaking new season, titled "Ailey Forward."
5:31 | 11/30/20

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Transcript for Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater debuts 1st virtual season
ground-breaking new season of the prestigiouslvin Ailey American dance theater. An E 70,000 people enjoy their holiday performances live. Ailey is taking a giant leap with their first virtual season. Their fabulous artistic director Robert battle is joining us I saw you getting the make-up. You're looking good, Robert. Thank you. I know how hard you all have worked on this. You're offering a free month long experience with performances. How has Ailey embraced this time of being able to reach people from the comfort of their own home? Thank you, robin, for having it's been very important for us to not just think about dancing in spite of the pandemic, but dancing because of our love and because of our mission-driven organization to preserve the legacy of Alvin Ailey. Even in a pandemic, we want to bring dance to the people as he wanted us to do. We know it can be healing. It can be healing. You all have shown that year after year, six decades. Revelations, six decades of this masterpiece you all have. You say it's a perfect fit for what we're facing right now as a nation. What do you mean by that, Robert? Revelations was choreographed in 1960. It expresses the trials and tribulations of African-Americans this country and how we overcame through faith and hope. Don't we need a little that right now, faith and hope, that we'll get through this? That's why I tnk it's a perfect fit. It up lifts people. It tells you that there is a tomorrow. Uplift and unit. That's the trademark of Alvin I want to show people. You shot this on top of the Woolworth building as a love letter to New York City, the place Ailey calls home. Tell us about it, Robert. Pilot duke. We're going to be showing that during the season because there were so many collaborations between Alvin Ailey and duke Ellington. We love New York City. This is our home. In a way, I mean, it's saying that we have the same resilience in our organization that new yorkers have and that the city exemplifies. I think it's so fitting. That work was originally made on my kale ba Risch in a kof. The legend lives on. How have you been able to do it? Dance can be very hands on. This is a different time. How do you pull it off? Well, our organization is incredible, not just the dancers, but our staff who worked around the clock to come up with the mandates we needed in order to re-enter our building. The dancers couldn't touch which is difficult because of the partnering. We did none of that. We made sure we were testing every week. The dancers really had the courage to step out on faith and pull this off. I have to give a special shout out to our associate artistic director Matthew rushing all his work in ts and so many others I can't name. It's been a family affair. I know has been. Since its founding Ailey has used dance as a vehicle to spur conversation and change, to unite audiences and also uplift them. What are you hoping during this holiday season, ople watching this virtual performance, what are they going to get out of it? I hope that you will realize that dance can be so many things for people. I'm doing a series of battle talks where I talk to Brian Stevenson of the equal justice initiative. I'll be talking to Winton March marcellus. Alk about social justice, but also we want people to take away that dance feeds the soul. In times where it's so easy to feel depressed, we can look to something to encourage us. You can be -- during this virtual season we'll have an interactive thing where people can move their coffee tables and move their bodies. When you're moving, you know you're alive. Instilled movement is a message of hope. It really is. Well said my friend. We need the arts more than ever to help us through this challenging time. All the best to you, Robert. Hope to see you again. Want people to know Ailey's free month long virtual season begins Wednesday. Opening night virtual benefit event. You can go to Ailey's website for all the information you need on this. Let's go to Rain fall becoming

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{"duration":"5:31","description":"Robert Battle, the theater's artistic director, joins \"GMA\" live to share a sneak peak of the theater's groundbreaking new season, titled \"Ailey Forward.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74457372","title":"Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater debuts 1st virtual season","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/alvin-ailey-american-dance-theater-debuts-1st-virtual-74457372"}