American imprisoned in Venezuela reunites with family

Josh Holt spent two years behind bars after being accused of dealing weapons and plotting to undermine the government.
2:41 | 05/29/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for American imprisoned in Venezuela reunites with family
We move on to the emoonal homecoming for an American man who spentwo years prison in venezua without trial. Overnight Josh holt and wife finallturning H to Utah grd by family and friends and a Gia crowd there, a lot of tears, our chief national espondent Matt Gutman that story, Matt, good morning to Y Reporter:hey, good ING, Amy. What a momentwas. Now, I've been in touch with Josh's mor over a year and a and he was arrested O bogus ch and his mother who has bee in frequent ctact th him didn't know if he'd ma it out ofhe secret police's so-calledcan but in a diplomatic coup U.S officials brought him to a hero'swelcome. Ed with his family after twoears in aenuelanprison. I start to think every single person that prayed for us, that here for . Reporter: These are fac he didn't know if he wo ever see again. Just weeks ago -- I need help. Orter: Holt desperately Begg to be rescued from that Venezuelan prison known as a dungeo They're saying they want me. Orter: They ACC him and his wife of Dea weapo and plotting to undermine the governme holt says he endured inhuma conditions leaving family members deate. My babboy,hat are they doing to him? Reporter: But tea of desperation turn to tears of joy whenolt was sudden release the ud Ates over the W. That embrace with his mom and a swift meg with the president at the white house before finally heading home O plane to Utah. Now, most likely B crying long before I get to hug him. Eporter: His how of rivertonorated in his favocolor, neon green. Oat oh, say, dohat pangled banner -- Reporter: But O this day enveloped in the red, white and blue. This flag wasn his grans casket.I'm going to wrap mygrandson in it and T he can't L T ited states. Reporter: Back in016 I was also detainedy Venezuela' secret police accused of being a ciaspy. I was in a difnt location but there for a few days and everybody wd usbout W horrible the conditions were he prison where Josh was being held. Now, it could T him some time to rer but he's the support of a absolutely inle family. Guys Boy, that islear. Okay, ma So glad he's home. Anotherncredible rescue

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{"duration":"2:41","description":"Josh Holt spent two years behind bars after being accused of dealing weapons and plotting to undermine the government.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55500114","title":"American imprisoned in Venezuela reunites with family","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/american-imprisoned-venezuela-reunites-family-55500114"}