'The Americans' star on shooting the 'heartbreaking' final scene and what's next

Holly Taylor, who plays Paige Jennings, discussed the show's final season, her career and had a message for the 'Paige haters.'
1:08 | 05/16/18

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Transcript for 'The Americans' star on shooting the 'heartbreaking' final scene and what's next
None of my friends watch that show their parents watch this you know but none of them do. If I'm Mike Al and I can't recognize with them with doesn't happen a lot but if I deal with high fat lady talking Clayton talking about. And then five minutes late at and T and TE show. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what's popping in the culture and you all know from me. That the Americans as my favorite show on television because it I watch it obsessively. I'm crazy about it and it's as real for me today to have read he. Here. Karen you know turn KGB did everything but I wanna see you people if you are Emmy voters out there I want you to watch what he'd. They seized it and start marking that four because wow. Think you know within myself my Hugh remember there was seasons of Americans were injured actor was he. So. Young squeal on you parents acted to end. You could just. Did they really want you dead. Wherever you won the PTI wasn't hate hate day like it's all but they are okay. Well yes I'm there. I understood. Why dealing but I like Mike in new audience like. If you think about it. The right thing I've her parents. Eagles by country. Right. Americans. You want to beat. But it's so wonderful how this character. Has grown and let it me jumping the gun there's people that. There are some people out there I don't know them and actively Frentzen who had never really watched any. This as we now going to define policies yeah so can you tell us at the top just explain. Your work. In terms of who you lack on this for those people. Write him. Well if you don't watch the Americans. I'm sorry. You know getting. But I placate standing she's the daughter of Elizabeth and Philip color to Russian spies living in America. In nichols' board. And their neighbor happened speed FBI agent stand eat and sent back causes. Them higher currencies dropped the job that our eighty acres. And mostly. Even others on the crazy side shows most you have to stand lean conflict between. Housing marriage rule you know survive there lifestyle house the daughter we'll survive this knowing her parents' lifestyle. And also there's the son Henry. Who doesn't know about any of it so there's so many layers of snow he has no life he has you know Mikey now. I mean there's so many layers to show it's its allot more then what teens them. House yet. I still have to know what's happening. So how did this happen for you let's start in eight at the beginning of saying it. Suddenly people came out of nowhere and looked at you and said. I I don't (%expletive) happen like that. No I I auditioned for I think itself so I'd just myself and you know reading side and then. And I didn't hear anything back after a why else. There's been quite a few auditions. I dislike for about it. Me call me in the current board game read forward. And important show no pressure that is accurate and Ian and writer decree that and Keri Russell is else. That was a surprise me showed up science okay action. She sound nice and it's humorous bond overnight starting answers. So it was kinda way. We are on the street for an inning and I I. It is the last thesis which means you're done with yet. This experience what you'll never tell me anything now I know what they do to you people. It's like them shipped here yet at anything where you begin to saying something to get something of that view. But just in terms was that lands Dave you wore on there. The last day recently. Summed up double B Americans experience perfectly it will it's an absolutely heartbreaking scenes which I can't. And it was so sad. And it was like 4:30 in the morning think I feel everywhere he went. I don't known. It was like ordinary morning in Staten Island. And it was freezing cold in my paper thin jackets you know like just try and get by glamorous I it was so clamor hits and done. We like putting my mouth rumors on hand warmer honor now so that announcement wouldn't freeze from talking an obscene. Said he likes to have movement in your eighth. And retires they warn parents like his can be so sad when I'm done I can definitely cry saying I have relying. I a blizzard comes to view that wasn't exposed happen. So blizzard comes athletes shooting this scene where China like movement in three RD shot half and that without snow's announcement that the continuity. So are trying to likely shelter up to there's no snow. And it is just a company's net and by the time we were done at and I I will see that the premier Anna. How like three people. Yeah. Yeah. L adkins exactly. Our mine in my life won't be without. A couple people. Act like rat here like where. Yeah. It. And a hot saying it I know what pat on I understand. I'd go. It was critical. Page in the first season for season in half in she's a kid. She's barely there she's part of the facade that her parents who are. I didn't set that up for those people who are basically Russian sleepers they're pretending to be Americans they're pretending to live there. DC and have a normal life and raise two kids because they were chosen to do this yeah. And view as the daughter at that time and your brother Henry known nothing about why. To you just have to be this clueless. Hers yet we were just kind of like. Kind of background setting in the beginning I mean we're really just there to establish that like. Eighty do you look like this really feel like American dream family you know they had its UK its like. It keeps you involved in school and sports and everything. There wasn't much beneath. But at the same time going to be gaining. My character was always very suspicious effort so even though she didn't know what was going on there are still moments even in season one where. Making the final episode she was like snooping around the laundry room and tiny figure out. Seamless. Is there is an excellent seats with two blogs right but I kept saying paints. You are eighteen I would hate. I was just saying why should do. Please. To be going that laundry room all of the top of the problem happens it's not like her parents acting so you're not truthful her parents and her for like six. They didn't know we're here with it where. Now it's and I don't really. But sometimes we keep things from shall. That we think we're protecting. Its that you know why he where your parents but he keeps me murder. We get a lot all of our we're kind of a mess and we seem to be the enemy this is the Cold War right now this is the eighties. What are we going to do so I'd be keeping them that from you know well and they still do. I'm being paid still even in this season doesn't know that her parents that you kill people it's a lot of that is still a secret to her in she filming hours. The positive things that they do you know she thinks that everything they're just making it different thing. They're fighting for cause and not something she's always won it in her life so that's why she was able to hear differently will she. Found religion yeah well. You know this is unusual for TV we don't see characters who were doing. And she finds idiot she wants to know. What the family businesses. Gray even though dead is kinda quit that business yeah he's working in the travel agency. Becoming almost American and south. Yes he is he's really kind of left it all behind the EC that even that's not really working out her hand he thought that that would you know make his thanks so much better and it did in LA. The he still struggling. And I don't know I feel like a lot of people can even relate to that from watching that show. Well they can be panel is it with Matthew retailers it you talked about Terry Alison instant bonding thing to happen. But Matthew has seen action scene with you in one episode where he knows that you've now told passed to him that. Your parents are Russian. Eight singer. And he who ripped India to you have arrival there and he's saying did Jesus tell you did do. And if you've written out with my eight ounces wild yet but I mean it. He's such a fund her singing like in real life he has that funny accent. Repeat that I accents really nice. So he's like really funny I was cracking jokes in between takes even that day when he was like yelling at me spit flying and my face and ripping out. Bible page is he is still like making people laugh in between. So it's really amazing how immediately you know turn now on and off. You're growing up and your friends you're going to school and college now in. What your friends think of you being. They don't they don't think and they say that I had no idea it would. They forget all the time none of my friends watch that show their parents watch channel but none of them do. If I'm Mike Al and I can't recognize them with doesn't happen a lot that fight your parent I'm only talking when talking about. And then five minutes later than. He he peace and I forget to. Though some like people are looking at me funny. I mean my mom at the trainer cells now beacons usually around like he government dirty look. But now after life. If a fan and as well as some iconic and they can't pick it. No I liking or like art have to guard sell like Molly's guards notes I'm think it's like especially. A man is looking industry. It man am I up you know. It's OK let it. Even the most reprehensible. People at its week mixed youth. There. Now that you don't like to be more careful. There aren't you they're airport this guy can stay. After. Hopefully vanish like ankle and a lot. At night you know hard job. By helping hours my flight is currently. At one. Like okay. Five hours now like. He just look at me. Well finally I decided I had me the sweats I was like I'm no longer has. Been making an allowance for the scary I think he's just staring at your way. And and I boarded the plane and it's like in a first class seats like locking past. Few years and honestly. And that's. I don't think that you would this coach execute our. My point I was just looking at him and looking at me. But he and Michelle and I felt that his kids embarrassed that he kept staring at me with two that was why not even hear that. Why he still staring. Now. Your wife can he. That have been long time page hater he kind of technical that he thinking how do I approached her in Conway came in the laundry rooms. It got to be added if you read him. Wins the back Americans and doing what at that is sometimes they will what's the theme that I remember the most about what. What are your memory. Like a rock test and say what is it. What does it mean to you what's the first thing that comes do you mind when you think of acting in this. And Russia you've gotta think you might. I think so many things I think. For me it was like going acting school being punished. I went and I think back I think about comic Hitler like. Just be honest and working at such an evening like he can't learn and acting. You know the pay for it and I'm learning all this and getting paid to do it so it like just being. The lack is experience especially starting out on something as it's given me so much to work with hopefully coming into other product you are from New Jersey by way of Canada. This is it. How indeed the family moved here lot of that. We are just ate a massive fan I'm on the answer I and I was born and raised there make attitude Scotland born and raised there. The name of England and down from my dad's work he can't. And so there that's I was born and his Wear pink and injures he acts. Of course that's where you would go from candidate directly to major. Could in fact. That's where did because your friends are certainly not can give you be. Confronting what's it like. It odd years. Yet know what I I think that it like the perfect balance. Because I out Wednesday night if you can't month because it's like when I'm doing stuff like this you know line. In this world you know it's great that at one cycle it's like. A completely different life and I go to school in. Nolan at school players at all my teachers like. Attracted other apps and they don't know it. Selling another show co yeah. My mind each day if you really steep it's day can you know like it like it's few years. And a day and I'm asking what I think the Americans. And then usually. And you're in college and studying. Graphic of course that would be the next step and I would say first it's. Then out of the bullet that at this audition you do and it's all good and you get that part. Cream I just had been nominated for any people off and then hell. Oh graphic design and keep it welcome to lose and he well. I think he are you ambitious to do more. Yet I am ambitious to new. More everything I have like so many ideas in my head of things that I wanted to do it different that are now. Careers that I'd like to get involved in thanks so on pursue an acting as well but I LE wanted to go to college just used my education like my priority. And I kind of stumbled upon graphic design because my best friend since kindergarten is doing it this school and she like fell in love with it. And it's like just a perfect balance of creativity and business I feel like you know you get a bit of well. So violent. What greedy we're in these juniors and a soft stuff. We got two more years that this thing. Yes I mean I'm out exactly exactly like. Excellent by the U that change your may affect. And more I thought something else it's funny because the only person he's eating popcorn but you do is scary. Really yeah I would I stop eating it bothers you get not at all I like. Odd that your TV mother is do we both of how much is your mom adjustment for second like your mother until. Or. It speaks vying for. Any other countries well that's the only thing I gave it to I have for passports at my parents are foreigners I really don't know if they are. Oh yeah. We've covered eight years that I've. Gotten to that started. Have to come back or part. That we and song. How little. It can be. What you. I'll like out. With that sent that your parents. We're not. A little bit I'll do with you if. You know something. In singing when you which speaking in the law. Yet. You start. It. It. Ma. Me. I I'd get enough I want you. Higher. She wanting awful thing back on Broadway musical. Three. Yes entities. X yes it's yet yes of course thank you for everything. It was amazing to hear that your parents are eyes.

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{"id":55183822,"title":"'The Americans' star on shooting the 'heartbreaking' final scene and what's next","duration":"1:08","description":"Holly Taylor, who plays Paige Jennings, discussed the show's final season, her career and had a message for the 'Paige haters.'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/americans-star-shooting-heartbreaking-final-scene-55183822","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}