Take it from Andrew East: ‘Let your kids dream’

From the football field to fatherhood the former football player and dad opens up about some of his greatest life lessons.
5:31 | 06/16/21

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Transcript for Take it from Andrew East: ‘Let your kids dream’
And this photo is a classic I think he's like the number one chocolate. This worth whatever he's seven years ago. Florida and everything how is this disease to some. I grow and Indianapolis Indiana. It'll find its. My dad got involved all sorts of athletic activities murdered her but he played football. And obviously that was he and it. I think maybe my parents did. Freely allowing me to dream and pursue whatever my eyes I remember I want to get into I want to go on the picture work program. Debate. I'd be happy. Or I hope that I. Play me you're. Their willingness. Find you know my daughter even. Look sitter. Oh yeah. I was of the fun things this race. I was a junior high schoolers. And we were on a outdoor adventure trip so junior high school islands play football you know wanting more than anything else in my mind. Place division one college and also fathers signed the patent. Were taken every flavor. School they have jobs numbers I didn't have any hot topics to provide housing and thieves are. And getting called equals three months later and any other college athletes are involved in news coaches intervals and they have this option is not enough. I think I'll tell myself this it's really is school food. Wars but. I realized yeah they might not listen in now. He can do. And that's okay. There's still so many good things that happened here. Oh wow oh. This it was a good week and here yes. This is me and my now wife Shawn Johnson. And Murat assuming that's the national. This is where relationships are right here we hit the ground running as soon as this week as the owners later in Saddam. I there's somebody. Keys to successful relationship we say we have one rule in our relationship in the past. What are your feelings. Cultural something here yeah how from the Uga. We always try to create open space future. We're just a laugh so much healthy conflict so much healthy discussions because it. You heard this. Honestly I think that's been our greatest accurate. G all the things it took to get to this moment. This is when my pre injury right here this was 2018. In December. And I had spent the previous. Four years trying to you plain and and this was my second game that I haven't played playing for the Washington football that you. I he's signing. Three contracts with nine different professional teams. I was just couldn't sign and cut left and right. Cox is a roller coaster this was. You know pick. Finished two resolved only through all those team's end and that are pretty tough in it. Perseverance. Really important quality how. What you're doing if you were dead set on making a dream come true or it happens Oltmanns. Keep pursuing it no matter how many house goes you hit. That's the best part of life right here. This is the whole thing they actually mines. Bernard drew who was about here happens you know. And I was when we did our pregnancy. Announced that list works here. Just found out. We did ask their doctor. And no longer. That pregnancy. Here is the line. You probably will not. And they never understand the emotions. Come way you know. The type of loss like you know. Sadness and grief and loss pills and so I think just having patience. Richer partners through that music being there are holding her hand you have to release anything those things. Our way home season. On me through that I've learned so much is my way here in the written in. It's the best thing ever. Also the most challenging thing ever bash feelings is more with Ellington. To serve someone else to wipe your. Man. This year. State meanwhile. Yes that's where.

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{"duration":"5:31","description":"From the football field to fatherhood the former football player and dad opens up about some of his greatest life lessons.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"78303576","title":"Take it from Andrew East: ‘Let your kids dream’ ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/andrew-east-kids-dream-78303576"}