Will Arnett gives 'GMA' anchors animated gifts

The "Teen Titans" star also discussed why he might battle Robert Downey Jr.
5:22 | 07/11/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Will Arnett gives 'GMA' anchors animated gifts
Ell now we've got a great guest to bring. You know -- I tried. You know him from "Arrd development." Has one of the most recognizable voices in the business andow you can hear it in the new animated movie "Teen titans go to the mov" please welcome the one and only Will Arnett. Elcome back. T you. [ Applause Hi. It's mmer. That feels good first thin in the morning. I'll M a video with you, Michael. Yes, thankyou. I gotsomebody. Like I three heads or something like that. Your voice, though, unw the most recognizable voices the business andou voi Batman. S. Yeah. But now -- But now in "Teen titans" ye E villain. So how was it T be the good guy and you'reng to play the bad guy. The goo news about pla E bad guy is you can get a with a lot more. Know so you can just like do stuff, you know, the good guy, he alys has to end up being a good guy but a bad guy can say sorts O crazy stuff and you're LI well, he's the bad Y. That'a good point. It's fun, thou it's really fun. I hear have C gifts yeah. So we've got cool -- you know, we're making the filmhere, decided, you know, in sort of keepingith T "Teen titans" thing what would ite like if Y'al were in "Teen titans go! To the movies." Oh, map. So W just drew up. I don't kno which of you this is. Oh I K who that is. Let's see that right there. They always get the gap right. Laughter ] That's something. That's awesomha you, man. Iree that. Then we got -- we got another one right here look at this. Another G one. Look at that. There she is. Iov my waistline. Thank you. It'sgreat. And by theway, look at yoy language, your body language is amg.you're jus chilling. Just chig. It's great. Wonderful. Thank you. Thank you,man. You're part of the family. You're kind of chilling out. Yeah. Are youetting cool poin with your sore doing this movie. Definitely.'s fun to B able to do stuff liken that my kids can enjoy and be a part of and THA mes it so much -- I gotnvolved T movie because my kids wereans of the show and I would hear it from the other room and wase -- usually you hearids' shows and I was likethis is hilarious and I went in and I called the show and want to be -- D something W y'all. They said we want to M a movie and I said let's go. That's how it happened. My kids got the assist. Yeahah. I think my K - explain everybody who theeen titans are. A ragtag version of -- robin in their leader as batm and ro and teen versions like lighthearted vons of superheroes and the movie called "Teen titans go! To the movies," tuperhero movie end all superhero movies and that's what we' trying do. There are a lot O superhero movies out the three guys a just having fun. It's summertime. E a lot of heavy stuff going O the world. Doesn't everybody just want to have son? Come. What happened to fun? Let's have a littleht W. Let's take a look. Deadpool? Deadpool, what? I'm not deadpool. Ho deadpool wasood guy. Why does everybo think I'm deadpool. You got the guns a swords Ls of people have guns and swords. No, I'mre sure you're deadpool. Ihe camera and say something inapprop I'mo E deadpool. I annual the most feared, most nefas most super multiple the villain torld has ever seen. I am slayed. I guess withhat being said, Ryan Reynolds doesn have to Y about you coming after questioned ad franchise. Brianreynolds, I call him Brian. Hanging out withert Downey Jr. Superhero secret. I tried toet some secrets. He came tour screening we had last week and it wasice to have H there and his --ur kids and came anded the movie together and it was great to have iron man a Lego Batman. Maybe we'llattle day. Ooh. He' win. Yeah. S good movie. Yeah, it would be area movie. There Y go. Another idea. Hatched right here on the show. L right, you to WHA-- I can't waitill you do a video. Wheur video the one sewn on Friday -- I B jealous. No jealousy because you didn'tnin. We won't hate. We appreciate. We priernt this, man. K you.thyou so much. We are in the VI everybody. "Teen titans go! To the Mo"

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{"duration":"5:22","description":"The \"Teen Titans\" star also discussed why he might battle Robert Downey Jr.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56507783","title":"Will Arnett gives 'GMA' anchors animated gifts ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/arnett-opens-teen-titans-movies-56507783"}