Former Bachelorette surprises 'GMA' Book Club fan

Rachel Lindsay shares her love for the "GMA" March Book Club pick, "In Five Years," along with its author, Rebecca Serle.
3:16 | 03/18/20

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Transcript for Former Bachelorette surprises 'GMA' Book Club fan
Now to our "Gma" book club March pick. "In five years," which is the book so many have been loving, including former bachelorette Rachel Lindsey who teamed up with the author for a special prize which took place before social distancing, and Rachel is joining us live. Hey, Rachel. Hey, Michael. It's true. This book is a roller coaster. You'll have all the feels and you won't forget. Before we started social distancing, the author and I teamed up to surprise one lucky book club who had no idea we were stopping by. Reporter: It's the novel that has book clubs everywhere buzzing. I didn't want to put it down. It took me about two hours to read it. Reporter: Taking readers on an emotional roller coaster as they ask the question. Do you want to know what happens in five years? I don't want to know. Maybe having a little glimpse, I don't know. Reporter: This L.A. Book club invited me to their monthly chat. At the time, social distancing and limited group gatherings were not in place. I have a special guest with me, the author. Are you ready to go in? The ladies have so many questions. I'm so excited. Let's go surprise them. Hey, ladies. I'm so happy to be here. I'm Rachel. I brought a special guest. Is that okay? I brought my girl with me. All right. I brought the author. I know you guys have so many questions, and we're going to get right to it. Are you ready to get started? Yes. Let's go. Who all read the book in one day? I was close. Throw that hand up. That counts too. I wanted to stretch it out. I knew part way in I'm going to finish this too fast and I want to enjoy it. That is called self-control. What would be your 15-second elevator speech as to what this book is about? It is about a woman who has a very airtight vision for her life who gets to win one hour five years in the future and the future looks nothing like the one she's planning. She can see what's coming, but she has no idea what that means when she gets there. Is there an underlying message that you hope everybody learns from this to go? Yeah. I'm hopeful that the underlying message may be one of peace. Peace with what is, and acceptance of the moment and whatever it looks like. Nobody talked about crying because I did. As you're writing it, does it get you emotionally as well? Yeah. This one did. I cried at this one. Where do you see yourself in five years? I see myself maybe back here getting to talk about another book with you guys. "In five years" is out now, and be sure to follow "Gma" book club on Instagram. Thank you so much for that, and later today we have a new daytime program as well. "Pandemic: What you need to know". It focuses exclusively on this crisis. Specifically with you in mind, with our friend Amy robach. Make sure you check your local listings for that.

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"Rachel Lindsay shares her love for the \"GMA\" March Book Club pick, \"In Five Years,\" along with its author, Rebecca Serle.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69659363","title":"Former Bachelorette surprises 'GMA' Book Club fan","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/bachelorette-surprises-gma-book-club-fan-69659363"}