Backstreet Boys superfans surprised with concert tickets live on 'GMA'

Boy Band Project is a cover band dedicated to the original Backstreet Boys, and they are surprised on air with tickets to a concert by Backstreet Boys member AJ McLean.
4:53 | 07/12/18

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Transcript for Backstreet Boys superfans surprised with concert tickets live on 'GMA'
As you , we are counting down to tomorr summer concert. We can't get it out our backstreoys joining us live in central park and we've got a bigprise fore super fa T.J. Holmes is at a rehearsal with T S fans. They have no idea WHA about to happen. What's going, T.J.? Hey, th you know how we roll, stra. Lo pple a lot. What mean by that is to rprisethem, we had to lie is band. Thboy bandproject, that's their name,hey LE the backstreet boys, in fact, their band, they say is a love letter the backstreeys and I'm here at pearl studios in Manhattan and they are rehearsing next door because they T we're J here to them B they have no idea they aoing T meet their idols. Check thgu. ??? Backstrboys all right ??? Reporteou may not know their names but you K their songs. ??? I want its ??? reporter: The ultimate super fans, a cover group called the boy band project. A huge homage to the bkstreet boys. We were the generation that died backstreet boys, that made them huge. W playing games with my heart ??? qtying games with my heart ??? Reporter: Each istribute. We T on a journey to this I'm. To be in ad and get to pret I'm a backtreat and live that out is S cool. The music,t leads you back to T . Reporter: With every detail ha in place. ??? I want it that way Allght, they love T some backstreet Bos you see. Ove letter is how they describe their ban and they are rehearsing right next door. Of course, we have the backstreet B performing in centrark Fors tomorrow. Thesguys he no idea what is coming. Do you hear the music. ??? Rock your body ??? ??? evedy yeah yeah ??? Oh, whoa, everything. Stop. Music, K the music. Fellas. What's up. Good morning. I.J Holmes with "Good morning amica" as you know at this are Y doing? Good. Told you all we had to get you he weted you to rehearse and we've bee checking you out all morning. We have a little something else for yound THA is I have to tell you we're Nott recording, you're L O "Good morning America" as we speak gh okay. Are serious. Right now you're liveoour momma is watching wah your mouths but we're here or a particular reason, tr, you're the ban leader here, I want you Toher around, come on, fellas. Watch this special message. All right. Stop it. Gll right What's up bsb super fan, it's A.J. We cannot wait to see yous this fridayna." E you soon. Can't wait to se you becauseey're performin central park. You're not just going to the concert. U'oing to hg out with the fellows backstage Stop it. Hey. You are going -- you're going to meet your idols tomorrow. . Yes. Okay. We're sorry we had to get you here under false pretenses but, man,'all are sweating. Y'all beenking H but tomorrow you'll hang out W -- you guys are performers, you've been at it for awhile but explain why they are S big to you. The reason I nge reason love music. It's the rn -- The backstreet boys. For all it. My soul, man. It's there. As you all hear hissoul, all right.but tomorrow, tomorrow is happg. Inow robin, stra,george, know we're all excited for T concert tomorrow. But theseuy are more excited than anybody at this poi Yes. We can't wait toee the ckstreet boys tomorrow in concerd can't wait to see these guys, as well. How do they compare to the backstreet boys? No they just asked me, St asked how youpare to the backstreet boys. W, I K you all would never thinkou're as good, but -- We're aunger. You have to throw that in their face. Everyg we them. They're the ul. Our show is -- iean whee do it just like a loveter to the backstreet boys. It's a LE reflection. LE tribute. All ri , I guess I could be the fifth mbtomorrow we'll see the fellas. 'Ll see Y all tomorrow with E backstreet boys stage. All right. We can't wait to see you ys tomorrow ihe park, T.J., better gete rehearsing in. E it all morning. That's going be awesome. Ca wait. Up next "Skyser" star

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{"duration":"4:53","description":"Boy Band Project is a cover band dedicated to the original Backstreet Boys, and they are surprised on air with tickets to a concert by Backstreet Boys member AJ McLean. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56534629","title":"Backstreet Boys superfans surprised with concert tickets live on 'GMA' ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/backstreet-boys-superfans-surprised-concert-tickets-live-gma-56534629"}