Bette Midler calls 'Hello, Dolly' the role of a lifetime

The show-stopping actress and legend reflects with ABC News' Robin Roberts on her divine career, from "Beaches" and "Hocus Pocus" to Broadway.
5:11 | 08/09/18

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Transcript for Bette Midler calls 'Hello, Dolly' the role of a lifetime
Now to the divine Ms M, E one Bette midler. I ha a ce toitown with her.plause ] The role that won a ton and she says eeras been LI aging. ??? Wello, dolly ??? well,hell dolly ??? ??? it's so Nico he you BAC where U belong ??? Reporter: Shoulde say hello, Bette midler. It's nice have you back ere youbelong. The second the autopilot saw you standing ovation. Dol Reporter:ette middle returntoadway to starn "Hello, dolly!" A role the winner says is one of the hilights of her W is it being back? Been a real thrill. Have to sa I Ary. I had year's run, did 242 performances, I was ry,ve tired. I literallyed out,rawled off the stage thet perfornce but I had a months to recover ands a brilliant ow. The cast is liant. I wasxcited to come back because I lovehem and I miss themnd I the cs and I missed her. I missed dollshe's a wonconfection. She really ispeople put the hrt and sl into T -- into production. It's's in th American dn they know I whether they know it not. Sai it is one ofhe greatest expnces of yr LI. It was. It was one thehighlits of my LE. I've hadny. Been very lucky. I don'tg the greatest. I don't dancehe greatest but M raucous and I thinkple like toave a gootime. I think thatricana habeen missing for so lo. A way florenceghtingale. That's my mission. If anybody could pul I off, would be you. An at like no other from thebroadway sge tohe silver sc, widely diverse care has broht decad divine performances. "Beaches" reached 30. 30 it'll makes us ugly Oh. Touched ord in a L of women they had besriends a the Ted away or things happen. You K lifeis. It just gets in the way ofll the fun andhe too "The wind beneath M wings" which was an anthem tothat. ??? Did you ever know that you are my hero ??? ??? and erything I we to ??? experience? Theerience O doings show changed my LI ally. Changed my intellectual LI Chand my physical life and I couldn't -- I haven't can't say enough. I should have paid don't tell them. I know. We'll cut thaout. Ear you S that even after all that you've aplished - how you approach this and Y foundething new. Well, you know, I think that'snly way you apprch it. I think boredom is T worst ING in the whole world because the is soul of magic mustind it. You must find the magic. For mid, it's no surprise one ohe places she fous it, music. Ur favorite song? P "Stardus" I love the verse to "Star dust" and now the purple dust totwilight. ??? My dust ???iful song. Oh. Thiss the beauty of us laugh, you make us cry. U laugh a Iuredo. This is why we just sit in our seat -- Ft and for. T -- put I --eave it outside thernd jt have your joy. Cotay ay from G like that? ???Hello, dolly, llo ??????[ applause What a great cast. Great cast awell. We wantonk the hotel up the street for hng and you can see Bette I "Hello, dolly!" 25th. And you sitownithernd you just -- you can just feel in the presence of something great. Enus life.vid. S about boredo you don't have to worry about boredomhen she's around. Yeah. She gets a S ovation during thepe not after. If I just saw her walk down thstreet, I would just stand

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{"id":57120460,"title":"Bette Midler calls 'Hello, Dolly' the role of a lifetime","duration":"5:11","description":"The show-stopping actress and legend reflects with ABC News' Robin Roberts on her divine career, from \"Beaches\" and \"Hocus Pocus\" to Broadway. ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/bette-midler-calls-dolly-role-lifetime-57120460","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}