'The Lion King's Billy Eichner talks his royal meeting with Harry and Meghan

The star of the new film tells "GMA" about the highly anticipated new film and appearing on the soundtrack with Beyonce.
5:51 | 07/18/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The Lion King's Billy Eichner talks his royal meeting with Harry and Meghan
And we are just one day away from the release of "The lion king." The movie is breaking presale records getting Oscar buzz and our next guest is getting rave reviews for his character Timon. Please welcome Billy Eichner. Hey, how are you? Thank you. First off, congratulations on the Oscar nod. And the Emmy. And the Emmy. Emmy. Give me six months and we'll see. The Emmy nod, the fourth one you've had. Congratulations. Maybe I was projecting the Oscar. Well, Nathan lane, we know him played in the original. Sure. I know that you all have communicated since he knows that you have this role. Yeah, he was one of the first people that I got in touch with once Jon Favreau offered me the role. I've known him since I was a kid. I can't do what you did but I want your blessing. He said what are you going to do next, "The birdcage" with Ryan gosling so he was hilarious and has been lovely and emailed me two days ago to say congratulations at the movie's opening. He is so nice. Speaking of the movie opening you had your royal premiere in London. We did. Yes. Duchess Meghan, a video that you posted is going viral of the moments before meeting them. You look a little nervous. I think we have it figuring out how to greet them. So how did it go? Look at you. So you can't see but I'm standing next to Seth rogen and then, you know, before you -- before you meet them ee email you this whole list of very official protocol about what you're supposed to say and your royal highness and don't speak until you're spoken to but we didn't know if they want the us to do that so I was panicking about what to say. I was turning to Seth, I was like, what are you going to say? What did you say. I think I just muttered like, oh, pleasure to meet you and we shook hands but they were lovely. Did you bow? No, I didn't bow. Bowing feet weird to me but they were great. They were great and Meghan and I went to northwestern and we went to the same school. Okay. So we just ended up having this casual conversation about our acting teachers at northwestern. Nothing wrong with that. You and Seth are so great together. You want to see a little bit of it? It means no worries. One and -- okay. I do the counting here. I want to count. Why don't we count together. Okay, that's a good idea. One and a two and -- hakuna matata what a wonderful phrase hakuna matata it ain't no passing craze it means no worries for the rest of your days it's our problem-free philosophy hakuna matata The chemistry between you two. It works, thankfully. You never know. I mean I knew Seth before we did the movie. We've never worked together this much and it just worked. Our styles complement each other and the movie, I've seen it twice now. It's unlike anything anyone has ever seen. So beautiful what Jon Favreau and the designers have done. It's amazing. You also share a song credit now with -- Yes. Beyonce. Beyonce. Very strange. I'm sure she's thrilled. Yeah, I think Seth and I are on the iTunes chart with Beyonce on "Can you feel the love tonight." It's very exciting and bizarre. Beyonce posted a photo of the cast at the London premiere and I want to take a look at it because I want to ask you, going to zoom in. Don't do that. What's going through your mind right there. If you zoom out again you see it's -- that's Jon Favreau, Tim rice next to us who's written so many great musical, Beyonce in the middle, Pharrell, keegan-michael key, la boheme who sings "Circle of life." An insane group of people so it was very exciting. More Han you know you hold your own with that group. You hold your own. Thank you. More than you know. So nice. I mean it. Sincerely. A bartender at the "Lion king" on Broadway. When I was a struggling actor in New York in 2002 I was a bartender at the "Lion king" on Broadway. Circle of life. Circle of life. Circle of life! This is it. Well, thank you. John Pfaff very, the whole cast and "The lion king" is in theaters everywhere tomorrow and courtesy of our friends at imax everyone is going home with

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{"duration":"5:51","description":"The star of the new film tells \"GMA\" about the highly anticipated new film and appearing on the soundtrack with Beyonce.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64409707","title":"'The Lion King's Billy Eichner talks his royal meeting with Harry and Meghan","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/lion-kings-billy-eichner-talks-royal-meeting-harry-64409707"}