Binge This: Freeform to air Halloween movies all day long

Movies scheduled to air include "Hocus Pocus," "Halloweentown" and the original "Ghostbusters."
3:47 | 10/31/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Binge This: Freeform to air Halloween movies all day long
Now it's that time of the morning for -- Whoa. Whoa. Rob, rob Marc, is that you? I was not prepared for that. I was not either. "Binge this," janai Norman is here. It is time for "Binge this." And I've been waiting today, I ain't afraid of no ghost. All right. If you need entertainment on this Halloween weekend, we've got you covered. Here to tell us what's binge-worthy is daryn carp, the host of people TV's "Reality check." Daryn, happy Halloween. Thank you for being here. Happy Halloween to you, janai. Good to see you. I am terrified of ghosts, though. That's fair. That's fair. I promise you that. So today is the perfect day to binge Halloween movies. What is a one-stop destination for the classics? All right, freeform has been celebrating 31 nights of Halloween all month long, and today is your final day to get your Halloween binge fix. We're going to start off here with some great classics. We've got Debbie Reynolds in the Disney channel original movie "Halloweentown" and "Halloweentown 2." Very important movies. You got to love Debbie Reynolds and, of course, what would October be without "Hocus pocus"? I mean, it's basically written into the Halloween constitution. It's one of those movies we've all seen 30 to 50 times, and we can't get enough of it. Plus, two of my childhood faves, we've got "Addams family" and "Addams family values" starring Christine anyway Ricci and Anjelica Huston. You have never met a more compelling morticia Addams than Anjelica Huston, and I firmly stand by that. And plus our Halloween movie marathon binge on freeform is ending with who you gonna call, "Ghostbusters." I am afraid of ghosts, but get your trick-or-treat fix on freeform all day today. You'ng to want to check it ou Everything you need right there and, all right, daryn, there is big news for baby yoda fans. We've got a few of them in the house. A huge TV show is back. Who isn't a baby yoda fan? Yes, janai, this is the wa season two of "The mandalorian" just dropped yesterday. This "Star wars" spin-off was a huge fan favorite when it came out last year. It was even nomid for outstanding drama series at the emmys. This year, Pedro Pascal is back suited up and ready to give us the aby yoda -- the most baby yoda that anyone has ever seen in their entire life. It is so great to have some new TV to watch. You know, due to the pandemic, some of our favorite shows were a little bit slow to return to our screens, so this is a much welcome return. You know, 2020 has certainly been of this world, so in keeping with the theme, definitely check out "The mandalorian" on Disney plus. All right, daryn, and tomorrow once Halloween is over, it's basically Christmas season, so what holiday movies do you recommend? All right, let me get suited up for this one because I went Halloween theme here, but now I am Christmas theme to the max. You know I know today is Halloween. But, listen, it's 2020. Time has absolutely no meaning, so let's take a hard turn and bring on the cheer. Watch lifetime's Christmas movie marathon. It's a wonderful lifetime. Get it? It's been happening all week long. It's fully under way. You know what they say, basically once it's October, it's December, so bring on the cheer. There are two movies that I highly recommending that you guys watch. The first up, we have "Candy cane Christmas" starring Beverley Mitchell. We all remember Beverley Mitchell from "Seventh heaven," so good to see her again. Tomorrow you'll want to check out "The Christmas aunt" with Keshia knight Pulliam. So those are some familiar faces to get you into the holiday cheer. If you are not already. All right, thank you very much. You can get more from daryn as she hosts people TV's "Reality check" Monday through Thursday 4:30 P.M. Eastern and you can pick up this week's issue of "People" on newsstands nationwide right now. Guys? All right. Thanks, janai.

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{"duration":"3:47","description":"Movies scheduled to air include \"Hocus Pocus,\" \"Halloweentown\" and the original \"Ghostbusters.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73942143","title":"Binge This: Freeform to air Halloween movies all day long","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/binge-freeform-air-halloween-movies-day-long-73942143"}