'Black Panther' star initially had to keep her role a secret from her family

Letitia Wright reveals that her mom thought she was starring in a movie about the civil rights movement.
6:48 | 02/15/18

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Transcript for 'Black Panther' star initially had to keep her role a secret from her family
All right, rob, I'm here with the breakout star of the incredible new marvel movie, "Black panther," very happy to have Letitia Wright here this morning. Letitia. Letitia. All right. Wakanda state of mind. The hype that is surrounding it. Michael and I went to the screening here in New York. It lives up to the hype. Are you ready for it to actually be out there and for people to see it. Yeah, I feel like we've just been living with it for like a whole year now and just the moment to just really release it to the world. Out in the uk so that's streaming in, the feedback and now tomorrow it belongs to you guys so we just hope that you love it. They're ready for it. They're ready for it. You had to keep so much a secret even from your own family when you were shooting. How did that go. That was interesting. I kept rolling, rolling out of my house and blank cars kept picking me up. My mom is like where are you going? I'm going to America to film something to audition for something. And I never said what and the day it kind of got leaked on the internet, I was like, mom, like I can tell you where I've been going. "Black panther." The civil rights movie she was like. Oh, no. I'm like, it's the marvel film. It's a superhero -- like spider-man and I was like, mom, just forget it. Forget it. Has she seen it. She's seen it and she loved it. Like she loves it. So many people, we keep hearing from them. Ryan cooing L Ryan coogler calls you the love and light of this film and after seeing it he is absolutely correct and you are on stage. You're there with these heavy hitters like Angela Bassett. What was it like to work with them. It was amazing. That love and light thing, it kind of also happened even before I met Chadwick and Ryan. I was praying before I came out to L.A. To screen test and I felt really strongly in my spirit like this thing about love and light kept popping up. Those two words and Ryan confirmed it, she's real positive. She's like the light, oh, my aod, I've been praying about this and then that happened but working with them, man, it was a dream come true. Especially Angela Bassett because she did a movie "Akila and the bee" that really planted a seed in my heart to do acting and to portray a positive image of young black women like Kiki palmer, he being a young girl wanting to spell. Wanting to be a champion at spelling and having glasses on kind of really inspired me so working with Angela was amazing because she gave me loads of advice. About being kind. About being kind, being, you know, remaining humble. Staying close to the ground and doing it for the love of the craft and I would take her advice any day because she still looks good and she's very talented. She is. I'm going to tell you. Do you awe want to see an exclusive clip? Yes? And see Letitia in action. Here it is. System activated. Wait. Which side of the road? Just drive. I can't. Whoo! Let's go. Oh, my gosh. That's a taste. That scene was so wild. Yeah. But you know what I love much like you were talking about Kiki palmer. Your character is smart, the tech genius of the family and for the whole community and I feel that's very important to you to portray that type of image for young women. Very important. I mean, when you lack something for so long, and when you find it in a film such as this, you grab hold of it and I feel like a lot of young girls no matter what your age may be no matter what your color you can really find positivity and light and love that you can hold on to and it can influence a young child, you know, a young person who is super smart in school and maybe someone is calling them a nerd and telling them you're a teacher's pet and maybe they can look at this film and she shuri who loves to use her might as a weapon to help her nation and be so smart to create and create gadgets and stuff that can change the world and that can be of inspiration to them to say, no, I am smart. I am intelligent. I'm not a nerd. I'm a world changer and they can move forward. I love that. We have some world changers here. We were hoping -- we were hoping to get some time. We have students but we don't have the time for the question so -- do we? Great, great, great. Thank you. I shamed them into getting time to do this. You are from the Columbia secondary school. What is your question? Hi. So future generations will have you to look up. Who was your inspiration growing up and like to be an actress and to be in the first black superhero movie. Definitely Kiki palmer and definitely naomie Harris. I felt like they played roles -- I studied Kiki palmer's work for years like all of the films she did from "Barber shop" to "Akelah and the bee" and was a big inspiration and naomie Harris, not only do I love her work but have been able to call her and get advice so sisters in the communities who you can -- even find inspiration from TV or call them up and say, you know, I need help and advice so if you can find good role models and good people to give you advice when you need it, that would be good. I think adding Letitia to that list, don't you think? God bless you guys. I'm telling you. I'm not kidding. I am not joking. The performance that she -- hmm. She just jumps off the screen. I'm not a perfect person, you know, but it's the work but if you can find inspiration in my work then cool. That makes me love you even more by saying what you just did. Stop it. Stop it. But thank you. We'll see each other again. And "Black panther" finally, finally hits theaters tomorrow. Don't walk, run to go see it. We'll be right back.

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{"id":53098978,"title":"'Black Panther' star initially had to keep her role a secret from her family","duration":"6:48","description":"Letitia Wright reveals that her mom thought she was starring in a movie about the civil rights movement.","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/breakout-star-letitia-wright-opens-black-panther-53098978","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}