Cameron Mathison speaks out 8 weeks after surgery for kidney cancer

Just eight weeks after his surgery for kidney cancer, the TV host says he’s bouncing back and shares how he’s doing.
5:51 | 11/18/19

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Transcript for Cameron Mathison speaks out 8 weeks after surgery for kidney cancer
We are so happy to have our hex guest here, dear, dear friend, former "Gma" contradicter Cameron Mathison back in September you may remember that he revealed he had cancer and had to have surgery to remove a tumor on his kidney. We're going to talk to cam in a moment but first take a look at his journey over the past two months. He's the soap opera star. I love you. Reporter: Former "Gma" contributor. Straight. Reporter: Now hallmark Channel favorite. And how do you know that? Because when somebody cares about something as much as you do they make it happen. Reporter: But in September the 50-year-old actor and TV host making a shocking announcement on his hallmark Channel show "Home and family." They actually found a growth on one of my kidneys. My right kidney. It is a tumor consistent with kg sauled renal cell carcinoma orchid cancer. Reporter: He was trying to determine what was causing him pain finally demanding an mri. That's when doctors found the tumor. Doctors telling him the tumor had likely been growing on his kidney for the last ten years. During surgery doctors were able to remove the tumor on his kidney completely and he's been left with 80% of his right kidney. Today the father of two still his upbeat self sharing these images during hisecovery. Oh, my goodness. Please welcome Cameron Mathison live. Yes. Yes. Oh. Just hugging on you. So glad you're doing well. How are you doing? I'm doing so, so well. I feel great. It's about nine weeks out now from my surgery and, you know, the energy is coming back but in the grand scheme of things I feel so lucky and good and felt so much love and support from you and everybody here at "Good morning America." My family still and I really appreciate that. The family is well. Everybody is great. I can't believe they're When I started working with you they were literally infants now they're 16, 13 and Vanessa is amazing. I know it had to be very difficult for them to see you go through this. But any treatment post after the surgery. So very fortunate that we caught the tumor on my right kidney before it went into my lymph nodes and other areas so no chemo, no radiation. Follow-ups every six months and ct scans and things like that. Super, super fortunate. Growing in me between eight, they think 8 and 12 years. Been there for a long time. Slow-growing tumor but because it hadn't spread yet so lucky. You knew. You knew there was something. You had gone back after again and again. Yep. Exactly. You were the one that had to insist and say, I need an mri It's true. I'm really in touch -- have always been the healthy guy or been in touch with how I feel and what I eat and things -- how my body reacts and I really try to pay attention to my health and over the years it just certain things weren't right. I had seen several doctor, both traditional and alternative medicine doctors. I had gotten a slew of tests showing low immune function, showing a low white blood cell count. Things that didn't make sense category I eat so healthy and active and all sorts of ways and asked about an mri. Can I get an mri specifically in my G.I. Area because I thought that was sort of where it all was and the doctors -- you know, they weren't refusing it but saying let's try this, let's try that over years and then I'm on set of a recent movie I did, really sweet movie where it's about really paying attention to the signs and indications in our lives and seeing them as little miracles as ail ways to guide us and help make decisions in our live answer coming off this movie and I'm like, I can't just -- I can't keep putting it four days after coming off that I insisted on the mrism. I got it and probably saved my life. It probably did. You saved your life. You really did so how -- what would you say to people who, you know, we sometimes with doctors we're like, oh, we can't speak up. They know better than we do. How can we be an advocate? Your discussion? Of course, they do and I'm not -- in no way am I saying to run out and get an mri every time you got an ache and pain. The doctors are probably listening to that freaking out because that's not what happened, right? But my message really is to pay to be mindful, to listen to your body. When things -- when you eat a certain thing or you feel a certain way, if it keeps going -- you know, get it checked out. Go see your doctor, run the tests which is what I did for years. I didn't just run out and get an mri because I had this issue but really be your own best advocate for your own health. We know when something is just not right. We do, we do. We have to speak up That's what I do. That's my takeaway. You were talking about, you continued to work. You have a movie that's coming out. Tell us about it. The movie that I was on the set of when kind of like the light bulb went off called "The Christmas club" on hallmark Channel. A beautiful Christmas story of romance, two people, unlucky people finding their way together through a series of random actses of kindness and also like I mentioned before, these little things in life that kind of brought them together but also, you know, became through a different perspective I play this kind of big business consultant who would never look or pay attention to little things. If we really do brings us together and ultimately it helps these two people come together. Some people call those god winks. That's it. That's the idea for sure. Thank you. So glad you're doing as well as you are. Thank you so much. Always have a home here. Always have a home here.

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{"duration":"5:51","description":"Just eight weeks after his surgery for kidney cancer, the TV host says he’s bouncing back and shares how he’s doing. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67103806","title":"Cameron Mathison speaks out 8 weeks after surgery for kidney cancer","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/cameron-mathison-speaks-weeks-surgery-kidney-cancer-67103806"}