Take it from Candace Bushnell: There still is 'Sex in the City'

Before she became the inspiration for Carrie Bradshaw, Candace Bushnell was a small town girl with big city dreams.
5:27 | 08/16/19

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Transcript for Take it from Candace Bushnell: There still is 'Sex in the City'
Didn't let my favorite photographs and helped us take it. From that. A party we had in the Hamptons. For the first seeds and a Sex and the City area rash that was definitely my apology and actually knows if it went in see about pat. Is Sarah Jessica Parker first started playing the part she really. Did the play me. They gave her the same watch that they had. They gave the same ringing. Speech I didn't faster similarly. To you how ice chest. You know I never imagined that the Sex and the City would end up becoming so Hughes and in this rodeo. We have no idea. What is going to happen. I think take away with it's really about a passage of time. Sex in the city. Is about a passage of time in women's lives you know light. Really isn't that ups and downs and you've got Q. Meaning you got to ride out not down times. And things change. And that's what. It. It's so three east seeing. This photo because. I filling a still looks so much like this. And it was taking. OR. It doesn't add unique content can just let it was it was like the only claimed it. Beauty she conned us that we had an act now to day and jeered was. It was like an exchange kind of thing you can go to a foreign country. And live for the Ford family for a month. Man. I was just dying to get out of my pounds so I said hey. I will enter this contest. Means I can at a lasting very. From nine and and then I came in second and then of course the line. She was a mean girl was so tight into the town that she even dig out my place would be. Keep only to worry about what other people think. Even though it's a great. I think it was aided and Von. What I think passions when I was a kid was worse back side and started horseback riding when I was. Maybe eight. And this. Is my worst airy eight what was interesting about that horses when I first got the hearts. He bucked me -- I think every. Single act. But I don't think that photo because I live very confident and I didn't feel all this very calm. And so my advice is. Worse. Okay in this. Is that that really got me into a hot at trouble at my parents. Would higher and lions from nineteen. I decided shouldn't in New York so basically randomly from college I moved in the art. And I started rating but I'd also. Was. Punk model. It was YL. And I was having so much fun it like studio 54. I went to clubs and I really. Felt like I was breaking three. From the money childhood. And my small. One of the things they really learned about myself was I felt like I really could. Lying. I'm myself. You know no matter how things how difficult things work it was just it's fading. Have the opportunity. To deal with different thing itself no matter what circumstances are. How you look at them and how you make it best when it perceptions here. Okay this is at the photo of me going Hugh. Diggs junior prom. It wearing a very. It's a pretty simple to us. With respect me something that a lot when my mother and it is definitely something that seemed appropriate. For a fifteen year old girl has something that I am so is interest and in. Actually from a young agent part of that reason is that my mother was very instant fashion. When my favorite things it was my father would have and we were both aides did in action. And the small town. That's the name. Snow for us it was one of the ways it. Mean that is different rally. Good standout. But it's also hit man. So one of the things I think I eight. Learned his. I. You know how to make it and convinced her room and I also had it.

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{"duration":"5:27","description":"Before she became the inspiration for Carrie Bradshaw, Candace Bushnell was a small town girl with big city dreams.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64976511","title":"Take it from Candace Bushnell: There still is 'Sex in the City'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/candace-bushnell-sex-city-64976511"}