Cast of 'Power' takes over 'GMA'

Omari Hardwick, 50 Cent, La La Anthony and Naturi Naughton discuss what fans can expect next from the hit show, live on "GMA."
7:40 | 08/20/19

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Transcript for Cast of 'Power' takes over 'GMA'
It's time now to get a little "Power" in the studio, shall we? We've got four, four of the stars of the hit show "Power." Omari Hardwick, la la Anthony, naturi Naughton and Curtis "50 cent" Jackson. Welcome again. Mwah. Hello, dear lady. My brother, my brother. My man. Hey. How are you doing, man? All right, everybody is here. Sorry. Power." We haven't caught up in a while. Haven't seen you. No, we haven't. Everybody else was here bright and early. So I owed 50 some money so -- Took your time. The bank is not open yet. Trying to figure out how -- I gave him -- I gave him the ring. Ooh. Nice. Little collateral. That was a what had happened story. I cannot believe it's the sixth and final season. Oh, my goodness. We'll start "Power" 48 hours after the finale. You can tell an executive producer. How could you sum up, each of you, we know about your character, sum up what your character, how it ends for your character. How we left it? How we left it. So, my suit pants were dirty, right, because I was on my knees, laryngitis from screaming, after Tommy decided to put a bullet in the other parts, not my better half, but the other parts. But and, you know, just trying to figure out tarik. That infather house tarik he played so well. That's where we left ghost off. For me my character is stepping out into her own. For so long Tasha's best friend and our friendship is tested in the final season and not in a great way, so it's emotional for us because we are really close in real life and we had to play it out differently on the show but you get to see how this friendship gets broken all the way down. For Tasha you get to see her become more independent of ghost because she's been attached to this pan for so long, and now she's like, you know what, I got to do me and, ladies, y'all know what I'm talking about. Sometimes you just have to step out on your own and being a mother is the focus this year. Sleaze focused on saving her son. And I just became a mommy. And me, I got killed. So, yeah. 50. I set you up. You killed yourself off your own show. Because, you know, it made me el better because I knew someone would have to be next. The fact that you know somebody has to go next, the way it's set up, you know, we created a lifestyle, the project is portraying the lifestyle that has no mercy on anyone. It doesn't have mercy on anyone. Anyone can go. At any time. We literally get the script, I flip through the whole script real quick just to make sure then I'm -- made it through another episode. Did y'all take any souvenirs? Yeah, I took a lot of my closet. You were clean. Decided to take a lot of the closet. I like the best dressed man on television. But shoutouts to frank Fleming has dressed all four of us incredibly well and obviously Joseph's character and he is incredible. I took the closet. I took stuff from truth nightclub. I took a menu book from the truth nightclub and I also took the back of my chair, the "Power" chair. Like this chair which we have our character's name on there and I'll put it up in my house and just memorabilia. Oh, I also took my poster, we all have big billboards inle times square right now so I took a poster version of it. If it wasn't nailed down, y'all took it. We do have a clip and can give a little tease about the up coming season? We need to talk. Tasha, I took you off the list. How did you get up here. Did you follow me after the groundbreaking into the garage? You said you wouldn't see him again. I know you killed him. You better hope there were no cameras in there. You better hope so too. So you were there. That look, that was good. That was good. Whoo. That look is lean. Ever look at T.J. Like that, robin? It gets really passionate in these scenes. That look, that look is something serious. Tasha has intense looks. Yeah. Madison square garden tonight. Already sold out. 11,000 people are going to be there to see the premiere. What can they expect? Well, 50 cent said three years ago -- six years ago, we cannot lose. We have no option. Which was so unique for me to be coached by millions of coaches or not millions but very prolific coaches in my time and life and then to be coached by 50 in the way of starting us, we can't lose, this is so reflective of what he said. It is. Radio city hall last year, now Madison square garden. He's Mr. New York. What's crazy, robin, 50 always predicted this. He always told us it was going to happen exactly how it's happened. I've never seen anything like it -- Why does it have to end? We can't see the finale-finale till January? Power 2 will start 48 hours after. You'll see tarik grow. Different things happening. Brace yourself. Craze ski. Take deep breaths. Anybody coming in here -- anybody going to the premiere? Can you give us tickets? It is sold out. That, we can't do. If anybody can make it happen, it's this -- No. Tell us one other thing. Parents, what age did you start letting your kids watch this This is a big topic. My house is 12 years old and he is not allowed to watch "Power" but I am debating if tonight I will make an exception just for him to experience Madison square garden and the premiere so shoutout to him because he's watching and might for the one time get to watch it. It's not any -- it's -- the scenes, the sex scenes. That's what it is. My daughter is 2. She just turned 2. She don't know what's going on. You know, T.J., the first time it came on it was 50's birthday and robin had us on. Nova -- she's 6 now. She was on the set. Back then she was watching because pre-3 you can watch. You don't know what the hell is going on. After you hit about 5 years old -- Slow roll a little bit. Parenting 101 with Omari Proud of y'all. Thank you so much. Great to see you and season 6 of "Power" premieres Sunday night on STARZ. We are sisters.

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{"duration":"7:40","description":"Omari Hardwick, 50 Cent, La La Anthony and Naturi Naughton discuss what fans can expect next from the hit show, live on \"GMA.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65072073","title":"Cast of 'Power' takes over 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/cast-power-takes-gma-65072073"}