Catching up with 'American Idol' winner Maddie Poppe

Fresh off of her big win on "Idol," the singer opens up about what fans can expect next live on "GMA."
1:33 | 08/15/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Catching up with 'American Idol' winner Maddie Poppe
touring with "American idol" live. Maddie, welcome back to the show. Thanks for having me. You won the title back in may, may 21st. How has your life changed since then because you've been on a whirlwind tour. It has been a whirlwind and it's been just like complete -- totally different from the life I was living in Iowa before. We're watching your big win right there and you're with Caleb who is your boyfriend. He is. You guys have been touring together so you found a little love on "Idol." What has it been like -- there he is in the audience. They said do you recognize him. I said look at that handsome face. How can I miss him. What is it like for you to be on tour together? It's awesome because this is our first time, both of us doing this for -- you know, on the road. It's good to have each other because it's really hard to be away from our families. But it's awesome that we get to go through this together for the first time. And you went back home, you opened up the Iowa state fair. How is it to go home after winning "Idol" and opening up the fair? It's great. I've been home but I'm about two hours north from the Iowa state fair. When I went south to see everybody down there, they were just as supportive as up north. To think the whole state was behind me, it was pretty awesome seeing everybody.

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{"duration":"1:33","description":"Fresh off of her big win on \"Idol,\" the singer opens up about what fans can expect next live on \"GMA.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57192526","title":"Catching up with 'American Idol' winner Maddie Poppe","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/catching-american-idol-winner-maddie-poppe-57192526"}