‘It Chapter Two’ star Bill Skarsgard talks FaceTiming with daughter … as Pennywise!

The actor also shares how he got into the character of Pennywise for the film’s frightening scenes.
5:44 | 09/10/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘It Chapter Two’ star Bill Skarsgard talks FaceTiming with daughter … as Pennywise!
two" just had the second biggest opening weekend ever for a horror movie topped only by the first installment of "It" and we've got the star right here, pennywise, the scariest clown in movie history, come on out, bill skarsgard. How are you? Look at you. Good to see you, man. Such a talented family. Welcome, welcome. Thanks very much. Thanks for having me on. We love having you on as long as you're not dressed -- finish? Exactly in I'll behave. Look at that look. This is your second time in the pennywise costume. Audiences agree. You are terrifying. So I'm curious, when you're dressed like that, I mean look at that right there. That is frightening. When you dress like that on set do you pull pranks on people? Yeah, I did sometimes we had like -- because whenever you start shooting a film it's like the most technical boring slow moving thing you could ever do so even though the movie looks scary when you shoot it, it's just a bunch of technicalities but sometimes, you know, there's a guy in the camera department, he brought his wife and two daughters to set and they were all excited and in the tent next to me and I could hear them giggling around. This for the fir movie and I just took an opportunity to jump in in full clown face and scare them. Took the opportunity. Yes. Why not. Why not do that. Well, this movie is set 27 years after the first one. Pennywise still up to his old want to take a peek and see. Yeah. Hello, Ricky. Isn't that what your friends call you. You're not my friend. You're scary. Why are you crying? People always make fun because of the way I look. Ah. I know. You seem like a nice guy. How do you get in character? Lift the veil a little bit? What steps do you take? Well, first there's a 2 1/2-hour process to make me look really, really handsome and as you can tell it's 27 years later but pennywise hasn't aged a day. No, I mean, like I'm by no means like in character the whole time. It would be too exhausting so I try to conserve energy then whatever the scene needs I try to kind of harness that energy and sometimes it's just, you know, screaming and laughing maniacally then I carry on into the scene. Could you imagine if Evers in character on set all day long? Well, big Hader. Remember he was here last week and bill Hader said that you would stay in costume and it would -- In costume, I have to. You would surprise some of your friends, that you would just be hanging out with them as pennywise. Yeah. Well, I mean because I would be in the whole getup for sometimes 14 hours straight so I -- you know, I facetimed a lot with my girlfriend. And my at the time 2-week-old daughter. Oh, no. She didn't know. But I have a great screen shot of it though with me in the face and then, yeah. I'm curious. You know there's a fear of clowns, it's called -- do you have any phobias? I don't think so. I'm not -- I wish I had -- I was prepped for this question before. And I was like, I don't have a good answer to that. I don't have like spiders or anything like that. Scary movies scare you? Not really, no. No. Found the right line of work. No, I mean -- You had a lot of practice. I was told you invented a version of this smile to scare your little brother. The pennywise smile? Well, yeah, well -- My older brother gustav is ten years older came up with like he just knew how to do that with his lip and he had a character for it and then I don't remember when I started doing it but, you know, I looked up to my older brother and wanted to be like him and in every way and form and I'm going to do that lip thing and make it really famous and here I am. Very talented family. That's what my brother said. I guess you patented my smile now and I was line, sorry. Take it. We're not sorry at all. Hey, bill, congratulations. It's wonderful. Everything that's happening. Coming your way. We appreciate you taking some time to be with us.

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{"duration":"5:44","description":"The actor also shares how he got into the character of Pennywise for the film’s frightening scenes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65508244","title":"‘It Chapter Two’ star Bill Skarsgard talks FaceTiming with daughter … as Pennywise! ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/chapter-star-bill-skarsgard-talks-facetiming-daughter-pennywise-65508244"}