Chris Rock and Adam Sandler play 'Rock, Paper, Sandler'

"The Week Of" co-stars face off in a fun competition live on "GMA."
2:35 | 04/24/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chris Rock and Adam Sandler play 'Rock, Paper, Sandler'
Back now with the incredible Adam Sandler and Chris rock. We have a challenge and gave it a special name called rock, paper, Sandler. A spin on the classic game where the loser of each round will have to complete a wedding challenge in the spirit of their new movie "The week of," the best out of three wins. Gentlemen, are you ready? We are ready. Okay, here we go. Rock, paper, Sandler. You got it. Shoot. Rock, paper, Sandler, shoot. What is that? I don't know. I don't know. Rock, paper, Sandler. I got to say the name. Chris may have a broken scissor or single sheet of paper. Rock, paper, Sandler, shoot. Oh, he just said -- you won. Sandler won. Adam, won. Got to ask Chris. Your daughter is trying 0en a wedding dress that is way too provocative, sexy. Make her change her mind. Whoa. How do I make her change her mind? You only way you get your child to change their mind is to say it looks good. Oh. I like that. All right. That's lovely. Rock, paper, Sandler, shoot. Paper. He got you, Chris won, you're up, Adam? Time for round two. Here we go. Here we go. The best man has had one too many and can't deliver his speech. Help him out. Cancel the wedding. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. All right. We got time for one more. We got time for one more. I think we're out of time. This will break the tie. Okay, rock, paper, Sandler. Rock, paper, Sandler, shoot. Rock, paper -- Rock. Oh, you win again. Rock won that time. Okay, so he's the winner. I don't know what -- Just ask the question. I don't know anything. You're the wedding singer. What would you sing -- "Always and forever." "Always and forever".

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{"duration":"2:35","description":"\"The Week Of\" co-stars face off in a fun competition live on \"GMA.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54680008","title":"Chris Rock and Adam Sandler play 'Rock, Paper, Sandler'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/chris-rock-adam-sandler-play-rock-paper-sandler-54680008"}