Constance Wu dishes on playing a stripper in 'Hustlers'

The actress opens up about why she fought for this role and what fans can expect from the female-led film.
3:45 | 09/04/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Constance Wu dishes on playing a stripper in 'Hustlers'
We are back with actress Constance Wu and you know her from "Crazy rich Asians" and "Fresh off the boat" starring in the new movie "Hustlers." Welcome Constance Wu, everybody. So good to be here. I'm excited about this. You're in it. Keke palmer my co-host and Jennifer Lopez. Yes. You play strippers. It gets intense. You have intense scenes. Almost broke your nose. She almost broke my nose Once, okay. Twice, that's -- We had this fight where she starts to be trying to take a cell phone out of my hand and what happened was the cell phone hit me in the nose and she felt so bad and I was like, girl, don't worry. This is just, you know, battle wounds. Let's keep going and she was like, okay, okay, won't do it again and then we did it and she did it again. I was like, more battle wounds. That's fine. Kept that take in the movie. You'll get to see it. How much training, how much training did it take to learn all the moves? It's not as easy as people would imagine. It's so hard. I mean, I was lucky, though in that my character is not supposed to be that good. So thing is I pretend to be bad which was easy to do. Because I wasn't great but I did do -- I did do pole dancing lessons and had a pole installed in my living room just to have comfort around it. I had those like eight-inch heels and I would just walk around and do the dishes this them. You know, just like to get used to -- ? Hopefully you closed the blinds. What's going on with Constance? That was the only -- in my glam pa jam thats and my stripper shoes. That works. We'll take a look at a clip. Here's a clip of "Hustlers." Stevie wonder came in. Stevie wonder came in the club? In the champagne room and swears to god he isn't blind. Wow. How come you're so good? I see you with elfry single kind of guy and I don't know it's like you have them all figured out. I guess I'm just a people person. And you really had to fight -- you really had to fight to get this role. What was it about this character destiny that made you want her to play so badly. I was looking for a character who explored loneliness because at the heart of this movie it's about friendship and loneliness because our country is so polarized and social media makes people lonely in a way that I think storytelling should address and when I read this, I saw that in the character of destiny and furthermore she's a stripper and most people, the judgment stops there. They see that somebody is a stripper and then they assume so many things about them and as an actor you want to explore people's character beyond the stereotypes and assumptions and the script really allowed all the girls to explore these characters and like multifaceted ways so they're people that do this rather than strippers. They're people who strip for a living because they need to pay the bills, you know. You got to do what you got to do. You've done it. I've done it. He was just telling moo he. That was for me and you. All right. Constance, we got to go right I can't even talk about it. "Hustlers" hits theaters on September 13th. Make sure you check out Constance Wu, everybody.

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{"duration":"3:45","description":"The actress opens up about why she fought for this role and what fans can expect from the female-led film.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65376553","title":"Constance Wu dishes on playing a stripper in 'Hustlers'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/constance-wu-dishes-playing-stripper-hustlers-65376553"}