Cristiano Ronaldo calls sexual assault allegation 'fake news'

Ronaldo spoke out to deny an allegation from Kathryn Mayorga, 34, that the soccer superstar assaulted her in Las Vegas in 2009.
3:29 | 10/01/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cristiano Ronaldo calls sexual assault allegation 'fake news'
We're back now with that trouble for superstar Ronaldo. He is taking to social media denying sexual assault accusations from an incident that reportedly took place in Las Vegas nearly a decade ago. ABC's Paula Faris is here with more of the story. Good morning, Paula. Reporter: Good morning. According to this report Cristiano Ronaldo allegedly tried to buy this woman's silence. And he is calling this whole story, and I quote, fake news. Cristiano Ronaldo. Reporter: He is one of the most famous soccer players in the world, worth $400 million, for his moves on the field and fronting brands like Nike. Underwear companies and tech giants. But this morning, Cristiano Ronaldo is speaking out after being accused of sexual assault. No, no, no, no, no. What they said today, fake -- fake news. Reporter: In a new complaint filed in Nevada, 34-year-old Kathryn Mayorga seen in pictures with the superstar said Ronaldo assaulted her in 2009. She claims that after meeting her in the palms hotel, he invited her to his penthouse suite to enjoy the view of the strip. She said he invited her to the hot tub and while she was changing, he pulled her to a bedroom and assaulted her. She said she screamed no three times and the alleged encounter left her with severe emotional and bodily injuries. She said before she left, he apologized staing that he was sorry. He was usually a gentleman. She said she went to the hospital and report Thad assault to police, but her lawyer at the time encouraged her to sign a nondisclosure agreement and settle the case for $375,000, telling a German news magazine that she signed out of, quote, fear for herself and her family. She now wants that nda thrown out and has filed a civil complaint seeking over $200,000 in compensation. This new attorney she has retained has a totally different take on the nondisclosure agreement and they claim that she has an absolute right now to speak out against the rape. Reporter: Back in 2005 in a different case, Ronaldo was arrested and questioned on suspicion of rape. He denied all claims and those charges against him were dropped a month later due to insufficient evidence. It's my name. They want to be famous to say my name. Yeah, but it's part of the job. I'm a happy man and all good. Reporter: Now overnight, Ronaldo's attorney tells ABC news that they are pursuing legal action against that news magazine for their reporting on the allegation saying, quote, the reporting is blatantly illegal. As for the alleged victim she said she went to the Vegas police shortly after the incident. This is important because if she did, there is no statute of limitation in the state of Nevada. As long as you have filed within four years, there are also medical reports corroborating an assault took place. The Vegas police are not commenting this morning. Why is she coming forward now. She wants justice. She has been emboldened by the me too movement. She wants justice. Not going way any time soon. Thank you, Paula.

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{"duration":"3:29","description":"Ronaldo spoke out to deny an allegation from Kathryn Mayorga, 34, that the soccer superstar assaulted her in Las Vegas in 2009.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58202118","title":"Cristiano Ronaldo calls sexual assault allegation 'fake news'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/cristiano-ronaldo-calls-sexual-assault-allegation-fake-news-58202118"}