Dale Earnhardt Jr. opens up about his new memoir

The legendary race car driver discusses his new book, concussions and more live on "GMA."
6:40 | 10/17/18

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Transcript for Dale Earnhardt Jr. opens up about his new memoir
Now. You'll pardon that's death. He's one of the most famous names in racing as part of a NASCAR dynasty that stretches over forty years. I have a new wheel racing to the finish my story get excited doing an exhibit Earnhardt junior who can't hear. If a great audience when you have somebody they love only get excited for it so. Wentworth north I've really wanted to be here with the district going to straight to your book because you retire from racing due to complications from more than twenty. Can cus it didn't and you kept a diary. All the details of it but you only put it in a diary did you didn't share how bad were filling with your family with your wife with your friend so why you wanna talk about. Yes Lou I got injured in 2012. There wasn't the first concussion but that was the most serious one and I went and got hill went two. University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. And they're connected to the Steelers and the penguins and and doctor he Collins was the document us also he helps me and and and gets me well this thing back on the racetrack. And I go back to track and I started. You know winning a B in loan at Daytona 501 about seven races and a couple years and it is great. I started crashing in and and it's just sudden news sudden symptoms were coming back after these crashes and they were getting more more pronounced with a each crash. And I was trying to handle it myself instead of going you know I thought that I've learned what I needed to for Mickey the first written that I could handle the wrist and and if I got. And another crash I knew how to. You know to manage it. And help myself understand how is progressing through week if I had a crash and had symptoms I would take I would write a diary. And you know how I felt after the wreck Allen felt that night. All the next day for several days. And so that filming can understand the progress of the symptoms and if they were getting better or worse. And I started making a habit of this and ended up. Accumulating about twelve concussions in very short period of time. It's. I ended beyond I it got to a point to where. I couldn't stand up I couldn't. Turn him about fallen over in in my eyes were not working right focus saying in and tracking an object the bird flying across the sky or anything like that I couldn't. Its lock on things I was having a real real problems and it got some bad stuff Ali said. I can't drive I got a stock I can't I can't operate a race car much Lester out of the garage door. And I got that you know that's when I had to kind of come clean and share my. Journal that I was keeping with my family. And saying hey have been going through all this stuff have been documenting. A need to give back to Mickey. In Pittsburgh and did get help for this. I'd gotten so far down the rabbit hole that it took us six months to get it fixed you give backs on this whole half of this 2006. In season. And Anna and I read somewhere where you had talked about retirement but no one believed that you would retired Phil. But for you when you finally did make that announcement beyond that stage news and I am done how to how did you feel about that I was relieved because I knew that I didn't. Have what it took physically to keep going through that process as a race car driver you're going to be an accident some that aren't in control and some that are here. And I knew that I was put myself in Riordan real danger by continuing net. That career long term I had one more year. Left on my contract so when I was sickened 2016 am really sick am in I'm telling Mickey I wanna quit he's like I think that's good decision must quit. If you want to do that let's quit. And he was more concerned with just helping me become normally in you know life back but it. I knew that I got well I would forget about how off felt when I was sick M want to race again right. And I did so I got well and I might make a wanna race quarterback racetrack and finish this final season on my terms and he said. With everything you lived through battle have problem that either I don't think he needs shouted down. And so we went raced in 2000 team in. Had a great time doing it and was able to close the buckle my career my own way in. I was completely come through with that decision still and today. Were you close the book on racing but you opened the book to fatherhood congratulations I six. What kind of what kind of dad are you. Oh you know I a Kate. I don't have that in the words out of diapers. Yeah cars out here I made hey you know obviously. She's on my mind every second day an op status. A status of the best thing and for me area might be defrauding the best thing father has for me. Is being able to be the won it goes in there in the morning wakes her up because. When I wakes up in the morning and she's she wakes up and starts talking to yourself into an and all those things so I hear on the monetary and they're just making a little noises and she's in there. Within our means doing things. And Joseph India for a long time and I look at Amy and I Mike Keenan again the American again. Hey by. Because any because every because it whether it's me here Amy and when you look at that created she's just my house to its second year yeah I'm glad to see you right. And so I want to do it. And pat pat. They pay a loss due at dinner so we have to sort you know that's sort of trade off who gets the duties today and it's like the greatest thing I go to bed every night. With that anticipation. Of what can nuts is to give. Her greatest this greatest joy finger hated things and we know Halloween is coming up in and we don't know what I was gonna be for Halloween. But we just do have a suggestion here GMA. I have. We have made GMA Good Morning America won the weight your race. Some homework. On the back foot island man but Dell they've thank you thank you so much. They doubt billiard ball. Racing into the finish it is debatable right now under one here in our audience to go on all of the copies.

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{"duration":"6:40","description":"The legendary race car driver discusses his new book, concussions and more live on \"GMA.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58551582","title":"Dale Earnhardt Jr. opens up about his new memoir","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/dale-earnhardt-jr-opens-memoir-58551582"}