Dan Abrams talks about new season of ‘Court Cam’

With the show currently airing season three, ABC News’ chief legal analyst talks about why it appeals to so many people.
4:15 | 01/18/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dan Abrams talks about new season of ‘Court Cam’
or visit nyc.gov/takecare Welcome back to our chief legal analyst Dan Abrams, also the host of "Court cam" on a and E. Third season and going strong. What do you think about shows like this that have so many people gripped? I think people have always been fascinated by courtroom drama. Every courtroom was built with a gallery so people can come and watch. But, look, we're definitely taking the most amazing moments, the most shocking, the most heartwarming, the most inspiring moments and putting context around it and then very often talking to the people involved and I think that's just inherently fascinating stuff. One of those heartwarming moments from a courtroom in Texas. Let's take a look. This is it. Reporter: One year later, surround by family and friends and decked out in matching suits -- Congratulations. Reporter: Officially became father and son. Amani chose to make other lives better. His That's a beautiful moment. What's the backstory? So, Amani was an orphan and he was given an opportunity through one of these programs for a day do whatever you want. Do something fun. Kids pick entertainment or getting to do fun things. Instead what he picked, he picked to be able to go and bring food to homeless people. As a result of that, he met what would become his would-be father, who was also part of the program and he said, wait a second, this kid is sitting here and he can do anything today and the thing he's choosing to do is to go and go buy food and bring it to homeless people. They got to know each other and in the end he adopted him. What we showed in that moment was the moment in court where they go and they officially become father and son. I interviewed them afterwards and it was, literally as I watched the whole thing together, it's hard not to tear up watching that moment. That's an amazing story. Some shocking stories, too? Oh, yeah, look, there are moments where defendants are lashing out, judges yelling at people and sometimes getting in trouble for it and then there are times where, inside the gallery, people forget sometimes for example in a murder or an assault trial, the family members will be sitting very close to each other and in many of these cases the defendant's family believes the person is innocent and the victim's family as you can imagine is heartbroken and furious and that can lead to incidences as well inside the courtroom where there can end up being fights. Balance it out between the wild shocking moments and the inspiring ones, even the ones where you see forgiveness. How she's going to stay involved with the defendant's life because she wants to make sure that he can turn his life around, so there's whole sort of human moments you see inside these courtrooms and sometimes you ask yourself, what would I have done? So many virtual courtrooms during the pandemic. How does that change things. There are moments where people forget. Oh, you know, I'm on. Wait, you heard me say that? What? Then a lawyer, one incident a lawyer said something about another lawyer that's totally insulting and he didn't realize his volume was up, when you're having these sort of proceedings on zoom it does create the same sort of situations that all of us have when we're using zoom in the workplace, wait, did I just do that? Now imagine you got everything at stake with a courtroom proceeding, even civil or criminal and it certainly raises the stakes. You can see it all on "Court cam." Thank you, Dan. Let's go to ginger. George, you know the

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{"duration":"4:15","description":"With the show currently airing season three, ABC News’ chief legal analyst talks about why it appeals to so many people. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75318396","title":"Dan Abrams talks about new season of ‘Court Cam’","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/dan-abrams-talks-season-court-cam-75318396"}