'Dancing With the Stars' season 27 cast speaks out on 'GMA'

The entire cast and their pro-dance partners open up about what fans can expect this season.
6:45 | 09/12/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Dancing With the Stars' season 27 cast speaks out on 'GMA'
Who is excited for another seasonbegin?eers and applaus all righ soe're going to meet the rest of the cast and -- Could I interrupt. For tho J us the role of robin Roberts will be played btombergeron. Sorry, MI Iidn't evenotice. Oh, my goodness. We're gng to T, I got a question for love you, man, beau and "Dukes of Hazzard." How are your dancing skills? I do have an incredible singing voice. [ Laer but I working oit. I haveteacher, a wonder teacher and I'm listening and watchnd trying to the best I can. But, know, io have a wonderful -- THA you about pie nging voe. It madeyging voice get deeper Bb you know a thing or two aboutntry music. Yeah, a couple things. We have one of your fans friends want to S you right now. What's up, Y. Dierks here in Madison se being on "Dancing with the St and just hoping you dominate this season. Hoping that you don't have left do. I'll be watching you a suorting you.t to S you O "Dancing with the stars." Good luck, bud [ cheers and a Ll, first of all, that is one of dear friends, Dierks Bentley who I a humongous country music ar.the , never thought I would get in T of populatio00 mountain pine,arkansas,ohis is like the greatest day of my life so thank you very much. This is awesome. Want to go to exist, apart from the allure ofancing wh Ye What made you wano do "Dancing with the stars"?was my av show fromncer,I'm doing thisah. And jn Pablo, your "Fuller house" co-stars a thing or two. I W to tell Y be yourself because W know WHA an amazing guy you are and wan America to you shine. So have fun and go out there and be amazing. We'll be roo you on.you. Yeah, love you. I love them so much. They're really family. You see a lot family. Th is what happens on stage. We are S tightnd these girls are amazing.amazing. S girl. Jusike this girl. Just likefamilyely done, . That Nikki, Nikki glaser, you're known for your roag abilities. Yeah. Bruce Wil Rob Lowe were B vics, they were. Who among the cast or ups will B yours victim. Well, the J I wld never -- my fate lies in their hands so I haveot -- smart girl. Thank you. Smart.I like her already. Thank you but, I could say thing or two about. I love Tom. Tom, you know what, you're like Dustin Hoffman, but lik a men's wearhouse version. You're like an offman. Ove you, Tom. I love yotom. You only R the ones you love and I ll. Yeah, it's Eason and I got a long mege. Dannel you have a great story. Three brze medal under your belt, first swishpaired er on "ING with T stars." In 2007 I was sing LE fournches away from myvision scrn holding my baby and said, I wantthe first blind dancer, whi threw it out there in the , I never thought it was going to back and attack to a big I'mky to have arm with me to go through [ applau And Mary Lou, M you won the gold medal in 1984. Yes. Were so dedicated to gymnastiou slept in your LE yes. Oing to sleep in your sequs? I mig, I might. Yes, she will. Sasha is so Y name. You ow, bru slept in his leotard last night. I can't get it off. Andhen want T go to tinae. To perform in her T. Tte ba2015. [ Applau N you shoa few those moves that I Janet? Janet -- what, do I have to get up? Yes. See,ha Janet moves do I ha[ applause I want tosk Jenna a on because of the love aboutll of T familyfhi show is that some of them have started families of eir U and valre eed now. Yes. To influence your lev of coetitiveness? Hmm. Good question. No. You've a moved to T couch.no. , I'my excited this.is our first time going head-to-hend I think he inspires me so just excited to have him back -- Like Joe S I like her. Re you go. L yat, we'll

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{"duration":"6:45","description":"The entire cast and their pro-dance partners open up about what fans can expect this season. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57765665","title":"'Dancing With the Stars' season 27 cast speaks out on 'GMA' ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/dancing-stars-season-27-cast-speaks-gma-57765665"}