Danielle Steel on juggling characters while publishing 7 books a year

The legendary author of the new book "Spy" wrote her latest novel to appeal to both men and women and reveals what inspired the story.
4:30 | 12/03/19

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Transcript for Danielle Steel on juggling characters while publishing 7 books a year
The best-selling incredible author Danielle steel. Her new one is called "Spy." It is wonderful always to see you and to be in your presence. Thanksgiving, you had a full house. You love your family. I'm so grateful to be with I love coming to visit. I know your family is so important to you and they inspire you in so many ways. I have a daughter here today. Oh. It's bring your family to "Gma" day. Let me tell you, I was in key west for Thanksgiving. This is -- I devoured this book. It is such a page turner. Because it's a young woman, Alex, coming of age and going behind enemy lines. Tell people a little bit more about it. It's about the life of a young spy. It starts in World War II and she gets sort of lured into it and risks her life for her country and was very exciting and at the end of the war her -- she marries the young man she was in love with. The pilot. The pilot. And she -- he becomes a diplomat and she becomes a spy, again, and he doesn't know it and she's sworn to secrecy and she has this whole life in very exciting places. Morocco, Hong Kong, Moscow, pretty much all over the world. Pakistan and it's an exciting book. Yeah, it is. It is. And she can't -- she can't reveal even to her husband or anybody for 20 years after she -- for 20 years he has to hole the secret. Actually how that works and what inspired the book is that some of my friends' mothers and grandmothers as they passed away my friends would, you know, go through their things and discovered machine guns in trunks and three of my friends discovered that their mothers had been major spies during the war. Wow. Can you imagine? I thought it was really exciting so it inspired the book. So we're among friends. Were you a spy? No, but I think it would be terrific. You wouldn't tell us even if you were. But no, no, no. Thank you for continuing to share your gift with the world like this. You write multiple books at a time. How do you do that? I have no idea. It's got to be a form of insanity of some kind. But I work on one at a time. I can't sort of switch chapters. I think twice I made a mistake and put a character in the wrong I work at 4:00 in the morning and sometimes I work all night and suddenly the person was in the wrong book. It's like, oops. I have to get you back over here. But I work on a lot in different stages and it takes a long time to write one of them. So I juggle. It's kind of like a juggling act. And I feel very lucky and very blessed that I enjoy what I do and that you all read it and I'm super grateful to you. Super grateful to you. But it was very sweet because, you know, the young author we had here told me walking out and she was so excited to meet you and her mother talked about how she's read many of your books. I know. Very nice. You relate to men, women. There's something about your writing, Danielle. I write about people and the things we all care about and the hard things that happen to us and what it makes of us and it's the hard stuff that makes us who we are. Amen to that. All right. So, Danielle, thank you as always. You don't do many of these interviews. I only do it with robin. No, no. That's true. That's so kind. So kind and to show your kindness it's a good day to be in the audience, yes, you're

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{"duration":"4:30","description":"The legendary author of the new book \"Spy\" wrote her latest novel to appeal to both men and women and reveals what inspired the story.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67456945","title":"Danielle Steel on juggling characters while publishing 7 books a year","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/danielle-steel-juggling-characters-publishing-books-year-67456945"}