Danny DeVito talks 'Dumbo' and reveals he'd do a 'Twins' sequel

Danny DeVito says working with Dumbo was a creative experience.
6:36 | 03/15/19

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Transcript for Danny DeVito talks 'Dumbo' and reveals he'd do a 'Twins' sequel
Our next guest has been in the business for nearly 50 years. You know him from movies like "Twins" and shows like "Taxi" and "It's always sunny in Philadelphia" now starring in the live please welcome Danny Devito and dumbo. Hi. How are you? Thank you. Nice to see everybody. Good morning, good morning. Nice to see you all That's a pretty nice big welcome. Oh, yeah, thank you. Appreciate it. So the original "Dumbo" came out in 1941. Yes. Nearly 80 years ago. Yes. Have you been a fan of the movie? Well, years ago -- I live in Asbury park, New Jersey and my -- you can go ahead. And I have two older sisters and they used to take me to the movies all the time. I guess I was about 8 or 10 when I saw it the first time, "Dumbo," Disney's "Dumbo." I don't remember it that well that time. I know it affected me and I loved it and then, you know, I have three kids so over the years that was the go to movie, you know, it's 63 minute, it's like that thing in the morning when you get up and you go, okay, get them -- stick a bowl of cereal. You're asleep. You stick a bowl of cereal if front of them. Put "Dumbo" on. So I've seen it -- "Dumbo" was your baby-sitter. It was my baby-sitter. So you play the ringmaster. Yes. Max Medici. Medici. What's it like working with a cg elephant. You work with -- basically I'm working with Tim Burton who is like the genius. So Tim lays the whole thing out, it's all amazing, the sets and the costumes, Colleen Atwood, you know, Colin Farrell is in it with me who is terrific and also Michael Keaton who I've worked with three times plus "Batman," "Batman returns." And so, you know, the thing is you don't really see the elephant, okay, so it's kind of weirdy actory kind of thing. Like, youknow, you're going along and they have this big green frame, aluminum frame that Tim moves around and that's Mrs. Jumbo, okay, so you're looking at her like, whoa, this is a big elephant but it's not there. You know it sounds like -- then, of course, with the baby elephant, with dumbo, when dumbo was born she has the baby, we had a guy, he's very athletic, Ben, who is in a green suit, so he did things like when the baby elephant cuddles with the momma elephant, the guy in the green suit cuddles with the big green frame. You know, so it's like kind of like you have to use your imagine face and it's really cool and then finally what happens is thousands of people, artists get ahold of that tank of making this elephant and they do a magnificent job. Do you guys want to see it? Yeah, yeah. We have a look at -- A clip? Yeah. Okay, okay. I would like to offer you a drink but I'm all out of bourbon. And cognac. Not now. Is that a monkey in your desk? Just for emergencies. Now, this is interesting. So like in the movie we're very, very sensitive to the idea of animals in captivity and the movie deals with that in a really big way, in a really good way, positive way. That is a make believe monkey so that's me just acting like I'm trying to get the drawer in then I kick it shut but there's no real monkey in there. The only monkey on that set, you're looking at. You mentioned, Dan think, your career spanned 50 years. One of your most popular movies "Twins" with Arnold came out 31 years ago and there's talk of a sequel. Oh, we're talking about doing "Triplets," yeah. Because, you know, it was a cocktail thing that we became bash we were born in some scientific experiment. Who is the third? We don't know yet. We don't know yet. We don't know yet. We're looking for like the screenplay. The big thing is the screenplay. Got to find that and then once you do that we have some ideas, you know, like -- we're not talking about it. All right, all right, we'll wait for it. Really quickly before you go we know you have so many fans. Some are at purchase college in New York and made a paper towel dispenser in one of the bathrooms that led to a shrine to you. Your thoughts? I dug it. I thought it was great. It's a -- it's always sunny in Philadelphia, I played the character called the trashman at one point. I was a -- my fans took that and shrine and made -- found a little cubby hole in the back of a bathroom somewhere, I don't Only the finest for you. Only the finest places -- Would you consider making a visit. Oh, sure but I think like what happened is they -- the college found a lot of mold in there, you know. So they shut I down but I think they're going to put it up somewhere else and if they do I would definitely take a trip to the halls of learning. I love it. We'll be waiting for that shrine to be moved. When it all dries up. Danny Devito, thanks for being with us. By the way, "Dumbo" is in theaters March 29th and we will be right back.

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{"duration":"6:36","description":"Danny DeVito says working with Dumbo was a creative experience. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61707767","title":"Danny DeVito talks 'Dumbo' and reveals he'd do a 'Twins' sequel ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/danny-devito-expect-dumbo-remake-61707767"}